Beyonce STUNS at Her Oscars Gold Party

Published: Thursday 16th Mar 2023 by Sam

Check out Beyonce!

Queen Bey served up a stunning sting of an ensemble at her and JAY-Z‘s Oscars Gold after party.

True to form, the superstar shared her look days after. But make no mistake: her dazzle is enduring.

The pics come as the diva gears up for the launch of her hotly anticipated ‘Renaissance World Tour.’

Head below to see more snaps from the action-packed night, which was attended by a whole host of major names including Michael B. Jordan, Usher, Rihanna, Jonathan Majors, and more.


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  1. H** on the Rag 🩸 March 16, 2023

    This will totally take Beyoncé’s career out of the dumpster!

    [UPDATE: No, it won’t]

  2. Ming Ming March 16, 2023

    Why she having Oscar party when she nominated for no Oscar. This very narcissist of her to making Oscar party all about her.

    • Lanafan1 March 17, 2023

      Many people have Oscar after parties. Please, stfu

    • Miami Gyal March 23, 2023

      the desire to stay relevant is strong. This is why they vampire newer younger artist energy. so sad.
      they are both in their 50’s 💅🏾

  3. Strawberry 🍓 March 16, 2023

    She is SO Breathtakingly GORGEOUS 😍*** The # 1 Artist of Our Generation. # AllHailtheQUEEN.***

    • Clarks0o00ñ March 16, 2023

      We she doesn’t have the numbers to backup that title

      • Bravo!! March 17, 2023

        When she was in Destiny child number was provided.. they are the biggest selling girl group. Don’t forget what year Beyoncé came out as a solo artist. I’m sure you know what year Beyoncé drop her solo album and how many years ago that was, haters always follow the trail. Beyoncé did big number for her time and sold actually albums. Make sure you follow the trail to her sold out your, hater.

      • Scoopz March 17, 2023

        Its not just a numbers game. Its about impact. Cultural and musical. Yet numbers wise after last years update to her certifications she was the 3rd best selling female of the digital era and her tours are always top tier in terms of revenue geberated per show.

        This whole “her numbers dont back that up” argument got buried following that update. overall she sells well and her impact and talent cannot be denied.

  4. Keith March 16, 2023

    But why? Because they can, I guess…

  5. Zade (I’m Fat, insecure & un-f-uckable) March 16, 2023

    My mouth is widely opened so Queen B can take a dump.

  6. True spoken March 16, 2023

    Where is the energy y’all gave Ciara ? Proof even black people hate black people! You can’t even support more than one black woman at time

  7. Clarks0o00ñ March 16, 2023

    She got a BBL
    She got a nose job
    She got b00b implants
    She got a tummy tuck
    She got an eyebrow lift
    She got lip fillers and botox

    The doctors did a great job cause u wouldn’t notice these procedures. Very natural looking

    • Scoopz March 17, 2023

      Girl SHUT UP.

      BBL where? Her ass is too small and toned for that to be true.
      Nose job where? That nose has always been like that from debut. Both of her parents have narrow, defined noses.
      Boob implants? This ones up in the air. Im not mad at this assertion.
      The others are just baseless garbage.
      Quit the hate and invest your energy more productively.

      • Miami Gyal March 23, 2023

        ITs correct she had all of those procedures and more. she had a BBL before the DRUNK IN LOVE song came out. I believe a tour followed.
        she was in Miami came back looking like Serena Williams. 2014(googled it) her pose on the red carpet went from front.. to back pose.
        BEYONCE is from Mitochondrial DNA of white woman. she is a wide load with nothing in the truck. This also why her spine is not flexible. when she dance it looks like a dinosaur. *** no matter how much black male gets pump into that family line. THE BASE remains and because of that…. HER BLACK CRACKS.
        Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have the same maintain records. because their moms age at the same rate. Its not baseless garbage: Celebrities are walking yearbooks. This is the 3rd time she wore this look. and sheer gowns are a common theme, like the honey blonde hair. Both of her parents dont have thick pout lips: where she get it? Its not a question that could be ask for Shiloh Jolie-Pitt or Angelina Jolie. your teeth & lips are inherited. IF PEOPLE ARE ON A CELEB BLOGS. 80% chance they know celeb culture and history. This blog is not about STEM research and the next AI space technology. {AMAZON PRIME SWARM is a good show to watch } take a bit out of it

  8. True Tea March 17, 2023

    When it comes to Fashion, Beyoncé is a hit and miss but she actually looks good here. I’m so glad she found someone to fix her hair because that rat nest she been wearing was well passed it’s expiration date.

  9. Humphrey March 17, 2023

    Oscars party when she’s not nominated, both she & Jay-z aren’t actors, so delusional and narcissistic!

  10. SNF March 17, 2023

    Bey got that touring body back. The Queen is ready.

  11. 4U2SEE March 17, 2023

    Jay z pray that the leeches watches “swarm” about themselves so they can get paid for it. Beyoncé had to activate the bees with her dress.

  12. Poison Ivy March 17, 2023

    She is filtered down. She looks like Momma Tina now. So harrrd.

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