RIAA: ‘Ain’t Nobody’ Becomes the First Platinum Single of Chaka Khan’s 50-Year Career…On Her 70th Birthday

Published: Thursday 23rd Mar 2023 by Rashad

From ‘Sweet Thing’ to ‘I Feel For You,’ ‘Through the Fire,’ ‘Tell Me Something Good,’ and many more, Queen of Funk Chaka Khan has blessed R&B with some of its most memorable numbers over the last five decades.

Yet, despite her hits and soaring vocal displays earning copious critical acclaim and inspiring generations of singers after her, it’s criminal (but factual) to say the 10-time GRAMMY winner’s prized catalog hasn’t seen that fanfare reflected commercially.

However, a recent announcement from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is proving to be an overdue step in the right direction.

The same day Khan celebrated her 70th birthday (March 23) she learned her 1983 hit, ‘Ain’t Nobody,’ was crowned with Platinum status. This means it’s sold the equivalence of 1 million units in the United States.

A career first for the diva, ‘Nobody’ reigns as the only single in her discography (solo or with the iconic band Rufus) to be certified as high and leapfrogs over her previously Gold-certified hit ‘I Feel For You.’

Note: “Gold” denotes sales of 500,000 in the U.S.

At the height of its popularity ‘Nobody’ soared to #1 on the R&B charts and has since become a fan favorite in Khan’s catalog.

It’s of note that while the song marks a personal milestone as her first Platinum song it did not deliver her first plaque of such stature. Her 1984 solo album, ‘I Feel For You,’ and the 1977 Rufus album, ‘Ask Rufus,’ were both certified as million-sellers in the U.S. the years of their respective releases.


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  1. Shellique 🐚💋 March 23, 2023

    Thanks to streaming. Basic flop.

  2. Clarks0o00ñ March 23, 2023

    Love this song.
    It’s my night is also good

    • Shellique 🐚💋 March 23, 2023

      She’s a big a flop as Normani. With her one platinum hit 🚮

  3. Shellique 🐚💋 March 23, 2023

    Trying to emulate Mariah from The Emancipation of Mini era in that pic. Whacka Chaka could never!

  4. Zade (I’m Fat, insecure & un-f-uckable) March 23, 2023

    Gurl bye!

  5. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) March 23, 2023

    At least she can achieved a platinum single before this old h** died💅🏾 now she can rest in p I s s

    • True Tea March 23, 2023


      Normani’s singles went platinum before “Ain’t Nobody” but Chaka has a more successful career and has inspired singers who came after her.

  6. True Tea March 23, 2023

    People seem to be buying singles more than albums nowadays.

    Some of Chris Brown’s singles for example have sold more than Michael Jackson’s singles despite Michael having sold far more albums.

    What TRULY matters is consistency, longevity and Impact an artist has which is still difficult to achieve.

  7. JTcitygurl March 23, 2023

    Nobody bought singles back in the day. They bought ALBUMS. And there wasn’t streaming for added smoke n mirrors😏

  8. E Caldwell March 24, 2023

    You wish you or your favorite could deliver a song as powerful as a Chaka in her prime. Also Mariah wish she could perform a live performance without lip syncing with her whispering a**. And she’s still young and has problems with her tone and staying in key. People bought albums over singles back in the day, but you’re too young to know that. Chaka and Mariah are from two different generations.

  9. Pepsi March 29, 2023

    This is NOT Chaka’s first platinum record! Where are you getting your information from? She’s sold upwards of 75 million records! 4 of her solo singles/ albums are now platinum and most of the Rufus and Chaka singles and albums are now platinum. They were presented with certifications on tv! This is so misleading and really speaks volumes of your journalistic integrity! Especially as the info is out there! Riaa has some of her certifications…even though it’s not up to date and some info isn’t taken into consideration and factored in correctly..Like, GOLD certifications prior to 1977 were actually 1 million records sold….

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