Taylor Swift Breaks Madonna’s Record For Highest Attended Concert By A Female Artist

Published: Wednesday 22nd Mar 2023 by Ryan

Taylor Swift‘s ‘Eras’ tour may be just beginning, but it is already breaking records.

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Late last week, Swift performed the first of her two shows of the ‘Eras’ tour in Glendale, Arizona, and in the process, she bested a Madonna record.

With more than 69,000 people in attendance, Swift overtook Madonna’s record 63,000 people when Madonna performed at Anaheim Stadium in 1987.

During her showing, Swift perfumed 44 songs for a show length of over 3 hours. Across the showing, Swift has decided to perform fan favorites and some of her most notable hits. ‘Cruel Summer,’ ‘Champagne Problems,’ ‘Marjorie,’ and ‘Shake It Off’ all made the cut.

The ‘Eras’ tour is set to continue through August this year.

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  1. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) March 22, 2023

    Queen Taylor – Break records Granny Donna – Break bones. My handsome White daddy – Break my bomb ass Punani💅🏾

  2. Clarks0o00ñ March 22, 2023

    She keeps getting bigger and bigger every year

    • Sash June 19, 2023

      Taylor Swift is huge but honestly she’ll never be in the league of Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna & Whitney Houston.
      Yes I agree, she gets bigger & bigger with every album release, she’ll end up having more Top 10s & Number 1 Hits than Michael Jackson(13), Madonna(12) & Whitney Houston(11) but that’s it really.

  3. Taytay4eva March 22, 2023

    Madonna played to over 130,000 fans in once concert on the Who’s That Girl Tour in France….

  4. Roberta FlackSabbath March 22, 2023

    Tina Turner’s performance at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro in 1987 attracted over 180,000 spectators, one of the largest concert attendances in the 20th century, earning her a Guinness World Record.


    • Sean March 23, 2023


    • Erin May 24, 2023

      I watch this Rio concert on YouTube at least half a dozen times a year. Tina Turner was the best that ever was.. no one will ever touch her talent wise. Gonna miss you, gorgeous girl.

  5. James March 23, 2023

    I really don’t see what ppl are going to a Taylor Swift concert to see. Beautiful gowns? I don’t get what’s pulling these crowds

    • Bizz March 23, 2023

      Facts. Gowns, beautiful gowns.

  6. Sean Jackson March 23, 2023

    This is not true at all! Tina had 188,000! It’s been way more concerts of Tina and Celine that surpasses that! Where is this information coming from?

  7. Liam March 23, 2023

    Tina Turner played to over 180,000 paying fans in Rio in 1988. Ms Swift and Madge have a long way to go to match that registered Guinness world record.

  8. Darnelle C March 28, 2023

    Bothe Madonna and Taylor Swift can go to hell. Bunch of leftist trash who support child abuse and trans surgeries.

    Go to hell child abusers.

    • Sash June 19, 2023

      You must be so happy Donald Trumpet is a free m*******.

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