‘Hot Pink’ & ‘Planet Her’: Doja Cat Trashes Own Albums As “Cash Grabs” & “Mediocre Pop”

Published: Wednesday 10th May 2023 by Rashad

2019’s ‘Hot Pink’ and 2021’s ‘Planet Her’ may be the record-setting albums that put Doja Cat on the map, but the GRAMMY winner recently made clear she couldn’t be any more displeased with the critically acclaimed projects.

Details inside.


Taking to Twitter Wednesday (May 9), Doja stunned her faithful fans – affectionately called #Kittens – when she drew her claws at her own chart-topping LPs.

“planet her and hot pink were cash-grabs and yall fell for it,” Doja Cat tweeted (as seen above). “now i can go disappear somewhere and touch grass with my loved ones on an island while yall weep for mediocre pop.”

The tweet came as the latest confusing message from the Rap diva relayed about her forthcoming era and overall career status over the last few months.

When not slamming the music industry and threatening to quit, she promised her new album (which is apparently titled ‘First of All’) will feature “no Rap at all” and will be based on “rave culture” – a statement she later revised to say the next effort will actually be purely Rap.

At writing, it’s not entirely clear if the 27-year-old is trolling or if she’s serious.  It looks like we’ll have to wait until we get our first taste of content from ‘First of All’ to determine what the truth is.

Your thoughts?

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  1. True Tea May 10, 2023

    Maybe she’s about to get exposed and decided to jump ship?

  2. TréDay May 10, 2023

    She actually previewed a song… and listen… she coming for necks!!! Think old-school Hip Hop meets neo soul. So yes, this album will have rap. She’s def in her melodic rap bag!

    • DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa May 10, 2023

      What sample?

    • yup! May 10, 2023

      She is a pop artist. Nothing more, nothing less. She will never and I mean never been counted as a rapper. She makes catchy, trendy, pop.

    • Farrah’s luggage (8k Camila) May 10, 2023

      I actually agree with her for once. Her albums have been trash.

  3. Keith May 10, 2023

    Wouldn’t be surprised if that were the truth about those releases. After all, she is signed to a major and their PRIMARY concern is making money. But like she said, it got her some spending money!!

  4. Outch May 10, 2023

    She just insult all of her fans, wow

  5. Roberta FlackSabbath May 10, 2023

    She’s not special. AT ALL.

    Her success is all about Dr. Luke, who crafted her entire musical identity.
    He wrote & produced all her hit songs, just like he did for Katy Perry & Kesha, who both FLOPPED after they stopped working with him.

    To Katy’s credit, her deposition in the Kesha lawsuit revealed she only stopped working with Dr. Luke because she feared social media/fan backlash if she continued to work with him. She regrets it.

    Now, Dr. Luke is FREE to create another star!

  6. me May 10, 2023

    She is so ungrateful and disrespectful. I really am starting to not like her.

  7. Paulo May 11, 2023

    *sigh and eye roll* Doja is a whole troll who knows how to keep people talking. kudos to her on that but I wish people would stop falling for it

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