Janet Jackson Breaks Own Box-Office Record with MULTIPLE Sold-Out Shows on the ‘Together Again Tour’

Published: Thursday 18th May 2023 by Sam

It’s become crystal clear that Janet Jackson fans are elated to be ‘Together Again’ with the legendary superstar.

Because, with the box scores in for several dates of her ‘Together Again Tour,’ the diva is proving an unstoppable force all over again with multiple sold-out shows.

Full story below….

The trek, which kicked off in April, continues to be a resounding success as box scores reveal 100% sell-out.

Ms. Jackson also registered the highest-grossing tour stop of her career to date with her sold-out New York show at Madison Square Garden. Get into it:

A magnetizing spectacle, the concert extravaganza spotlights Jackson’s classics such as ‘Rhythm Nation,’ ‘Scream,’ and ‘All For You,’ as well as contemporary bops like ‘Feedback’ and ‘So Excited.’ Holding to her promise, the tour has seen new music performed too.

The ‘Together Again Tour’ wraps in Seattle on June 21.

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Getty / Janet Jackson]

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  1. Madge QUEEN OF P0P May 18, 2023

    The show looks incredibly cheap and low budget. It’s a chop for me.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED May 18, 2023

      It looks cheap because it IS 😆 🤣 😂

      RENAISSANCE TOUR cost of production is higher than the entire GROSS + PRODUCTION COST of all of the ‘Together A FLOP Tour’ Gross combined. 😆 🤣 😂

      • michelle May 18, 2023

        A TRUE artist don’t need a big production and all the bells and whistles! Besides, Janet’s been there and done that!

      • LikeDat May 18, 2023

        I saw and heard the renaissance tour elaborate staging helps with distracting the stiff/clumpy performance Beyawnce was clopping.

      • Boss H**. May 20, 2023

        Who gives a f*** about Beyonces tour? And since you have so much to say where is yours? And moving from one refrigerator to the next is not a tour. Damn let her live, she doesn’t have to an over the top production to entertain.

      • Jamie May 20, 2023

        So! Your basing your comment on a tour, that is actually copying the Jackson Family in some form of another. Even honoring the Jackson’s OKAY 👍

      • jey May 23, 2023


      • Ceerob May 25, 2023

        First of all how is it a flop do you know the definition of that word?? Take all that “production” away and still can sell out a show and oh not promote an album for the tour then let us know something. Janet don’t need all that distraction on her stage to sell out a venue Beyoncé goes to every Janet tour and I’m sure takes notes at 57 the true “blueprint” is still the Queen period.

    • dee May 18, 2023

      Great show but the production was definitely cheap.

      • Ceerob May 25, 2023

        Janet’s production was not cheap her wardrobe alone was high as hell wearing Valentino and custom red bottoms thigh high boots. So many is tryna compare her tour with the Renaissance tour whoever designed that wardrobe needs their eyes checked

      • COPYonce is a trash July 5, 2023

        BAAAAA-BY….Ms. Janet comes from an era where they didn’t need all the bells and whistles because back then, you HAD to have talent to be a performer onstage. Janet, nor Michael have never had big stage productions because they didn’t need them. All that mess beYAWNce has going on, is called being OVER-THE-TOP….to cover up her horrible performance, and as noted, her fans at the start of her tour where complaining and making excuses as to why she wasn’t dancing, and then saying things like, she hurt her leg, and she’s toning it down because she’s focusing on her singing, all kinds of quips…and I’m laughing at this mess of a show and the FLEAhive for covering for her. She had over 150 dancers, an electronic horse that malfunctions and then she showed her true self by throwing a trantrum on the horse, and it was hilarious because she proved exactly what kind of spoiled, overrated piece of sh*t she is. Crying to get what she wants…and that’s why she loves the FLEAhive attacking people on her behalf because they are, who she is as she hides behind that facade that she’s so quiet and innocent….LMAO. At the end of the day beYAWNce is killing herself trying to stay relevant, Janet is 45 years in and if she came on the stage with one dancer and a head mic and did the two-step, I guarantee you she will kill it everytime…beYAWNce hiding behind a bunch of gay dancers that she’s USING to get ticket sales, and it still didn’t work so she used Blu Ivy and that didn’t work becaus as the FLEAhive continue to attack Taylor Swift because that’s what Donald-BeYAWNcyTrump requires them to do Taylor’s still winning SOLD OUT all of her shows….COPYonce did not….tht’s why she ran to get those Twins to dance with her because she had to do something to cover up those horrible dancers that she hired – and when the twins didn’t work she felt it was a good time to use blu ivy since she used her in Dubai and her FLOCK OF FLEA’s wher boasting about it….Again, at the end ofthe day, Janet will always be the Icon and Legend she’s always been and will always be….and you qweens (spelling) will deal

    • T May 18, 2023

      Who are you you are talking about cheap do you have 50 Thousand dollar in your bank right now…Bro you are just a loser shut up nobody knows you go work instead of complaining . You achive nothing in live and you are talking about cheapppp boy bye really just a loser men

    • Bravo!! May 18, 2023

      Janet Jackson is the lights, stage, & production.. Period!

      Janet didn’t need a big production to massive entertained

      • michelle May 18, 2023

        I agree 1000%

    • Hawttie May 18, 2023

      Hunnie, us Janet fans don’t need a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Her stage production might not be giving millions of dollars but she still gives a SHOW at almost 60 years old. Btw Janet has been there, done that with the big budget productions. SHe’s not new to this she’s true to this. 😉

      • michelle May 18, 2023

        You got that right!!!

    • Angie Stone May 18, 2023

      Coming from a Madonna stan – the same wh0reee who built her career on theft, smoke n mirrors and no talent LOL gtfoh!

    • Thomas May 18, 2023

      Clearly, Janet doesn’t need all the pomp and circumstance to entertain her audience. She’s gotten rave reviews from fans and industry publications. She gon be alright! Take your “ expensive productions” and your crazy expensive ticket prices and have a good day! Hope you can pay your rent! 🙂

      • WhySoAngry May 18, 2023

        And that’s on what!!! PERIOD💯
        And I thank you!

    • jey May 23, 2023

      cheap is oldonna trash

    • Ceerob May 25, 2023

      Sorry you feel that way because you are truly missing out on a great show. It’s not the circus you don’t have to pay to see clowns and glitz and lights and cameras it’s Janet showing her true talent without the back ups.

  2. Diabetes UNBOTHERED May 18, 2023

    Yawn* 🥱



    Tottenham Hotspur Stadium… seating capacity of 62,850. Renaissance First tour in history to sell out five shows at the Tottenham stadium.

    • Diabetes BOTHERED May 18, 2023

      No one cares about Kneeyonce and her over produced tour. She’s giving Britney Spears.

    • Angie Stone May 18, 2023

      Janet paved the way for Bey and that’s just facts. Everything Bey doing has already been done by Janet never forget that fat ass bitchl.

      • WhySoAngry May 18, 2023

        PAVED!!! Some Beyonce fans are insufferable. We are celebrating an icon MISS JACKSON!!! Beyonce is doing her thing no need to compare???

    • Nerd Score May 18, 2023

      Janet had no tour promotion and each date been sold out and morw celebrities came to her show your girl Beyoncè would have been there taking notes from her master.

    • Caleb May 18, 2023

      Your big trolling ass is the reason Beyonces name is all up and down this post. Everything you say is very unnecessary. Focus on losing some damn weight instead of trolling and being divisive. Applaud the legendary Janet Jackson for still selling out arenas 40 years into her music career. 🤗

  3. 2getherAgain May 18, 2023


    • John May 19, 2023

      With no album and zero promo Janet proves to everybody with sold out shows that is the blueprint.
      All the big celeb.running to see her from Tom Cruise,Angela B e.t.c
      She is 57 and here moves is like 20 y.o.
      Haters gonna hate.
      Janet is a legend….period.

  4. Thomas May 18, 2023

    Ha! I LOVE how so many are bothered by this! This all done with no album or single to push and no major label backing it. Also, years of being blacklisted by the industry. She is still proving her relevance. Keep on hating! You’re the one that looks bad here. Janet is living her best life! Janet Jackson is an ICON! Your hate will never ever change that.

  5. Pat May 18, 2023

    57 years old. And doesn’t need a spectacle. JustHer talent n presence. Rennaisance looks like a Thailand trans pageant meets Britney and drag race. I kno y’all low key disappointed

  6. WhySoAngry May 18, 2023

    These comments lol. Gay twink stans will find anything to hate on. All I see is success from an icon. 40 plus years into her career, still slaying stages, still beautiful and still selling out arenas. The receipts are right there lol. Why y’all mad?

  7. Sherri May 18, 2023

    It’s Janet .

  8. Jim clark May 18, 2023

    madge fan. At least our girl knows how to do r n b and not rely on others to get a different audience to the vanilla stans. Enjoy your 2 hours of ballroom vogueing shes gonna give tho.

  9. Blanche May 18, 2023

    How’s the tour a flop when it’s sold out? Y’all just be saying anything. Janet is UNBREAKABLE, she is a legend and she is the moment!! Your faves bow dwn

  10. Ms. Ling Ling May 18, 2023

    You are tired. Sit yo dinosaur ass down. Granny J

    • Will May 18, 2023

      Bey’s only 41 and her stage show looks like she needs to drink more coffee

      Also, let’s see what arenas Beyonce’s filling at 57.

      • Ceerob May 25, 2023

        Thank you Will now drop the mic!!!!!

    • Truthtime May 18, 2023

      Yet flopmila never even had a tours remeber she cancelled both because no one was buying her tickets. 😂😂😂

  11. DB# May 18, 2023

    The production is great for the show. If you haven’t been and are going by youtube videos it’s not the same as being at the show. Also what does being negative add to your life drink water and pray its better for you than hating.

  12. Istanblacklegends May 18, 2023

    A granny award winning legend! Racist cabelo better get on her tubby aśś illegál burrito knees and bow to a black queen with achievements and success she’ll never see!

  13. Enlighten May 18, 2023

    Flop and sold out are two different things haters!

  14. Keith May 18, 2023

    So happy for the RECEIPTS regarding this Janet tour. After seeing it live, I will attest there are NO YouTube videos that do the production justice.

    Also, to be in this business for 50 YEARS and doing this is incredible which is why it seems to be bringing those who would “hate” on this out of the woodwork.

    Beyonce is doing very well and there’s no need to compare the shows. I can appreciate that she has seemed to slow down. She’s worked hard enough to prove herself. I like to see the rnb/pop queens win. In fact, we need more out there doing well on the touring circuit.

    Madonna, on the other hand…well…”and that’s all Imma say about that” LMAO

  15. KCOOLMUZIQ May 18, 2023

    Janet is MORE authentic on this tour then ANY of her others. Her genuine love for her adoring fans fans REALLY shines throughout it with her engagement with the audience. She has proven that U don’t need all the theatrics to show your fans the true U and STILL be able to see out ECH DATE in the process.

    • eric May 18, 2023

      I agree she seems very comfortable with this show. She interacted with the audience a lot for All for You too.

  16. Highbrow May 18, 2023

    Trying to diminish Janet’s show due to the amount of production that goes into a show is corny. Janet is the blueprint she knows it and doesn’t need to play into competing or putting in the extra. She’s done all of it well before Beyoncé with some of the most expensive music videos ever made (one of them being the most expensive)… let’s not try to compare Janet to others because they can’t compare as she is the Blueprint. Sad and corny people out there.

    • Ceerob May 25, 2023

      Facts!!!!!!!! Janet is definitely the BLUE PRINT

  17. eric May 18, 2023

    Although the production value wasn’t spectacular, Janet herself was, and so were the dancers and band. A bigger budget with more creative elements really would add to the experience though no matter what anyone says. Janet is amazing and next time I hope the stage and conceptual details will reflect that more.

    • Dean Marshall May 18, 2023

      Madonna Fans…..Please Stop with this Comparison. Have you seen Madonna’s Current Look or do you even recognize her with the New Face and ASS. You got to feel sorry for her as she is trying too Hard to Look and Stay young and it’s Embarrassing for a 70yr Old Woman….I Digress and So should she…

      • Ceerob May 25, 2023


  18. JuicyJay May 18, 2023

    Madonna is going to blow these low as hell gross numbers out of the water.

    • Ceerob May 25, 2023

      That’s if Madonna don’t blow her face off first
      Are you looking at the same Madonna I see

  19. True Tea May 18, 2023

    She stripped the production down to prove she is thee reason why her shows are good, NOT the gimmicks or theatrics.

    Janet is clearly making a statement and challenging the status quo when it comes to a good show.

    Just know Janet is ALWAYS 10 steps ahead of her peers, who is doing what she has already done decades ago.

    • Ceerob May 25, 2023

      Exactlyyyyyy nobody is doing what Janet was doing decades ago. Janet’s productions were massive I was fortunate to see the velvet rope, all for you, rock witchu, number ones, unbreakable, state of the world and now together again tour and Janet can stand alone without the glitz and glam and still she is a beast. That’s why Janet is the Queen period……

  20. Vince May 19, 2023

    Cheap production? Janet has done her share of huge expensive tours. She said herself that this tour is a celebration of her music, thus no big spectacles, explosions and lights. And no diss to Beyonce, but everything she does, Janet, Madonna, & Tina Turner have already done….she’s a bore imo and needs the big production to minimize the fact that she brings nothing new or exciting to the table. Say what you will, but Janet has become the official blue print for every Pop/R&B diva…even Madonna, who was a little before her, had to take notes.

    • Ceerob May 25, 2023

      Thank you Vince you said it all for me period…

  21. mason-jackson belinda May 19, 2023

    So amazing. I loved loved loved it. TEAM JANET All the way!!! Would go again.

  22. John May 19, 2023

    With no album and zero promo Janet proves to everybody with sold out shows that is the blueprint.
    All the big celeb.running to see her from Tom Cruise,Angela B e.t.c
    She is 57 and here moves is like 20 y.o.
    Haters gonna hate.
    Janet is a legend….period.

  23. Jamie May 20, 2023

    It might be a cheap show or whatever.. The music is by far the best I have heard from Janet in a long time. It’s almost as if your in a club and you can’t help but to dance.

  24. Ceerob May 25, 2023

    Janet doesn’t need a big production like the “renaissance tour” that people in the comments are comparing her tour to. Janet was doing that huge production way before there was a Beyonce infact Beyonce looks up to Janet. Janet’s show was as expected on point and a must see show. People get me how they always try to compare her with Beyonce two different artist different avenues in their craft. Let’s see when she is in her late 50s if you gonna get “big productions” smh.

  25. KCOOLMUZIQ July 9, 2023

    I’m so proud of Janet(whom I worked with) she has come full circle with her authenticity with this tour MORE than ANY other artist. And I love it ! The numbers SPEAK for themself.
    The haters will ALWAYS hate!

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