Nick Cannon Assures Kids Are Taken Care Of After Alluding to MASSIVE Salary

Published: Tuesday 9th May 2023 by Ryan

Nick Cannon is assuring the public that his kids are taken care of by revealing his massive salary.

More details below…

First, Cannon shot down the claims that he is a “deadbeat dad.”

“I’ve been villainized,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “I hear all the time: ‘You can’t be present for all those children.’ So therefore I get this deadbeat dad title.”

He then went on to share that he makes a massive amount every year.

“When you think about my lifestyle, I have to generate at least $100 million a year,” Cannon said.

“Everybody thinks Ryan Seacrest has tons of money. I do everything that he does times 10. Well, not times 10 — times three. Because he does a lot,” he continued.

Cannon has had an illustrious career, doing everything from a talk show, to hosting ‘The Masked Singer’ and more.

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  1. KeyLoLo May 9, 2023

    This is nothing to brag about…it’s what he’s suppose to do 💁

  2. Ms. Ling Ling May 9, 2023

    Boy bye! Please pay your taxes every year!

    • Mr. Ling Ling May 9, 2023

      Go cook my egg rolls bītch! 😡

  3. THE TRUTH 🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨 May 9, 2023

    According to various sources, as of 2023, his annual income is $6 million.

    100? lol

    poor kids

    • #TheTruth May 10, 2023

      It’s not about the money. It’s about TIME.
      How can you work so much and handle so many babies at the same time with a dozen mothers or whatever the number is ?!

      That’s his life after all. But from a logical point of view, that’s absolutely normal to think he can’t have time simultaneously for all these kids.

  4. Teresa May 9, 2023

    Typical irresponsible black man. Purposely creating broken homes. Several children spread across several households smh. Kids remember time not money.

    • DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa May 9, 2023

      Poor kids

  5. yup! May 9, 2023


  6. True Tea May 9, 2023

    Nick you’re NOT only paying for the children, you paying the women also. Your concubines didn’t lay down with you for the kids only, lol

    He’s delusional because he’s NOT that wealthy to be having all these children. The richest men aren’t doing this. It’s ALWAYS the one’s with bare minimum income who wanna have all these f*ckin’ kids.

    True Tea is not amused!

  7. THE TRUTH 🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨 May 9, 2023

    To all the gay men in the closets
    stop trying to prove that you are straight or you will end up like this lame Aladdin mutation ho.e.

  8. Umm May 9, 2023

    Kids need more than money. They also need attentive parents. It’s unfortunate Nick doesn’t understand this.

  9. Carlitos May 9, 2023

    Did he seriously say that he does everything Ryan Seacrest does x3?! Lorddddd 😂

    • DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa May 9, 2023

      He trying to act like kanye 2 lame mfs

  10. The man May 9, 2023

    He does not make anywhere near a hundred million a year. He and Ryan Seacrest aren’t comparable. It’s two different lanes.

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