Report: Lil Kim Joins Janet Jackson’s ‘Together Again Tour’

Published: Tuesday 2nd May 2023 by Rashad

Pop Queen Janet Jackson is reportedly rolling out the royal red carpet for Rap Queen Lil Kim aboard the hotly-selling ‘Together Again Tour.’

Details inside.

Jackson’s latest North American jaunt kicked off April 14 and continues to sweep through the U.S., garnering massive critical acclaim from attendees who have experienced the show so far.

And while the unimitable 2000’s hitmaker Ludacris is billed as the trek’s official supporting act, there is a scheduled stop that sees his name replaced by none other than Hip-Hop legend Lil Kim.

Lucky fans in Allentown, Pennsylvania, will hear the Rap diva deliver some of her greatest hits including ‘No Matter What They Say,’ ‘How Many Licks,’ ‘No Time,’ and more at PPL Center on May 18 (according to the venue’s official website).  The event will occur just two days after Jan’s 57th birthday.

The news certainly sent Kim’s fans, affectionately called #KillerBees, into a swarm with hopes the Queens will connect on even more ‘Together Again’ dates before the tour wraps in Seattle on June 21.

At writing, no official plans for additional Kim appearances have been announced.

[sources: Getty Images/Facebook/RatedRnB]

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  1. ♠️ What Would 50 cent do♠️ May 2, 2023

    Ok that’s kool but how the fck is Janet rolling out the Royal red carpet for Kim. That’s Janet’s tour

  2. marilyn monH🪩E ® 👠(#1 DIVA May 2, 2023

    It’s time for Diva’s pop quiz: Janet and Lil Kim have something in common, guess what? 💅🏾 the answer: they both had nose job 👃 and their noses collapses so many times

    • ♠️ What Would 50 cent do♠️ May 3, 2023

      You need more than a nose 🐽 job ms.piggy

  3. True Tea May 3, 2023

    Lil’ Kim has something most of the female rappers don’t have…and that is a PERSONALITY!

    People genuinely enjoy being around The Queen Bee.

  4. 🐝 May 3, 2023

    Janet and Kim are the blueprints
    Beyoncé and Nicki are the imprints…

    Without all 4 of them….modern day music for pop & r&b would never be the same.

    I’ve always said Nicki is/was the Beyoncé of her generation in regards to rap. Say what you want but it’s true, after Kim, there has been no one to hold it down like her and just like Beyoncé tributes Janet countless of times, I would love to see Nick do the same for Kim finally and let the music speak greater volumes. Imagine if all 4 of these Icons got on a project together! It would be insane! Let the ego die and art survive ladies…I’d love to see it.

    • True Tea May 3, 2023

      Great Post.

    • Troy May 3, 2023

      actually beYAWNce is not a legitimate anything, she copies, steals and takes from other females, past and present and uses the newer female artist to her advantage by jumping on a track with the newer female artists to get relevancy off of their new found relevancy. No female in my opinion rap, pop or R&B is on the level of Janet – PERIOD. So you haters can say Oh COPYonce this and COPYonce that, I know she’s overrated, I know her end game and I know how she keeps her relevancy and that’s by the use of new female artist, and using female dancers to glorify the female artist as if she’s for female empowerment when in fact she uses these female dancers to make herself look good and she stole idea of her firs tall female band from her own sister Solange, because she had the all female band…and to one up Solange, she saw how that went over with female fans and then incorporated all female dancers to swarm around her, and at her feet as if she is this queen and they are her court….I like Lil Kim for her sweetness, and I know that is why Janet and she have total respect for one another. Lil Kim admires her and after she and Janet hung out, Janet saw her genuine nature, which Janet herself has said “your energy introduces you before you even speak.” And that’s her moto, she surrounds herself and respects those with good energy….That’s why she and Missy have a great working relationship and authentic outside friendship. Female rappers to me, aren’t pondering on anything but what they can do sexually, money and status…so none of them are rapping about anything other than that. Nicki, Lil Kim, Cardi, Meghan Thee, all those chics are not impressive with their lyrical content, in fact it’s more degrading than anything. But if that sells records then that’s what they do…which brings me back to Janet and her legacy. It is a divine one where Janet has taken us on this journey through her music catalog and she’s sang and written about everything imaginable as it pertains to social injustices, to sexuality and liberation and same s** relationships, to Loss and even her own sexual awareness to include safe s**, etc….Her catalog has touched on so many area’s and genre’s and so she is the blueprint of all things great. If Janet gives her stamp of approval for Luda or Lil Kim to perform on her tour then we have to know that she respects them both to do a good job…and the fact that she deals with seasoned artist where unlike beYAWNce, who goes for the latest artist who is pulling in a large fanbase to make her look good and keep her relevant, Janet is more subtle and not looking to keep herself relevant for status purpose. And that’s why I love and respect this woman, she has zero ego…she’s a legend and Icon and very humble and allows her dancers, then and now to take the stage and garner their time in the spotlight and enjoy themselves, and unlike FARTonce, she doesn’t side eye her dancers if they make a mistake and punish them later..Janet doesn’t judge her dancers, she gives them confidence when she works with them. Janet is about quality, not quantity…..And when I saw her on April 30, she was in rare form, deliverying a grand performance as she always does and at 56 years old she hasn’t lost a beat. She is an Icon and Legend hands down and she deserves every accolade, praise and respect she receives. And no matter the naysayers and haters and madonna and FARTonce fans say, Janet will always be TOP TIER when it comes to performaning….

      • 🐝 May 3, 2023

        Chile have an arena of seats with your miserable a**. I stopped reading all that you wrote by the time I got to the second paragraph due to you being so negative and miserable with your life. I would never endorse su**de attempts but I definitely advocate for some of you N**gas on here to stick the g*n in your mouth and pull at your own discretion if you hate your life that much. And baby, may u follow suit…take the next cliff and jump. You came back with a rebuttal pertaining to NOTHING that I wrote about and that in itself speaks volumes to your misery you are dealing with…seek help or like I said, help yourself 😉 because your life is sad.

  5. ♠️ What Would 50 cent do♠️ May 3, 2023

    The question was. . . How the f*** is Janet Jackson rolling out the red carpet for a lil Kim . Like Janet is there to serve Kim. How dare you disrespect Janet like that

  6. Johnny May 3, 2023

    Lil Kim would be perfect to open for Janet’s whole tour

  7. Slim May 3, 2023

    Glad to see Kim on this tour. This is good for Kim.

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