RIAA: Rihanna Joins Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston As Only Black Female Vocalists with Diamond Singles

Published: Monday 22nd May 2023 by Rashad

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) crowns any song or album that’s gone Platinum ten times as Diamond – meaning it’s sold 10 million units in the United States.

Once an elusive accomplishment, the inclusion of streaming figures in its calculation for the certification has seen the number of songs that have achieved the status skyrocket.

Yet, despite 110 songs owning a Diamond plaque over the RIAA’s 70-year history, less than 1% have been bestowed to Black female singers – a count that grew recently thanks to Pop diva Rihanna.

Details inside.

On May 12, the RIAA awarded Rihanna a record-boosting Platinum certification for ‘Dancing in the Dark’ – her contribution to the soundtrack to the 2015 film ‘Home‘ (of which she also starred).  Her 44th plaque of this stature, she extends her title as the most-Platinum awarded Black female of all time.

Among all female acts, she is only outpaced by Taylor Swift (who currently owns 49 Platinum hits).

Just two weeks before that, Rih celebrated the capture of her first Diamond plaque thanks to 2011’s ‘We Found Love.’

The historic move put the 35-year-old in unique company as she’s only the third Black female songstress, following powerhouse divas Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, to boast ownership of a Diamond plaque for a single.

Carey was the first Black female vocalist to open the door to the exclusive club in late 2021 when her perennial hit, ‘All I Want for Christmas,’ also became the first Diamond-certified holiday single. At present, the yuletide classic sits in a three-way tie for ‘highest-certified female hit’ overall.

Houston followed just weeks later when her timeless classic, ‘I Will Always Love You,’ broke ground in the sales territory.

Unlike Rih, however, Houston and Carey also have Diamond LPs – putting them in a separate and even more exclusive club of female singers who have both Diamond singles and albums.

Among all Black female acts, Houston, Carey, and Rihanna join rappers Nicki Minaj and Cardi B as the only Black women to have at least one Diamond-certified single.

It’s worth noting that while Janelle Monae was attached as a featured act to Fun.’s 2011 Diamond-certified smash, ‘We Are Young,’ the RIAA only credits song certifications to a tune’s leading act.  As such, she is currently excluded from the exclusive list.


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  1. Oop May 22, 2023

    Where’s “King B” ?? she could never LOL

    • Dex Jones May 23, 2023

      Halo & Single Ladies are both 9 X platinum. So eventually she will

      • Rudeboy May 23, 2023

        30 plus years in the industry and is that person a the list? NO

    • Amanda D May 28, 2023

      Hater! You should be applauding these BLACK legends instead of hating. Bey has her own accolades and ALREADY DID the work to be in any white man’s list of recognition! Songs like Single Ladies, Irreplaceable, etc will be on this list eventually if they are not already. Why bring up Bey to hate instead of congratulating the BLACK legends on the list? What have YOU accomplished besides skid stains on your nasty draws?

  2. Fancy BISH 🤣 💎💋 May 23, 2023

    Mariah Carey is only half darkie.

  3. Kane May 23, 2023

    Rihanna and VOCALIST shouldn’t be in the same sentence ijs

    • George May 23, 2023

      I see what what you’re saying but where’s your flop faves diamond hit? Lol check it!

    • Tina May 24, 2023

      Agree. Same can be said about Taylor Swift and others likely on the list like Madonna. Both are white and not vocalists.

    • Ali.G May 24, 2023

      Rhianna is not the best singer. Just has catchy tunes and a unique sound to her voice.

  4. Mhmmm. May 23, 2023

    Why isn’t Halsey included in this list? Without Me was certified Diamond in February.

    • Ashley May 23, 2023

      she blacker than mariah too 👀

  5. Patrice Holt May 24, 2023

    Mariah not black!

    • Daman May 24, 2023

      Her father is 100% Black and our father determines who we are she blk deal with it

      • Ali.G May 24, 2023

        Keep kidding yourself. Only in America can you be made up of 2 different races and still be considered black. Mariah is biracial period and is phenotypically white.

    • Amanda D May 28, 2023

      Who cares? Mariah is Mariah! It does not matter what color she is! She is LOVED by blacks and whites so STOP hating. What are you? Somebody’s accident after being too cheap to rubber up or abort?

  6. Tina May 24, 2023

    You are a full time idiot and likely jealous because you are not melanated.

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