Breaking: Tory Lanez Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Shooting Megan Thee Stallion

Published: Tuesday 8th Aug 2023 by Sam

Tory Lanez has been sentenced for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

Moments ago, it was confirmed that the Canadian performer will be spending a long time behind bars for his role in the July 2020 incident.

Full story below…

As covered extensively here on That Grape Juice, Lanez was convicted of shooting the femcee in the foot back in December 2022 after a dramatic trial comprised of shocking twists and turns.

In the time since, a succession of legal reps for Lanez have made moves to secure him a new trial, appeal the conviction, and, more recently, request to have him serve probation instead.

All of those attempts fell flat.

Instead, today (August 8) Judge Herriford sentenced Lanez to 10 years in prison.

The news was broken by legal journalist Meghann Cunnif, who has been covering the case daily from the courtroom.

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  1. Justice served!!! August 8, 2023

    GOOD! Don’t drop the soap gremlin!

    • HUNG 🍆 TOP 4 BTM August 8, 2023


  2. Ms. Ling Ling August 8, 2023

    Yessss. This n:igga totally deserved. Bet he will miss the Chinese buffet rather than the D:ick buffet in jail

  3. Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 8, 2023


  4. eric August 8, 2023

    I think it’s fair. More women need to be supported and protected when these kind of acts happen. Tory and his friends thought it was a joke.

  5. Paulo August 8, 2023

    That’s short like his lame ass but at least he didn’t get away with it. Now deport him right after

  6. Kendrick Slaymar August 8, 2023

    Thank goodness! Now he’ll be someone’s bítch, with his ugly short ass. He was most likely raising his pùssy àss son to be just like him. F**** that troll, his family and his supporters.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 8, 2023

      #FREE TORY 💯
      #FREE R-KELLY 💯

      • Red Sonja August 8, 2023

        You are disgusting, inside and out. Clearly your heart and brains were removed…through your taint!

  7. Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 8, 2023


    • KC August 8, 2023


    • Josh August 8, 2023

      You kinda favor Suge TBH.

    • Lanafan1 August 8, 2023

      R.Kelly is a f****** r*****. Are you insane?

  8. Bravo!! August 8, 2023

    He. Better get the vaseline ready for the booty 😳😂

    P.S Tory Lanez needs this jail time to reform his attitude. He attacked August Alsina and Megan, he needs some time to think about his behavior

    • HUNG 🍆 TOP 4 BTM August 8, 2023

      I go in dry

  9. detruth August 8, 2023

    What a farce! I don’t expect anyone on this site to see the rac.ism in that sentence because this blog Is full of gay males which only support women. If Tory was another black woman rapper yall would be saying that’s too long free tory 🤣🤣 but since it’s a dude lock him up and throw away the key smh.

    • Be4real August 8, 2023

      So what do you suppose his consequences should be for shooting someone? He could have KILLED Megan. That’s what’s wrong now, y’all coddle this emotionally stunted deviant black men. That’s why so many of them are violent and terrorizing their communities now. Let’s be VERY real here. I guess it’s f*** black women huh? Bc that’s who his victim was!

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 8, 2023

        The only “VICTIM” in this situation is TORY LANEZ. Tory is innocent, ain’t never did NOTHING TO HURT NOBODY! 💯

      • detruth August 8, 2023

        Oh he definitely deserved to do some years but anything more than 3 years plus probation is excessive. If he was white he wouldn’t be doing 10 years. He did not intend to shoot Megan nor was he trying to take her life if that were the case then 10 years would be too short. Amber guyger got 10 years for a mur.der. Again when it comes to black men the punishment is normally always excessive. Say what u want but there are plenty cases of white ppl doing far worse and getting less time. Black women should be protected I would never say they shouldn’t 2 things can be true at once he deserves time but the time is excessive. I’m just using my brain and paying attention yall are just stans n not looking at this deeper.

      • LaShantae August 8, 2023

        Your previous record is also taken into consideration for how heavy a punishment you should be served…

      • LaShantae August 8, 2023

        There are lots of variables as to why one may get a harsher sentence than another.

      • Braveheart August 9, 2023

        Shooting anyone outside of self defense should carry an automatic MINIMUM sentence of 10 years. If someone shot you after a petty argument I’m sure you wouldn’t have the same mindset. Y’all just HATE Black women and worship Black men that’s all.

    • Umm August 8, 2023

      The sentence does seem harsh. But considering his criminal history and continued disregard for the law, I’d say he’s been given many slaps on the wrist up until now. If anything I’m more upset that he didn’t have more respect for the opportunities he’d been given. A whole successful career has been wasted. The lives of his kids has been changed. I don’t imagine anyone is really happy…. not even Meg.

      • LockedupLanez August 8, 2023

        He’s a narcissistic sociopath. He acted an entire ass the whole time and Meg was silent! I was pissed that she even tried to cover for his midget sharpie hairline ass in the first place. The sentence isn’t harsh at ALL in my opinion. F*** him.

    • yup! August 8, 2023

      FULL of THEM! lol very true. Hoping he serves the least amount of time possible. I don’t believe the horse.

      • Beth August 8, 2023

        Luckily an anonymous blog troll doesn’t matter when a judge and jury believed her. Those big burly n***** in the pen gonna be telling Torrey to “dance b****” now🤣🤣🤣

      • yup! August 9, 2023

        No sir, those are just your gay fantasies that you have not lived out yet. His team will find a loophole at some point, he’ll be fine. I am no fan of his, could not tell you ONE song. I STILL do not believe the horse.

      • Braveheart August 9, 2023

        You are a nobody. Your belief isn’t needed. Justice has been served 😘

      • yup! August 9, 2023

        My belief is ALWAYS needed ugly lol. Go swallow a river you pile of sticks : )

  10. Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 8, 2023

    Hopefully Tory Lanez gets granted bail…

    I cried TEARS OF JOY when they finally freed Bill Cosby. 😢

    • HUNG 🍆 TOP 4 BTM August 8, 2023

      Shut up b****

  11. Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 8, 2023

    *Bond* not bail.

    • Ipp August 8, 2023

      Girl shut up

  12. HUNG 🍆 TOP 4 BTM August 8, 2023

    Put Ashlee Simpson picture up she record new album

    • Louise August 8, 2023

      You got that right! 😘

    • Jheri Cworrrrl August 8, 2023

      Ashleeeeeee yasssssss!

    • Pressurelicious August 8, 2023

      Gurl what happened to Ashlee? Most talented of the sisters. Her first three albums were masterpieces

      • Dŷkë on a bike if you like August 8, 2023

        Bittersweet World! My fave album ever!

    • Free Britney! August 8, 2023

      Love Ashlee Simpson!

    • KJ August 8, 2023

      Didn’t she just put out an EP with Diana Ross’s son who she is also married to?

      • Juelz August 8, 2023

        Evan Ross yeah

      • Um… August 8, 2023

        Ashlee + Evan was released in 2018…

  13. Louise August 8, 2023

    Lock him up and throw that key all the way off the mountain!

  14. Mr. T August 8, 2023

    *throws soap at Tory’s foot in showers* “Dance, b*****”

    • Paulo August 8, 2023


  15. LaShantae August 8, 2023

    Maybe now Meg can put this chapter of her life to rest once and for all ❤️

  16. MecostaDenada August 8, 2023

    Megan will get some other man in trouble. I don’t like her, and don’t belive her. Sorry, not sorry. I don’t know anything about Tori, so it’s not about him. I just think Meg is a social Climber, and a liar, and sleeps with other women’s men. Her own friend wouldn’t stand up for her. Something isn’t right about this situation.

    • Braveheart August 9, 2023

      Y’all still trying to find fault smh. The highest law in the land already made their decision based on EVIDENCE and FACTS, not blog gossip. You are a nobody living in the middle of Nowhereville. Trust your belief is irrelevant lol.

      • MecostaDenada August 9, 2023

        Take Megan’s nuts out your mouth, girl. You probably are a rabbid party girl living every day like it’s a hot h03 summer, twerking, sticking your tongue out, and reciting the lyrics to Thot Śhit. A verdict means a verdict was given. That’s all it means. I said what I said. My comment got you in your feelings, so it was relevant to you. Bye, Girl.

      • Braveheart August 9, 2023

        Irrelevant. 🥱

      • yup! August 9, 2023

        Brokenheart likes the taste of horse balls.

    • Red Sonja August 9, 2023

      Shut it Sp!c. Stay out of black people’s business and swim home.

  17. #formation August 9, 2023

    Not long enough.

  18. XYZ August 9, 2023

    Damn, you dont get that in Germany for killing somebody.

  19. Glass August 9, 2023

    The Black community going from rejoicing that white ppl was jumped by Black folk defending a BM, to arguing about “don’t sentence too harshly” for a BM who was found GUILTY of shooting a Black woman is very representative of how our community aligns with certain issues…

    • Jep August 15, 2023


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