Chris Brown Slams Tinashe After Singer’s Remarks About Their Collab: “Name 5 Tinashe Songs”

Published: Sunday 17th Sep 2023 by Sam

Chris Brown is not renowned for holding back when it comes to his peers.

And that trajectory continued today, in the wake of remarks made by his one-time collaborator Tinashe. 

The pair teamed up for the song ‘Player’ back in 2015 when they were labelmates on RCA Records. 

Currently promoting her new album ‘BB/ANG3L,’ Tinashe stopped by the Zach Sang Show on amp Radio, where she plugged the project and reflected on her journey in music thus far.

The latter is where and how the singer appears to have sparked annoyance within Brown – and it wasn’t long before he let her know.

Full story below…

When discussing the lack of control she had at the start of her career relative to the freedom she enjoys today, Tinashe touched on how she was teamed with disgraced R&B star R. Kelly for a track she is now “embarrassed” by. She told Sang:

“You think I wanted to [do those songs]?” Tinashe said of their collabs. “I literally block out that R. Kelly song from my mind—I forget that it even exists.”

Adding that the Kelly pairing was “so embarrassing” and “unreal,” she continued:

“I was so young, too, which is crazy because I feel like I did that song when I just signed to that label. I was probably like 20.”

Agreeing with the host’s postulation that she must have really “lacked control in those situations,” the 30-year-old expanded to ruminate on her collaboration with C. Breezy. She said:

“Especially when it comes to singles. Like for example, that song with Chris [Brown], that was a song that… we all wanted it to be this big moment—this big single. So I feel like in [the label’s] mind, they were like, ‘You need the support.’ And [Chris] was like their biggest artist that they had on rhythmic radio at the time.

I was like, ‘Well, this is a pop song, so I really don’t feel like we should put Chris on it like that. I don’t like that. That doesn’t compute to me.’”

Taking to Instagram to voice his displeasure, Brown wrote:


Continuing, the 34-year-old said:

“She full of day evil. Shawty career is nonexistent. What’s more embarrassing is that she worked with all these people and not one of us could save her career.”

It’s not the first time Brown and Tinashe have traded jabs.

In 2016, just a year after the song was released, the stars clashed on a number of occasions.


Shoot…we liked ‘Player.’

In any case, check out the full interview below and let us know what your take on the shenanigans are!

Your thoughts?

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  1. detruth September 17, 2023

    Idk why ppl come for breezy like he won’t Clown tf out of them 🤣🤣

  2. MecostaDenada September 17, 2023

    Breezy for the win. Girl, you tried it! 🤣

    • MeCuntaDenada September 18, 2023

      Chris BeatDown Sh8t Brown left Rhianna for dead on the side of the road. He is trash and his black life doesn’t matter.

      • detruth September 18, 2023

        Your mom’s life don’t matter heaux

      • Ivan September 19, 2023

        Amen to that!

  3. eric September 17, 2023

    Chris probably feels like he was doing her a favor, but it’s understandable that she didn’t feel he was right for the song and that’s no disrespect to him. Labels are constantly trying to put their artists on different songs and it’s not always the right fit.

    • THE+TRUTH+🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨 September 17, 2023

      Yeah but she doesn’t have to name them, that’s shade even if you don’t mean it to be

  4. Jackx September 17, 2023

    I prefer the version without Chris tbh

  5. XYZ September 17, 2023

    We all know her career is nonexistent, but she didnt even come for him. She just said that she wouldnt have put him on a pop song. But whatever, he is in his mid 30ies and is still acting as he did with 19. He did not mature one bit

  6. Kendrick Slaymar September 17, 2023

    team no one. both are annoying af.

    chris is always going off on such stupid b.s. not everything needs a response and no one has to kiss your ass.

    and tinashe always conveniently plays the ‘forced’ card when it’s something she doesn’t want to be held accountable for. i saw the full explanation and she basically implied that she willingly agreed with the suggestion to get him on the record in hopes of more radio play.

    and please don’t quote me with ‘more context’ either. both need to stfu about this flop collab from damn near a decade ago!

  7. Ms. Ling Ling September 17, 2023

    Here you go Woman beater. 2 on, all hands on deck, faded love, super love, save room for us. I’m not dead! This ni g ga is salty coz my girl rejected his pencil d

  8. T September 17, 2023

    He is such a p**** such a sensitive young boy she didn’t even say something negative about him. Name 5 Woman Chris beat …

  9. RBRT September 17, 2023

    He gets so angry over nothing. Anger management doesn’t always work. He shouldn’t let others get to him so easily. Calm down…..

  10. yup! September 17, 2023

    I agree with him on this one! Whoishae, you still here?? Peace out!

  11. Muggle Born September 17, 2023

    Tinashe has been at the top of my playlist for months now – I play her radio everyday lol Blxst & Santigold as well 🫶🏾🔥

  12. Paulo September 17, 2023

    All Hands on Deck, 2 On, Feels Like Vegas, No Drama, Ride of Your Life.

    Tinashe is an indie artist touring the world and keeping her coins, you are a only-US local that would get in trouble with law enforcement of almost any country if you’d dare to visit and still trapped to a major leeching you off.

  13. Sjl September 17, 2023

    Tinashe is so much better than Chris in every way.

    • MecostaDenada September 17, 2023

      The lies you tell. Lol.

  14. Hmm September 18, 2023

    Sounds a bit personal. Chris went too hard for it not to be.

  15. Deanna September 19, 2023

    She started it, so he replied. That IS the way it is. CHRIS IS AMAZING.

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