The Predictions Are In! Taylor Swift’s ‘1989 [Taylor’s Version]’ Set to Sell Over 1 MILLION First-Week

Published: Saturday 28th Oct 2023 by Sam

Taylor Swift is set to make a titan-sized debut with her newly released album, ‘1989 [Taylor’s Version].’

The superstar singer has been slaying charts worldwide with her original efforts and re-recordings of her catalog – the latter of which have been part of an ongoing strategy to reclaim autonomy over her music.

And the re-vocalled take on 2014’s ‘1989’ continues that trajectory.

For, the set is on-course to rock the Billboard 200 with mega sales.

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Home to the likes of ‘Blank Space,’ ‘Bad Blood,’ and ‘Shake It Off,’ ), as well as vault tracks such as ‘Say Don’t Go,’ and ‘Now That We Don’t Talk,’ the project has been forecast to top the coveted count with first-week sales of:

1.45 Million – 1.55 Million Units

The feat will see Swift tally six albums that have debuted north of 1 million first-week.

It’s of note that the original ‘1989’ premiered with 1.29 Million. 

With this being the performer’s 13th #1 on the Billboard 200, Swift would break a tie with Drake to become the artist with the most #1 albums this century.

Overall, the only two acts to have more #1s than Swift are JAY-Z (14) and The Beatles (19).

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  1. 1989 October 28, 2023





    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED October 28, 2023

      This is yet another FLOP by Trailer Swift..Thriller sold over 100 million. This 🗑 won’t ever see half of that even with multiple versions 😆 🤣 😂. Beyonce remains the INDUSTRY with a far more EVENTFUL & IMPACTFUL career with a 10x better catalog. 😆 🤣 😂


    • BEY > October 28, 2023

      Stop mentioning Beyonce in the same breath as this mediocre ass girl. All mayonnaise flatback has is sales and hype. NO talent to back it up… BEYONCE GISELLE KNOWLES-CARTER could NEVER relate😘

      • Fancy BISH 🤣💎💋 October 29, 2023

        Honey you are more bitter than a bag of lemons 🍋 Theifyonce never could sell as much as QUEEN Taylor Swift, she can only live of old music and tours. No one buy’s fake ass goat feet and curry music anymore, deal with 🤡

  2. Diabetes UNBOTHERED October 28, 2023

    #FLOP 🗑 💯

    • TAYLOR SWIFT October 28, 2023

      Yes Renaissance is….!!!!

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED October 28, 2023

        Meanwhile, Renaissance outsold MID… nights and won 4 grammys in the process. 💯 👑 🐝 The tour also outgrossed THE ERRORS TOUR by miles. Cry about it. 💯 👑 🐝

      • Evermore October 28, 2023

        Why you setting Fattyonce up to be dragged💀

      • RBRT October 28, 2023

        Bey wishes she could do these numbers. No doubt Bey is a better performer. It’s just her first week sales numbers, well yeah, they don’t perform well. The numbers don’t add up. Maybe when her music is more authentic and less hmmmm what’s the word, not recycled, perhaps the right word is manufactured – and if she connects more with her audience. Then maybe her numbers will improve. Maybe she’s too private, too rehearsed and polished.

  3. Farrah’s luggage (8k+Camila) October 28, 2023

    This is crazy. And not in a good way.

  4. Mr. Ling Ling October 28, 2023

    The music industry is DEAD

  5. Sjl October 28, 2023

    Crazy. For an album that was released 10 years ago! The songs don’t sound much different. The vinyl costs $40!! That’s way too much in this economy. I ain’t buying it.

  6. Black Man October 28, 2023

    Can someone here explain how it works? So is it actually physical copes adding up to a million ? isn’t only Target and Walmart selling cd’s ?and who buys albums on iTunes when you can stream.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED October 28, 2023

      Mayonnaise is your Answer 😆 🤣

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED October 28, 2023

      ITunes I guess, (more specifically.) 💯

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED October 28, 2023

      ITunes is still the go to, if you want to OWN your own digital copy. You don’t actually own a copy if you only STREAM it. 💯

    • eric October 29, 2023

      Physical album sales + digital album sales + album-equivalent streams from Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube (1,500 streams on YouTube equals one album sale). Best Buy and Amazon carry CDs too. The benefit of buying the digital album is you don’t have to be connected to wifi or cellular to play it.

      • Theman October 29, 2023

        iTunes is a digital album. It doesn’t count with streams.

  7. North October 28, 2023

    I don’t understand the hype at all but congrats to her I guess. Her team keeps her name and “accomplishments” out there. Talent wise she leaves much to be desired. I said what I said…

  8. Cole October 29, 2023

    I can appreciate and love both Beyonce and Taylor Swift at the same time.

    • Torpedo October 29, 2023

      This 👆🏽 💯

  9. Va Va Voom Nicki Minaj October 29, 2023

    The real Queen 👸 periodt

  10. Adele 21 October 29, 2023

    Damn, Taylor already surpassed Renaissance total US Sales lol 😂
    Bow down bishes
    The beehives are seething and fuming 😂 .

  11. Yo October 29, 2023

    This shows that she is the biggest artist in America. No one can question this anymore. An album that is 10 years old can sell 1.5 million, when artists can’t even get close to that with a new album! It’s almost unbelievable

  12. Rock October 29, 2023

    Doesn’t make sense anymore.
    Hope we don’t hear about sales manipulations years later.
    Who are these fans ? Buying 10 year records? Or maybe it’s parents buying it.
    I only liked 2 of her songs fr

  13. Flopyonce October 29, 2023

    She could release a fart and her dumb ass hillbilly fans would eat that up too. White træsh, all of them, including Taylor.

    • Kevon October 29, 2023

      How about black trash .. you black trash like people calling you that ..jealous ass

  14. Scoopz October 29, 2023

    Some weird ass people on here talking like this is their accomplishment. Get a grip and up your own paper. 😩

  15. Ms Keri Baby October 29, 2023

    Congratulations Taylor! Well deserved. She humble and kind to her fans and others. Her fanbase are cool and not arrogant.

  16. Becky with a Good Hair October 29, 2023

    The music industry is alive again. Taylor is safe for mainstream America. While others talk about ratchet and ghetto stuff. Bring back the late 90s and early 20s music 😩

  17. HavanaONana October 29, 2023

    Taylor Swift is indeed the current music industry. Congratulations are in order. She deserves all the success and fame.

  18. James t October 29, 2023

    These people are basically buying the same album that they bought four or five years ago. It’s not like it’s a remix album that makes the songs different. It’s just some ad libs & slight movement of musical productions. It’s the same album

    • Kevon October 29, 2023

      It ent your money spending so what you worried about ..Damm!!! get a life

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