Cardi B Denies She is Going on a Musical Hiatus

Published: Friday 17th Nov 2023 by Sam

Cardi B is clapping back at claims that she’s taking a break from music.

Full story below…

The femcee unleashed recent single ‘Bongos (ft. Megan Thee Stallion)’ over the summer and was omnipresent during the promotional push for the release – which peaked at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Yet, in the aftermath, the rapper has been somewhat notable in her relative absence from the spotlight.

Fans grew even more concerned after Cardi allegedly suggested she’s on a hiatus during a live chat.

However, quelling the flames of confusion, the 31-year-old took to Twitter (X) and said:

“I never said I was taking a hiatus… I’m just continuing with my social media break like I have been for the last few weeks.. not sure why that’s causing such a ruckus. BG ya know where to catch me!”

Here’s hoping more music and that long-awaited album is coming sooner rather than later.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nicki M November 17, 2023

    Bongos FLOPPING sent her into a frenzy. Shes unable to release a hit anymore. Should dropped that sophomore after WAP or UP instead of waiting for the QUEEN to drop. You lost b****!

    • Dc November 17, 2023

      Where Nicki single album in 3 weeks last time i flopped lasted on billboard 2 weeks she thought that would be here pop hit 😂😂😂 bongos still on hot 100 after 9 weeks and moved up 11 spots 👍🏾

  2. LaShantae November 17, 2023

    Flop Mexican hőeeeee

  3. Unibarb November 17, 2023

    Help! I can’t seem to locate Bongos on the charts!!!

    • Dc November 17, 2023

      Still in hot 100 after 9 weeks you can find it 😂😂😂😂

  4. MecostaDenada November 17, 2023

    She can’t go on a musical hiatus because she’s already on one.

    • Foxy November 17, 2023

      I was going to say this. Her album dropped almost 6 years ago. I doubt she’s dropping her 2nd album anytime soon. She’s making money off of her personality without the pressure or grueling schedule . Cardi is very fragile mentally.

  5. Ummm November 17, 2023

    Cardi B is a terrible rapper, along with a number of the rappers out today who bank on their looks more than their talent (which they have very little of). All these folks: Cardi B, Latto, Ice Spice, Doja Cat, etc., seem interchangeable to me. All you have to be nowadays to get a record deal is be light-skin, biracial, racially ambiguous, have breast and ass implants, and plastic surgery to look less African and more European.

    Even Beyonce decided to keep her hair dyed blond to be as close to a white lady as a creole lady marmalade can get.

    This is really getting ridiculous and this industry is a #(@&!%) joke.

    • Paulo November 17, 2023

      Girl bye. Doja is very talented and Latto is definitely improving. Just say the new industry plant the Garbz decided to fake support is trash and keep it moving

    • CatDoja November 17, 2023

      Say you’re clueless without saying it.

      Doja is NOT COMPRABLE to the other b******. She has actual artistry and TALENT. She isn’t a tiktok stripper ass rapper.


  6. UHoesFunny November 17, 2023

    Where is DC to defend this? 😂

  7. Paulo November 17, 2023

    What hiatus? Didn’t she just drop a Bongos behind the scenes? She was just on Hot Ones too. Cardi’s haters need to come up with better lies lol

    • UHoesFunny November 17, 2023

      Boy shut the hell up. Nobody tuned in 😂 All this mouth but yall let yall fave FLOP 💀

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