Tamar Braxton “Cancels & Reschedules” Remaining ‘Love & War 10th Anniversary Tour’ Dates Following Chrisean Rock Drama

Published: Wednesday 27th Dec 2023 by Sam

Tamar Braxton has hit the pause button on ‘The Love & War 10th Anniversary Tour.’

Find out why below…

The R&B songbird took vocal flight on the celebratory trek this Fall and earned rave reviews.

However, trouble struck when social media personality Chrisean Rock allegedly struck one of Braxton’s team backstage at the Atlanta stop of the tour.

The drama spilled out online and saw a war of words erupt between Rock and then-members of Braxton’s camp. Surprisingly, an internal melee within Camp Tamar also ignited – which also brought with it spar between the singer and those she severed ties with.

And while there have been joyous announcements shared about her personal life, the 46-year-old has trumpeted the news that she’s canceled (and rescheduling) the remaining three shows on the tour’s itinerary.

Citing “situations beyond our control,” Braxton revealed that she now has a “New Team” and is aiming to make up the dates in 2024.

Her statement read:

“I’m so grateful for such an amazing tour, with all the love and support that my fans and family have shown me in 2023. As we continue The Love & War 10 Year Anniversary Tour, I want to say thank you to everyone! We successfully sold out of every location – 15 to be exact! I learned so much from this journey! You have all showed up and showed out!

I’m sad to announce that we had to cancel and reschedule three of our upcoming dates, due to situations beyond our control. But I’m so excited about the NEW team and NEW things we have in store for 2024. Including rescheduling of these cities. I look forward to performing in these locations next year and sharing with you all the magic that we shared in 2024. See ya soon in Charlotte BIGGER and BETTER than before.”

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Tamar Braxton IG]

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  1. Jerzee December 27, 2023

    Flop ass chitlin circuit tour “selling” out 1500 capacity ballrooms isn’t impressive in the least. Tamuppet is her own worst enemy. She will end up running her “new team” away too with her toxicity.

    • Superstarr December 27, 2023

      Comments like this are funny coming from an anonymous nobody ass bum hiding behind a blog. What have you accomplished this year? What’s your status at the bank? I bet you don’t even go outside because you’re prolly a fat ass bedridden loser sleeping in your moms living room. Tamar is tremendously blessed and you’re MISERABLE, punk.

      • NotMissPiggy December 28, 2023

        Hi Tamar,

        At the end of the day you’re still an ugly monstrosity who looks like something that stepped off a JIm Henson set. On top of all that you’re a toxic, miserable, evil narcissist. And yes your “tour” was a flop. Stay mad, Kermit.

      • MecostaDenada December 28, 2023

        K. Michelle? Is that you, girl? 👀 💅🏾

    • SNF December 28, 2023

      I bet you typed this from your cubicle. 🤭 Shouldnt you be working?

    • Greene December 28, 2023

      You sound bitter and obsessed….

    • Paperback Toya December 28, 2023

      They mad but you telling the truth lol. Tamar isn’t a good person and I would hardly call what she’s doing a “tour” with it’s 6 dates.

    • YAHSHUA IS COMING December 29, 2023

      Nothing wrong with booking smaller venues. That’s an issue that many entertainers from sports, to rap to singing, have. Maybe she want’s to keep costs down? Maybe she’s not comfortable booking bigger? It’s a lot that comes into play. I actually wish more stars booked smaller more often. I feel like you’re more appreciative when you attend a show at a smaller venue.

  2. Ms.Ling Ling December 28, 2023


    • MecostaDenada December 28, 2023


      • Are You Kidding Me? December 28, 2023

        Agreed. The fact she wants to marry a man who flew Tommie Lee out and rimmed her? Tamar is extremely disappointing. I remember from her tour wardrobe and fangirling over Beyonce using her Christmas song in a video, Tamar wanted that. Look at this gutter mess? Beyonce would never.

        I wish she’d get therapy. The fact that she fired her old team for…defending her friend who got attacked by that ruffian Chrisean speaks volumes about her needing “Yes” men. I bet she is still friends with Chrisean too.

        I have never seen someone so desperate to be relevant. She has the talent, but will forever live in Toni’s shadow because Tamar has no self-love.

        Imagine postponing your tour to marry clout chasing Colonel Sanders.

  3. Toni theee living legend December 29, 2023

    Toni is the only “Braxton” we acknowledge thanksssss

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