Normani Covers Who What Wear / Dishes on ‘Dopamine’ Album Being an “Evolution”

Published: Thursday 22nd Feb 2024 by Sam

Normani is firing from all cylinders!

Fresh from announcing her debut solo album ‘Dopamine,’ the R&B star covers the latest issue of Who What Wear.

The stunning shoot was lensed by AB+DM and arrives on the heels of the 27-year-old sharing a titillating snippet of new material.

Beyond styling and profiling, the feature features insight into what folk can expect from the long-gestating LP.

Details after the jump…

Excerpt on ‘Dopamine’

“Days before our interview, I was given a top-secret link containing a sampling of songs from DOPAMINE. Being a click away from Normani’s newest music—one of the most anticipated albums of the last few years—didn’t fully hit me until I listened to the tracks.

Much of the sound we’ve come to associate with Normani has been rooted in a hybrid of pop, hip-hop, and R&B with prominent bouncing beats and catchy hooks. The new songs feel as if they represent the bridge from where she was to where she is now in her life. It’s not a complete pivot, as they still have the signature elements of Normani’s sonic repertoire, but they indicate a subtle shift. “It’s a representation of my evolution. It’s the version of me that’s been through some things over the course of the last few years,” Normani tells me.”

Normani on the project:

“The album feels like liberation, like a season of freedom. Not just because the record is finally coming out, but because it’s a celebration of everything I have been through to get to this moment. During this process, I heard God say to me, ‘Trust me. I know you’re afraid, but trust me anyway. Dare to trust me anyway. Now is the time.’”


Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: AB+DM / Who What Wear]

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  1. FLØPmãni February 22, 2024

    She’s so pretentious. A Beyonce wannabe. Everything is a “culture reset” or “evolution” with her and the music always comes out sounding like generic 2000’s R&B cosplay. Flop. She will never be a Summer Walker or HER.

    • UHoesFunny February 22, 2024

      Eat a d ick btch. As if you know music 😂 I’m sure you’ll still tune in and get her streams up

      • Mimi’s lashes February 22, 2024

        I dont know her.. ! 💅

      • Astafirullah February 22, 2024

        astaghfirullah wa atubu ilaika 🔥🔥🔥

    • LaMarcus D February 22, 2024

      Baby she got the ppl pressed and I love it 😂😂😂😂Im ready for the album mani….. #Nation

      • Mr Ling Ling February 22, 2024

        Don’t you have any further hobbies?

    • They aint ready February 22, 2024

      Oh okay so in other words you’ll be the first here when the album drops 😘

  2. Zebra February 22, 2024

    The Queen has arrived! 2024 is hers!!!!

    • Floooppppppp for shureee Queenyonce ask… Whoooo?!!! February 22, 2024

      With less than 10k first week sales?

      • They aint ready February 22, 2024

        Ain’t nothing stiffer than a mediocre mayo that’s be selling less than 4k if it weren’t for her systematic mayo privilege

    • Maria February 22, 2024

      Comments like this is why people don’t take Normani seriously. What has she done to be considered a queen? Or “slaying favs”. Let the album drop and then the music and numbers will speak for themselves😂

      • Truth February 22, 2024

        Queen is the most overused word for Millennials. They don’t read or travel much except for the McDs within a 10km radius of their hood 💋

  3. Gworl Bye February 22, 2024

    Looks like her rollout is shaping up well. Looking forward to the album!

  4. Tayfun February 22, 2024

    Why America is so obsessed with b*tt??!

    • ? February 22, 2024

      Who the hell wants a flat pasty ass?

  5. Mona February 22, 2024

    Lil Kim replacement.

    • ? February 22, 2024

      Who’s lil Kim?

      • Oly February 22, 2024

        Get an education

  6. Paulo February 22, 2024

    Love the pictures, love the girl, waiting on the music, but from the excerpts this interview was dull. I’m sure she’s evolved a lot as a person but for them to be talking about a musical evolution when this is her overdue debut album is crazy

    • UHoesFunny February 22, 2024

      Paulo shut up, you always talking like you know something. I once liked you, but now you just be talking out your ass

      • Paulo February 22, 2024

        Hmmm ok? 🤣 don’t be mad at me baby be mad at her team for not throwing some sparkle on this piece

  7. JoAnne February 22, 2024

    All this mumbo jumbo evolution talk just for her to drop the snippet of a song about being f*****. I can’t take these girls seriously.🤣 She looks good though as always….

  8. Oli London February 22, 2024

    Another hype…boooring!!!!

  9. Texas Hold ‘Em February 22, 2024

    She’s no Beyoncé or Janet. I don’t see star quality or charisma. We have Zsa and Lizzo now. We don’t need this generic wannabe.

  10. Belief February 22, 2024


    Astafirullah ☕️

  11. Royalty February 22, 2024

    mark my words Normani will become the..

    • Texas Hold ‘Em February 22, 2024

      lol 😂

      • ItellnoIies February 22, 2024

        Chile bye. Keep worrying about that album of the year Grammy award y’all ain’t never gon see 😂😘

  12. ItellnoIies February 22, 2024

    Norma is always had potential to be huge that’s why even legends hate on her

    • Texas Hold ‘Em February 22, 2024

      Said no one ever. lol 😂

      • Itellnolies February 22, 2024

        If she was all about woman empowerment like she sings about she’s let the natural order happen. When the younger more talent version comes you bow out gracefully. She gon learn the hard way

  13. MecostaDenada February 22, 2024

    Every single black girl in music is a hoh. Every single one. It’s sad.

  14. Clarksooon February 22, 2024

    She is a flop and no charisma.

    Never be the same
    Peaked at number 6

    Normani’s highest charting song peaked at number 7 and it was a feature

    Motivation peaked at number 33

    That dirty flop
    They have shelved her.
    The basic chic is done
    Built like a buck
    Cant sing
    Only knows how to play victim

    • Holup February 22, 2024

      Camilas been body shamed for years on end now even she’s against it. Also the last I checked camila used the artist kin browns remix versions traction and popularity for that chart position. Helping the original version. Chart at #6..

      • They aint ready February 22, 2024

        Exactly! Better check that idiot Camila’s last album charted in hell let that sink in..

  15. Jorden February 22, 2024

    Idk I just see it for her.? She gives nothing but everything somehow and I’m intrigued

  16. They aint ready February 22, 2024

    Oh she coming 🤩🤩

  17. Billboard stats are boring February 23, 2024

    Zero star quality. She’s the definition of basic and forgettable. She’ll never be a big star.

  18. Namy February 23, 2024

    It seems like everyone’s waiting for her. Fans and haters and for me I still kind of see it for her. Don’t let us down

  19. Okur February 23, 2024

    She’s finally dropping! She’s coming for wigs!!😩😭

    • Texas Hold ‘Em February 23, 2024

      lol 😂 the delusion is real

  20. bikll February 23, 2024

    She’s a star period

    • Unfoolish February 23, 2024

      Falling star

  21. Yurp February 23, 2024

    She’s about to finish all the girls and I am here for it!!

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