Watch: Usher Rocked the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show with an Electrifying Mix of His Greatest Hits [Full]

Published: Sunday 11th Feb 2024 by Rashad

After ample teasing, Usher performed at the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday (February 11).

Decades in the making and long overdue by many standards, the 8x GRAMMY winner (born Usher Raymond) reminded in-person and at-home viewers just why he was deserving of the coveted slot as he glided through an array of his biggest hits including ‘My Boo,’ ‘Burn,’ ‘Yeah,’ ‘Superstar,’ ‘Nice & Slow,’ and more.

Even surprising viewers with nods to some of the new tracks found aboard his February 9-released new album, ‘Coming Home,’ the well-rounded tracklist was only accentuated by the brigade of guest stars who joined Ush on stage including

Bringing Atlanta to Las Vegas like only he can, look inside to see how Mr. Raymond fared on the biggest stage on Earth.

[main photo source: Getty Images]

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  1. Iconic February 11, 2024

    Not a big fan of Usher but he is still GOT IT. Effortlessly entertaining….

  2. Superbowl is rigged February 11, 2024

    Stop pretending that he doesnt have talents He is surely best nest thing after MJ

  3. Temu February 11, 2024

    Awful performances. Chris Brown would have killed it.

    • T February 11, 2024

      Bro Nobody cares about chrios and he will never be accepted internationally like usher it is how it is Chris is US USHER is Worldwide facts!

    • USHER8701 February 11, 2024

      Delulu! CB mic would have been off and he would have been winded after 1 song. Fat crackhead. He hasn’t had a #1 hit since Bush was in office.

  4. Malia February 11, 2024

    I likeeeee,….

  5. eric February 11, 2024

    His voice was good and the skating stood out, but it was otherwise very average with no thrills and no surprises. It was mostly forgettable. I think it would’ve been a better show from Usher 15-20 years ago.

    • Tino February 11, 2024

      Usher could walk on water and this black c*** asss bniggaaa would find something negative to say. Just stooppppp watching him cause you’re clearly not a fan. Did he fuckkk your mom, daughter or wife???? DAMN THE HATE IS REAL

      • eric February 12, 2024

        Why you always so mad when somebody doesn’t share your opinion? LOL. You get deep in your feelings cussing and name calling like your whole livelihood depends on people having a positive perception of the man.

      • Tino February 12, 2024

        Cause you’re a lying piece of shittt who swear you some what of a fan but all you do is post negative comments or backhanded compliments. You’re obviously a Usher hater so just admit that and stop acting like your opinions are un biased.

    • Tino February 12, 2024

      You’re the same MF that called his skating corny and awful when the first clips of his residency came out. Now after 2 years of viral clips and Usher single handedly bringing skating back mainstream and popular you can his skating a standout?? Lol STFU

      • eric February 12, 2024

        I’m sure I never said any such thing, but just to be fair, I went back and looked at all the Usher/Vegas posts and I said two things in 2021. None of my words made any reference whatsoever to his skating.

      • Tino February 12, 2024

        Lol lies lies lie, dude do you know how many Vegas residency post are on here?? You’ll be searching all damn day.

  6. Minus Taylor February 11, 2024

    I love it….just pure fun. No nonsense, no hype..perfect for Vegas!

  7. Cmon February 11, 2024

    He nailed it. Bravo!

  8. j.scott February 12, 2024


  9. RBRT February 12, 2024

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 how does he looks so young! Impressive!

  10. Hmm February 12, 2024

    It was a good performance. I just wasn’t “wowed”. Maybe I was expecting too much.

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