Beyonce Unleashes the ‘Cowboy Carter’ Album Tracklist / Taps Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, & More

Published: Wednesday 27th Mar 2024 by Sam

Beyonce has unleashed the tracklist for her new album ‘Cowboy Carter.’

Arriving on the heels of the cover of the LP, Queen Bey has confirmed heavy-hitting features for the LP.

Full story below…

Moments ago, the superstar shared that the project will feature Country legends Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson.

The album, due March 29, of course features #1 smash ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ and ’16 Carriages,’ as well as newly revealed cuts such as ‘Blackbird,’ ‘Spaghetti,’ and ‘Jolene’ – the latter of which is presumed to be a cover of Parton’s classic of the same name.

Check it out:

We are ready!

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  1. Miss. Ling Ling March 27, 2024

    Why her hair color is same as the horse hair? She looks super old on the album cover💅🏻

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 27, 2024

      Peep the CHITLIN CIRCUIT display on the poster. Who knew the Queen knew what the Underground Tyler Perry CHITLIN CIRCUIT was. The 🐝 sure knows her HISTORY. 🇺🇸

      • Bey-A-Culpa March 27, 2024

        You mean the same Chitlin Circuit the hive used to troll other black artists like Fantasia and K Michelle on because they weren’t touring big stadiums like Bey? Yea speak on that history. The girls want their f****** money cowboy h**. No sensible person is buying into this without some other motive or cult pressure behind it. Dolly made sure she got hers. Of course mother. Get them royalties. Somebody had to oversee this s***, just incase.

      • BEYFAKE March 27, 2024

        Oooop clock it!

  2. Miss. Ling Ling March 27, 2024

    Not everyone can handle grey color, especially for their unnatural hair 👩🏿‍🦳

  3. Anne March 27, 2024

    Wow, she ain’t playing around.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 27, 2024

      red = solo songs
      blue = collabs
      white = interludes

  4. Privacy March 27, 2024

    Is this 25 tracks? I can’t tell. Anyway I’m not into country music but I’ll give it a listen.

  5. Toonchi March 27, 2024

    Copying off of Chris brown with 20+ tracks. This b**** doesn’t have an original bone in her ozempic’d up body😭😭😭

  6. marilyn+monH🪩E+®+👠(#1+DIVA) March 27, 2024

    well Bey will lost all of her ghetto ass fans….just saying…. They hate country music with passion.

    • LOL March 27, 2024

      LOL she’s tap dancing for the mayonnaise crowd now LOL

      • Bey-A-Culpa March 27, 2024

        Well she better get the Mayo & pickles apparently Jay Z is on the milkbox carton. #DidDiddyDoIt?

      • LOL March 27, 2024

        LOL yup, probably why she’s rushing all this stuff out now LOL

  7. Gworl Bye March 27, 2024

    This is going to be a full mess, but all her clown fans will be screaming “yasss” and “queeen” like it was the greatest sh*t ever recorded lol🙄

    • UHoesFunny March 27, 2024

      And you will be right there tuning in. Dumb ass btch 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Gworl Bye March 27, 2024

        Lol Sorry b*tch, I’m not a cult worshipping moron like your dumb ass 🤡

  8. CharIsAngelz March 27, 2024

    Will it be a visual album like Lemonade or is she gonna just give us visualizers for the concert like Renaissance.

    • marilyn+monH🪩E+®+👠(#1+DIVA) March 27, 2024

      Lets hoping she aint performing in a state fair while riding some farm pigs.

  9. Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 27, 2024

    🐝 *BZZZZ* 🐝 COWBOY CARTER is already projected to sell 500k (pure sales) based on PRE-SALES alone. Industry analysts predict that COWBOY CARTER 🤠 will sale 1,165,000 SPS in the first week. 🐎

    • HornKnee March 27, 2024

      State your sources. Quick

      • Bey-A-Culpa March 27, 2024

        Also, Trump supporters will buy anything. They literally would still vote for him even if he stole their money, just like her! lol yall got no sources, no dignity and just loud text and using medicinal diagnoses and obesity in pictures as a threat. Girl boom.

    • NormaniFever March 27, 2024

      lol you’re delusional @diabetes 😂🙄🙄

  10. Curt March 27, 2024

    I don’t think it’s actually the track list, it’s just a promo poster. She doesn’t do overlong albums, some of these may be just lyrics. The track list on her website still only shows the two singles

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 27, 2024

      It’s on her official INSTAGRAM Einstein. 🔎 🧐

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 27, 2024

      & Also, Country music by default utilizes an extremely generic formula. It’s not that shocking that they reached 25 songs. I was already (for no particular reason) expecting atleast 19 tracks.

      • Bey-A-Culpa March 27, 2024

        Also didn’t ur mom say it’s not a country album? Which one is it cuz it’s giving guilty caught red handed AGAIN! Sumbody Call Kelis. And Btw does Madonna even play Break My Soul Remix on her tour? Lateeeeeeeeee

  11. Riley March 27, 2024


  12. Kelly Rowland is better March 27, 2024

    Flopboy Flopter

    • Bey-A-Culpa March 27, 2024

      Period and also let’s stop giving Bey posts all this attention. If she’s so corny just ignore her. I only come to storm the truth and pump but some folks literally are on drugs.

  13. DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa March 27, 2024

    Looks very cheap and unprofessional… Was it made in china? Why she keeps missing when it comes to style and design… Can’t she get Solange to give her some tips?

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 27, 2024

      Lol, this era has been a WIN all across the board. If appeasing YOU was the goal then The Queen would be a FLOP & a “NEVER WAS” just like Solange 😆 🤣

      • Bey-A-Culpa March 27, 2024

        Girl she’s gonna get her #1 or whatever and the world will move on. This ain’t no We Belong Together, One Sweet Day, 25, 21 or SOS moment. Girl chill. No shade it’s Beyonxe like we know She eats here and there but not like THAT. the drive is just a little much so we gotta just remind the girls cuz otherwise the bees get carried away and coins get stolen.

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 27, 2024

        Lol, the word for the day is DELUSIONAL. 😆 In the entire 27 year career beyonce has only had 2 career slumps, 1 in 2012 and the 2nd in 2021 and still was able to bounce back with another Strong career move/era during that next year.

        And notice that in both years I mentioned she released ZERO body of works?

        Beyoncé has the HEALTHIEST most eventful career in music History. Her career is literally flop proof. Even THE GIFT soundtrack debuted in the top 2.

        History is made with EACH album without fail. Even the 4 album managed multiple weeks at #1 without a HIT.

        Beyonce has no weak/shelved Eras like MARIAH JLO ASHANTI ETC 😆 🤣 😂

      • Bey-A-Culpa March 27, 2024

        Foo we are talking charts; every time she come y’all hype it more than it needs to be and time and time again Beyonce musical reign be over before she go on tour and while on tour, absent on the chart. Where are the sources for these projections that you spew cuz idc if it comes true. Ur a deflector bot. Fans like you are why some
        Artists lose it all in the long run

  14. Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 27, 2024


    Time to do yur RESEARCH…

    IRREPLACABLE was a bigger hit than WE BELONG TOGETHER.

    And the DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE album is more successful than THE CONSTIPATION OF MIMI 😆 🤣 😂

  15. Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 27, 2024


    Farting for 27 years straight is better than 💩ing every now and then, and then DISAPPEARING like ALICIA KEYS, Mariah, Katty Perry, Adele & SZA. 😆 🤣 😂

    • THE TRUTH 🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨 March 27, 2024

      Finally you admit that you eat farts, enjoy your fast food. Some people aren’t into farts or

    • Bey-A-Culpa March 27, 2024

      You are very pressed. In company, your favorite can’t do anything but smile and bow her head. She knows her place among the greats in the room. That’s why you all peasants have to speak for her. Or at least think y’all do. Lmao

  16. Neutral March 27, 2024

    1. im a fraud.
    2. i stole everything
    3. i got grammies because of matthew
    4. my fanbase is delusional
    5. without jayz i woulda been back in destinys child
    6. my daughter cant dance
    7. listening to my music makes you gay
    8. fraudonce carter
    9. i let my husband cheat on me
    10. the bridge ft michelle williams

    • yup! March 27, 2024

      😅😅 an authentic tracklisting

      • Neutral March 27, 2024


    • Bey-A-Culpa March 27, 2024

      Ate that!
      Let em have it!

  17. yup! March 27, 2024

    She looks like she needs an iv drip. She looks awful

  18. LaTocha Scott March 27, 2024

    This s*** finna flop harder than J. Lo LMAO

    • Bey-A-Culpa March 27, 2024

      The world wants a new AUTHENTIC Black Queen to storm

  19. NormaniFever March 27, 2024

    Normani is coming. The real Black Barbie Queen

  20. Himdownstairs March 27, 2024

    Taylor Swift sitting back saying, imma let the BeeHive do their little line dance, and they let a Honkytonk Is there cowboy boots for about three weeks till I show up and turn the lights off at the rodeo?

    • NormaniFever March 28, 2024

      Amelia banks there laughing and rolling her assssss offf

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