REPORT: Los Angeles Police Department Claims Cardi B’s Arrest Story Never Happened

Published: Wednesday 27th Mar 2024 by Ryan

The Los Angeles Police Department is speaking out on Cardi B‘s arrest story.

More details below…

Taking to TMZ, the organization said that there is no evidence of officers searching her vehicle for guns and drugs nor the claim that they made her strip down. They said if it had happen then it would be on record.

Cardi B previously detailed an alleged incident that occurred during an Instagram Live, where she alleged that officers stopped her car to search fro drugs and guns.

“They thought I had I was trafficking fentanyl and they thought I had a gun in the car, so they stopped me. They had me outside for like three hours, they had me getting butt-naked outside. Sh*t was crazy. It was deadass a movie. I’m about to sue the LAPD. I told them like, ‘yo, I’m Cardi B. Do I look like I gotta sell some sh*t? Like why would I do that? I would never pull no sh*t like that,” she said.

“They didn’t believe me. It was some white cops and they ain’t know who I was. They was really tough on me and everything. They said somebody gave them a clue. I really feel like it was one of my opps and sh*t, like they really trying to ruin my life. Like y’all don’t even f*cking know. I been going through a lot lately,” she continued.

Check out Cardi’s video below:

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  1. Hen March 27, 2024

    Lmaooo not only is she a flop but she’s a liar too. Clock it LAPD!

  2. DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa March 27, 2024

    Just because it’s not on record doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    • Foxy Brown March 27, 2024

      Stop defending this liar 🤥 she’s always lying 🤥 she lied Von Nicki Minaj and still can’t show any receipts 🧾 of Nicki talking about her child.

      • DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa March 27, 2024

        She doesn’t owe you anything h.o

      • Sheeeeetherrrrrrr them h*** March 27, 2024

        Doodoo brown stfu c***

    • It’s+Long+and+Pink March 27, 2024

      I kinda agree… Cardi is extra but I doubt she would lie about something like this. And they sure as hell wouldn’t make a record of it after finding nothing. Huge national PR disaster for the LAPD

  3. Messy Bardi Gangsta March 27, 2024

    Theses racist cops do illegal sh** all the time and they treat ppl of color like animals, of course they don’t make a record of it. I bet there’s record of the initial ”tip” though. I can’t even believe they came out to say this, like they don’t have a history of covering things up. Fūcķ the police.

    • Bey-A-Culpa March 27, 2024

      Some of yall are extremely intellectual on here don’t let them get you out of character. You’re so on point

  4. #TruthHurts March 27, 2024

    Publicity stunt number 12345678910. They need heat to prosper. It’s all for algorithms. TGJ in on it too.

  5. Yvonne March 27, 2024

    Cardi is pathetic for lying about something like this what a f****** flop

  6. NICKI💗 March 27, 2024

    Jussie Smollett Jr

  7. Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 27, 2024

    I still believe 👑 CARDI B

  8. It’s+Long+and+Pink March 27, 2024

    Democrats are gonna drop her now, if they haven’t already

  9. Bey-A-Culpa March 27, 2024


  10. Bey-A-Culpa March 27, 2024

    LAPD girl they and NYPD run America don’t believe nothing they say

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