Sam Smith WOWS Walking the Runway for Vivienne Westwood at Paris Fashion Week

Published: Saturday 2nd Mar 2024 by Sam

Sam Smith has taken the music world by storm and now they are looking to make a mark in fashion too.

For, moments ago, the ‘Unholy’ chart-topper walked the runway at the Vivienne Westwood Womenswear presentation at Paris Fashion Week 2024.

Rocking a tartan ensemble and platform boots, the 31-year-old turned heads in a major way.

Watch Smith in action below…


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  1. Over it March 2, 2024

    lol “wows”? Guys a train wreck completely engulfed in demonic liberal bs. Don’t prop him up, but pray for him. 🤡

  2. KeyLoLo March 2, 2024

    These heauxs try wayyyyy too hard, it’s comical…this is NOT you bihh! Fake ass heaux..ok to be gay but this bihh is overdoing it

  3. Flopwood March 2, 2024

    WOW for real

  4. MecostaDenada March 2, 2024

    The whole world is a mess.

  5. Ummm March 2, 2024

    It takes such courage to be yourself in a world that only wants you to be what it wants you to be. Go ‘head, Sam. Be free!

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 2, 2024

      You think GENDER RETARDATION = Being FREE 🤔 ?

    • MecostaDenada March 2, 2024

      Chile, please. It doesn’t take courage to do this. It’s not attacked. It’s praised and celebrated. Sam donned his Satan costume, and did a whole Satanic ritual on the Grammy’s and nobody batted an eye. I’m not surprised to also see him cross dressing. The devil is a lie.

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 2, 2024

        #PREACH 👏🏽

    • Over it March 2, 2024

      lol. He’s fat, on drugs, and sleeping around. That’s not free it’s being a puppet. You a clown

    • Disgusting March 3, 2024

      Ain’t no freedom in hell. You best repent.

  6. Diabetes UNBOTHERED March 2, 2024

    🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮

    Most ppl have minds that are wired in a hetero way, Lilnasx, Sam Smith and gay identified fa🐐s in general are no exception.

    To Sam Smith, homoxual behavior is intercourse with a woman, while hetero behavior is intercourse with a man.

    You better think about it. 💯

    • Disgusting March 3, 2024

      That’s great but that isn’t why he gained 70 lbs and dresses like a t*****.

  7. Albright March 2, 2024

    This s*** isn’t cute. Sam had such a promising career….

  8. Disgusting March 3, 2024

    Before the liberal woke crap, he was a respectable and nice looking dude. Now he’s a disgusting, fat, character or himself.

    This is what “woke” ideology produces. It’s not a gay thing, it can happen to anyone who buys into the leftist stuff.

  9. Justme March 4, 2024

    Omg hilarious

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