J. Cole APOLOGIZES for Kendrick Lamar Diss: “That Was the Lamest Sh*t I Ever Did”

Published: Monday 8th Apr 2024 by Sam

J. Cole is in a remorseful mood.

For, after rustling feathers with the track ‘7 Minute Drill’ as a clap back to Kendrick Lamar‘s Future and Metro Boomin collaboration ‘Like That,’ the MC is walking back his jab.

Full story below…

The war of words seemingly began with remarks Cole made on Drake collaboration ‘First Person Shooter.’ K. Dot then followed up with Hot 100 #1 ‘Like That.’

Striking back on surprise album ‘Might Delete Later,’ the MC called Lamar’s latest album “tragic” and rapped that he had “fallen off like the Simpsons.”

However, Cole has admitted that the whole experience has rattled him.

Speaking at his Dreamville Festival in North Carolina, Cole told the audience:

“I ain’t gonna lie to y’all the past two days felt terrible. I damn near had a relapse”.

He continued:

“That was the lamest sh*t I ever did in my f*ckining life… I wanna say right now, how many people think Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest motherf*ckers to ever touch a microphone? Dreamville, y’all love Kendrick Lamar right? As do I… I just wanna come up here and publicly be like, that was the lamest goofiest sh*t.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tyler Perry Lover April 8, 2024




  2. Hellokittys April 8, 2024

    lol this is weird. Rap done turned so dainty. If we beefing stand on that s***. 😑

    • Messy Bardi Gangsta April 8, 2024

      That’s the thing hun, it ain’t beef and it never was. Y’all be hyping these dudes up and that’s why they feed into it. And when somebody gets hurt, yall act surprised. Y’all love fake ‘beef’ when yall know nothing about that life AT ALL. Real man can apologize and say it’s lame, BECAUSE IT IS.

      • Hellokittys April 8, 2024

        Comments like these is exactly why hip hop is DEAD now. Yall social media softies. Rap is a competitive sport get over yourselves. Keep listening to Dua Lipa and Olivia Rodrigo and leave the hip hop heads alone.

      • Bey-A-Culpa April 8, 2024

        No. Your “competitive sport “ kills people and influences people to do stupid acts against humanity for the sake of ego and making words rhyme. People,’kids, youth are engaged in this and need to understand the difference between rap, and the hyped stupidity of the ghetto. If it’s lame, then it’s lame. Nobody thought Satchquach Jay Z Wanabe ate. Don’t get it twisted these rappers are on the same labels and bleed just like Dua Lipa and whoever else you tryna shade. Further, these are extremely commercial voices. This ain’t no underground beef, this ain’t real beef at all. Anyways, survey said it was whack. Baby Satchquach knew it and pulled out. If more people did that, we would have less abortions too. If it’s whack, pull out!

      • Hellokittys April 8, 2024

        I ain’t reading that LMAOOO I said what the f*** I said. Stay püssy

      • Bey-A-Culpa April 8, 2024

        And that’s why you’re wrong. You can’t read and you don’t possess the vernacular you think you do, even when you have an open book test. I recommend you find leaders and artists who can encourage you to read and write as much as they get you violent, miseducated and hype. Go back, no more pretending bye.

  3. Kendrick Slaymar April 8, 2024

    J. Cole is a lame ǎss cornball, trying to come for the King. He knows his bars are lame and corny. Hes an overhyped piece of trash. All hail KING KENDRICK!

    • Bey-A-Culpa April 8, 2024

      Until further these Dudz know what the f*** time it is. Royalty is until dethroned. He came and conquered. Kendrick Lamar is the only one taking this s*** seriously as of late, a day 1 conscious great and it shows. 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 Very proud of this “Mortal Man.” And don’t talk charts or awards y’all cuz this man has been through it! He slayed every obstacle. Let him have the place he deserve, has worked for and earned…… meanwhile:
      WAYNE WHERE THAT ALBUM THO??? U was talking mad cheese too ! Nicki here, Drake here… hmmm

  4. Kendrick Slaymar April 8, 2024

    All Kendrick said was “fµck the big 3, it’s just big me” and J Cole was tossing and turning in his bed for the past few days, got up on that stage & started giving his “I’M ON A PATH TO STAND WITH GOD!!!!!!” speech. Kendrick deployed that light skin psychological warfare on him.

    Cole knows the history with Drake and Kendrick and he chose to insert himself in it. Kendrick responded because he’s a lyricist, always has been! Cole can’t take the heat.

  5. Kendrick Slaymar April 8, 2024

    This was a big b**** move!! J Cole will NEVER live this down and can no longer act delusional and call himself the best when he’s never been lmao!

    • Bey-A-Culpa April 8, 2024

      Or front like he’s conscious. Cole please. You been ate up from Kanye. Leftovers, go back no more pretending bye.

  6. OreoCole April 8, 2024

    J. Cole’s ugly half breed ass will never have the acclaim, accolades and success that Kendrick possesses & that’s why his dusty ass is big mad lol. Kendrick came out of hiding just to destroy him and Drakeisha then went back into his mansion to go over homework with his kids lmaoooo. Joke Cole will never live this one down.

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