Justin Timberlake Talks Possible Joint Album With Usher: “We Went In The Studio”

Published: Saturday 6th Apr 2024 by Sam

For years, fans and critics alike have pitted Usher and Justin Timberlake against each other.

However, not only are the chart-toppers supportive of each other, but they actually were in the process of cooking up material together.

Full story below…

With JT hot on the promotional trail for his new album ‘Everything I Thought It Was,’ the performer was quizzed on murmurs about a potential collaborative LP during an interview with Broken Record.

Peep the excerpt on what he had to say:

Q: I was reading that Usher said he’s been on you about doing a collaborative album
Justin: Not recently

Q: not recently?
Justin: No, no, no! he has been very busy recently

Q: Well yeah he has been (laughs) well yes he has been busy with an incredible residency
Justin: Usher is an ICON man, That’s a bad man

Q: Would you do a record with him?
Justin: Of course! I think it just has to be the right one. We actually went in the studio originally, I think it was one of those things where I was maybe going to go in the studio and write something for one of his upcoming albums just mess around, I just don’t think we I don’t think we ever found it… got it. Maybe we also just didn’t make enough time I don’t know

Q: You know it’s like go into that with that patience mindset
Justin: I know I know yeah, well we should get in the studio anyway! I mean that would be a lot of fun!

Q: Usher is the man
Justin: Yeah

Check out the full interview:

Would you be here for a JT and Usher team-up? Let us know…

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  1. KING USHER 👑 April 6, 2024

    LMAO sit down boy, you’ve flopped and are old and washed up, don’t try clinging to King Ushers nuts now to stay relevant lmao 🤣 🤡

    • Karen April 6, 2024

      Usher is older than Justin

    • What Would 50 cent do April 6, 2024

      Justin been selling and still selling records. Usher album didn’t break no records

      • A April 11, 2024

        That’s why Coming Home outsold Everything I Thought It Was. You need to keep up with the times.

  2. Cracker in the woods aka mayo in da caves April 6, 2024

    HA! I thought u slowtards said Justina didn’t acknowledge king usher? Now look at him. Begging the king for joint album that’ll NEVER happen lmaoooo

  3. Ms.Ling Ling 🤰🏻🥠🥡🥢 April 6, 2024

    Love me some Bromance. They need each others, they belong together. They need to save each other’s dying careers. also they both have small D

  4. Dee April 6, 2024

    Usher do not align yourself with him . He needs you . You do not need him. I’m telling you now I ain’t buying or streaming it.

  5. What Would Lil Wayne do April 6, 2024

    The concept would have to be on point

  6. What Would 50 cent do April 6, 2024

    The critics gonna rip it apart. I hope they’re ready.

  7. Flopwood April 6, 2024

    Yeah Usher is the top

  8. Tino April 6, 2024


  9. Blaque April 6, 2024

    bullcrap!!!! thats not gonna happen

  10. Ummm April 6, 2024

    No thank you.

  11. MecostaDenada April 7, 2024

    Don’t do it Ursh! This balding, dad bod whiteboy is trying to ride your wave. He wouldn’t do a joint album with you if you were down and he was up. White games, Chile. Bye Justin.

  12. Gurl bye April 8, 2024

    This is such a non story. It’s clearly not happening.

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