Hot 100: Kendrick Lamar’s Drake Diss ‘Not Like Us’ Debuts At #1

Published: Monday 13th May 2024 by Ryan

Kendrick Lamar has a bonafide hit on his hands with Drake-diss ‘Not Like Us.’

More details below…

Taking to press, Billboard announced their top 10 songs for this week.

In the top spot is Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us,’ which debuted at #1. The song earned a massive amount of streams and even some decent sales with a smidgen of airplay to bolster it to the top.

Check out the official numbers below:

70.90 Million Streams

5 Million Radio Impressions

15,000 Digital Downloads

Interestingly, the song becomes Lamar’s second #1 song (and second #1) this year after his collaboration with Metro Boomin called ‘Like That’ hit the top spot last month.

The track becomes K.Dot’s 4th Hot 100 chart-topper.

‘Not Like Us’ is one of the many songs that Lamar released in the wake of his feud with fellow rapper Drake as they have exchanged verbal shots through song.

Indeed, elsewhere on the tally ‘Euphoria’ soars from #11 to #3.

Wins all around!

Your thoughts?

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  1. WW 50 DO May 13, 2024

    Drake didn’t need 6 years to write a diss track about dickhead Lamar. He write a line a year then say he dissed Drake.

    • Red Sonja May 13, 2024

      Lamar has a Pulitizer and a new #1.

      You have A+IDS.

    • WW 50 luber May 13, 2024

      WD 40 go lube your ass and STFU!!!

    • WW 50 DO May 13, 2024

      If he has a Pulitzer nobody cared.
      Cause Drake is selling more

  2. WW 50 DO May 13, 2024

    Drake moved on

    dickhead Lamar can’t sell unless he is taking about drizzy

    • WW 50 Lube May 13, 2024

      STFU hor!!!

  3. Flopwood May 13, 2024

    The bottom is spiraling in the comments

  4. Kendrick Slaymar May 13, 2024

    No matter how many No.1 hits #BBLDrizzy accrue, Kendrick will forever have this moment to stain the Boy’s legacy.

  5. Kendrick Slaymar May 13, 2024

    Welp, I knew the OV-Hòes t would start stampeding into this thread with their bloated cankles and bald edges…

    • WOW May 13, 2024


  6. Kendrick Slaymar May 13, 2024

    It’s satisfying seeing a clear and public humbling of one Aubrey Drake Graham. Not only to get spanked but to get your #1 all time title snatched too is some real irony and I’m here for it. Who is next because a purge is long overdue. He went gold really fast too.

    • WW 50 Do May 13, 2024

      He has no other success without talking about drake

      • Kendrick Slaymar May 13, 2024

        Bye OV-H**. Drake started this shít.

      • Helena May 13, 2024

        So #1 singles, multi platinum CLASSIC albums and a PULITZER PRIZE isn’t success? Kendrick is highly successful and doesn’t have to drop albums and singles every other day unlike others. You the dumbest commenter on here.

      • Red Sonja May 13, 2024

        He has a PULITZER, which is bigger than an Oscar, a Grammy, Tony, etc.

        Drake has a bu+tt full of c+um.

      • WW 50 DO May 13, 2024

        He not selling unless he is talking about Drake. Drake is

      • Helena May 13, 2024

        Lie again. All of his albums are platinum plus including his last release in 2022. And his arena tours always sell out. Anymore lies???

    • WW 50 DO May 13, 2024

      Drake is breaking records not him. Drakes name come up at the panel for record breaking

      • Helena May 13, 2024

        Breaking Spotify records like everybody else they post on here lmaaooooo. Kendrick has a Pulitzer enough said! Youre gonna stop speaking as if Kendrick is a flop. All of his albums are multiplatinum and two of which are considered hip hop CLASSICS. He also has #1 hits and Grammys. You ain’t saying s*** bum.

      • WW 50 Do May 13, 2024

        He is not as Rich $$$$$ as Drake either
        🤑🤑🤑💲💲💲💲💲. U BROKE B****

  7. Kendrick Slaymar May 13, 2024


    • WW 50 Do May 13, 2024

      And dickhead Lamar got 69 seconds left. Times up

      • Kendrick Slaymar May 13, 2024

        Go choke on a diçk and dïè troll.

    • What Would 50 cent Do May 13, 2024

      That’s all you got. Ya time up like dickhead Lamar

  8. WOW May 13, 2024

    Lmao sensational

  9. Flopwood May 13, 2024

    With the success of this song and Hiss, Young Money has finally been defeated

    • WW 50 DO May 13, 2024


      • 50CentRACETRAITOR May 13, 2024

        Go visit your dad in the A+IDS hospice. But don’t do him in the south mouth this time.

  10. VH1 May 13, 2024

    Kendrick won lmao. Nobody is talking about Drakes tracks. Not Like Us AND Euphoria are both charting higher than Family Matters lmaoooo.

  11. WW 50 Do May 13, 2024

    Drake has more money 💰💰 💵💵 he can buy Dickhead Lamar entire career

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