Watch: Camila Cabello Unlocks ‘C,XOXO’ Album Trailer

Published: Thursday 9th May 2024 by Sam

Camila Cabello is blazing her way to the release of her brand new studio album, ‘C,XOXO.’

This week has brought with it back-to-back announcements about the LP – from its June 28 release date to its cover reveal to its latest single ‘He Knows’ featuring Lil Nas X (which drops May 10).

Now, the songbird has ignited fresh excitement by unveiling the ‘C,XOXO’ official album trailer – in which she illuminates the project concept and also previews a little of what’s coming next.

Ahead of the arrival of Cabello’s fourth studio effort, check out the sizzler after the jump…

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  1. Ms.Ling Ling 🤰🏻🥠🥡🥢 May 9, 2024

    She is still selling more copies than poopamine.

    • Clive Davis Stan May 9, 2024

      In ur dreams ugly! Slayedamine is predicted to do over 200K first week hater.

      • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) May 9, 2024

        Delusional is real.

      • Crystal May 9, 2024

        Did you add an additional 0 by accident? 20k and that’s being generous….🤔

  2. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) May 9, 2024

    Everything is wrong in this era but Camila is here to stay. Unlike Flop mani is always hiding and doing some stupid non-music related dumb s***

  3. XOXO May 9, 2024

    At least Camila PROMOTES and RELEASES her s***. Normani drops every few years, teases then disappears like she’s Beyonce or something. That’s why she stays flopping. 💅

  4. Flopwood May 9, 2024

    CRINGE 🥴🥴🥴

  5. RBRT May 9, 2024

    It’s giving spring breakers. She should collaborate with more creative / less problematic people, like shy girl could work. Work with up and coming producers with new sounds. I hope it’s not more cxcx leftovers

  6. Whatever May 9, 2024

    What’s up with all this white pop culture news on TGJ? White artists have more than enough platforms reporting on their happenings. Please don’t crossover.

    • Bangkok Ladyboi 👯👯 May 9, 2024

      Are you dumb? Camila is Latina, she is not white.

      • Whatever May 9, 2024

        Nor is she black or interesting. I visit to this site for BLACK ENTERTAINMENT news. And will gladly stop if the likes of this Cabila chick and other non melanin stories start to dominate.

    • MecostaDenada May 9, 2024

      Doesn’t this site have white writers?

  7. UHoesFunny May 9, 2024

    So cringe and FORCED 🥴 this era is gonna FLOP so bad

  8. MecostaDenada May 9, 2024

    I wish minorities would stop looking at blonde as an upgrade. Camilla looks better with her dark hair.

  9. Credits May 10, 2024

    They give her songs to sing, but nothing about her says ‘artist.’

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