Azealia Banks Slammed Rihanna & “Broke, Untalented, Gay” A$AP Rocky in Pro-Chris Brown Rant / Doubled Down That “Doja Cat Can’t Rap”

Published: Friday 7th Jun 2024 by Rashad

Azealia Banks may be no stranger to garnering more headlines for her antics than her music over the years, but she racked up overtime on the former front this week – managing to trigger Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, and Doja Cat fans along the way.

Details inside.

Taking to Instagram Stories on Wednesday (June 5), Banks unloaded some inflammatory remarks about the Bajan billionaire in defense of her former boyfriend and R&B icon Chris Brown.

“[He is] the best artist of this generation,” Azealia shared before reflecting on his 2009 assault of Rih. “Are we really responsible for trying to make Chris Brown’s life a living hell if sis is not responsible enough to make good choices of partner? It’s kinda weird.”

Speaking on Rihanna’s partner Rocky, Banks didn’t mince words with her criticism of the hitmaking rapper.

“Look at who she’s with now – a n-gga that wears back-out shirts. He’s on camera shooting one of his best friends…on camera kicking a female fan in the face,” she said before questioning his sexual orientation.“Rocky’s definitely a butch queen. I don’t know how nobody told Rihanna that. Maybe she likes it, maybe she’s into that stuff. But Rocky’s definitely not a straight man.”

Rocky and Rih weren’t the only celebrities catching cruel criticism from Azealia over the last few days.

Setting her sights on longtime nemesis Doja Cat once again, the ‘Ice Princess’ performer had some heated words for her ‘Paint the Town Red’ foe.

“Doja, I know you hear me calling you, Miss Honey,” Banks began her bizarre rant. “I’m really about to f**king, like, rip your top off. ‘Cause you, you be hiding behind that little white girl sh*t. Like, that little white girl sh*t. But honey, I got the biggest  white d**k in America. Like, get ready. Get f**king ready. You might want to put that wig back on ’cause when I snatch you from the peas, honey, when I get the peas in the kitchen, it’s gon’ be a wrap. ‘Cause you can’t rap. Can’t rap! I don’t know why Dr. Luke told you you could f**king rap.”

At the time of this report, Cat, Rih, nor Rocky has responded to Azealia’s explosive tirades.

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  1. Paulo June 7, 2024

    🗑 🚮

  2. Queenbanks June 7, 2024

    Azealia NEVER lies☕️🫖

    • yup! June 8, 2024

      Except just then. Chris is not the best. You have to first make quality music and then need to be able to sing it live.

  3. Trash June 8, 2024

    Why would anyone respond? She’s a desperate loser who uses names to try and get attention. The girl hates herself.

  4. Errol Hodgson Jr June 8, 2024

    Please stop giving her a platform. Stop posting the stupidity comes out of her mouth. IT IS NOT NEWS. Let’ her negative say where it is.

    • DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa June 8, 2024

      She’s jealous about everyone and his mama. Her pick was like 10 years ago and she never recovered

  5. Keith June 8, 2024

    This rant just makes Ms. Banks seem unstable.

  6. marilyn+monH🪩E+®+👠(#1+DIVA) June 8, 2024


  7. Sia June 8, 2024

    Somebody should tell her it’s not cool to gay shame people in 2024, and I thought this blog would know better than to re-publish gay shaming and potentially family damaging remarks such as the ones she’s made. It’s also not okay to make threats of violence or aggression onto others either, and again, this blog should do better than to reaffirm that too. We have a responsibility towards one another to protect and support rather than tearing each other down in the name of entertainment – this is peoples lives and emotions you’re playing with.

    • WTF? June 8, 2024

      Girl gtfo if you don’t like it. Not everything needs to be rainbows, sunshine and happiness. People like you are making the world lamer, one stupid opinion at a time.

      • WTFeatsAzzGravy June 10, 2024

        WTF is an ashy coooonnnn…..tap dance, or i’ll throw firecrackers at your toes

  8. MecostaDenada June 8, 2024

    Azealia is correct. Chris as an artist is better than Beyonce in every way.

  9. RBRT June 8, 2024

    Azealia, calm down. She used to be cool

  10. Bey-A-Culpa June 8, 2024

    When the media posts what Azealia says, there’s always something about her that’s being exploited. She says a lot of things and makes amazing music but they tend to highlight her scathing reads the most. There’s just a lack of balance when it comes to reporting on “her,” it’s giving she is the Tea, the kettle and the stove these days cuz the way the media d*** rides how can it be anything less! In otherwords, have you seen the comments on this site? Clearly Azealia ain’t no different than any other actual human being saying how they feel. #RIPKimPorter #AaliyahForever

  11. Chica June 9, 2024

    This woman needs go sit down and never get up again.

  12. Oh na na payola June 11, 2024

    There are some shades of truth to what she says about rih. Lol she has so much hard mouth but when tables were turned she cried like a child. I believe she wish she was dating Rih.

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