Rihanna on ‘R9’ Album: “Now I’m Gonna Start”

Published: Tuesday 11th Jun 2024 by Sam

Rihanna fans waiting on her long-awaited ninth studio album have been dealt a helping good news and bad news.

Find out what we mean below…

During the launch of her latest business venture, Fenty Hair, last night, RiRi was quizzed on the status of her the almost mythical follow-up to 2026’s ‘ANTI.’

Over the years, the Bajan billionaire has been coy about the project or skewed somewhat non-descript.

That changed when chatting it up with ET‘s Kevin Frazier. For, when asked directly about ‘R9,’ she confessed “I’m about to start.”

Keeping it candid, the 36-year-old shared:

“I have been working on the album for so long that I kinda just put all that stuff aside. And now, I’m prepared to go back into the studio. Now I’m prepared. So I’m gonna start.”

Peep the clip:


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  1. Curt June 11, 2024

    RiRi, I love you, but just leave the promises of music alone. Go run your empire, girl.

    • Oh na na payola June 14, 2024

      If there’s no (hit) music people will stop buying her silly products. The masses are only interested in her because she brings out catchy music.

  2. Flopwood June 11, 2024

    She sounds like Normani 🥴

  3. Will Smith stan June 11, 2024

    We don’t care h**. Normani is the new supreme!

    • Keeping it real 💯💯 June 11, 2024

      Lies Sabrina and Tyla are the new supremes

  4. Sjl June 11, 2024

    Nobody cares anymore.

  5. Riririri June 11, 2024

    Lol real. But if she’s gonna do make music again then it needs to just be a hobby atp. If she spends a lot of time making something shítty and it flops then she won’t ever want to waste her time making music again.

  6. YAHSHUA IS HERE June 11, 2024

    It’s probably best if she starts over because it may sound outdated. That or she is trolling lol and its dropping soon

    • TheClassAct June 11, 2024

      Rihanna music never sounds dated. She works with producers who know what is current.

  7. Rum and coke June 11, 2024

    ask the record company the FCK you keep asking Rihanna for they paying for it

  8. Sl****ut June 11, 2024

    Well I believe she is ready to drop probably later this year or next year. She added the music videos of her collabs on her playlist which she hasn’t done ever, and she recently updated her certifications.
    B**** is definitely coming

  9. TheClassAct June 11, 2024

    Anti is 2016, not 2026.

  10. Oh na na payola June 14, 2024

    What a mess. That’s another 8 years ya’ll! Lol.

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