Tinashe on Ex-Label’s Response to ‘Nasty’ Success: “I Know They’re Gagging”

Published: Friday 14th Jun 2024 by Sam

Tinashe has been flying the flag for the independent route and is reaping the rewards of that route with her latest single ‘Nasty.’

Indeed, as reported, the track serves as the performer’s first-ever solo song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 after going all sorts of viral.

Before this chapter of her career, the singer was signed to RCA Records – releasing fan favorites such as ‘2 On’ and ‘All Hands on Deck.’ However, there’s a collective sense that the star didn’t reach her fullest potential during that phase.

Now, in light of her current win, she’s speaking up and out about the imprint’s reaction to her touchdown.

Full story below…

TMZ caught up with the performer and quizzed her on the success of ‘Nasty.’ She gushed:

“It’s so exciting! It’s like my first Billboard entry by myself. Period! They said you couldn’t do it, but you can! Independently. Hard work. Shout out to the fans.”

When asked what her former label will be thinking in light of her success on her own accord, Nashe playfully quipped:

“We didn’t need them. All you need is hard work, good fans, talent. I know they’re gagging.”

She went on to tease new music and more.

Peep the clip:

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  1. marilyn+monH🪩E+®+👠(#1+DIVA) June 14, 2024

    hunnie, to be honest, They gave you so many chances and so many tried.. Look at Normami, RCA even invested more money on Tinashe. at least she was performed on jimmy kimmel and jimmy fallon before.

  2. DaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa June 14, 2024

    Gurl without a record company no one would have heard about you. Don’t be ungrateful.

  3. Faye June 14, 2024

    She’s talking as though it’s #1 across the globe.

  4. yup! June 14, 2024

    She sucks tbh she’s always cocky and literally is an unknown outside of twitter.

  5. Tani June 14, 2024

    Girl, it’s hardly been a success. You charted on the hot 100, big deal, many have!!! Call us when it’s a top 10 hit!!!

  6. Credits June 14, 2024

    She’s speaking too soon. She’s released waaay better songs than this over the last 3 yrs. It’ll be interesting to see if she can follow up. I like her regardless.

  7. Ummm June 14, 2024

    I believe Tinashe deserves every success that she gets–however large or small–because she works hard and has consistently put out music that’s better than most of what her contemporaries put out.

    But I don’t think her former record company is gagging because it took her like 19 years and 197 singles for her to make this achievement. So I think how they’re looking at it is that if they were financing her career, so much money would have been “wasted” by the time we finally get a very minor hit with “Nasty.”

    The truth of the matter, though, is that several of her previous singles and album truly deserved to chart based on the quality alone.

  8. eddie93 June 14, 2024

    the label probably is “gagging” tho.
    2 On was a decade ago, before the viral tik tok era, this is a big achievement and commercial breakthrough for her. She deserves to be “cocky”.
    She was able to chart when the entire hot 100 is dominated by a taylor swift album and billie ellish taking up half the spots so its more impressive.

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