Lark Voorhies Reveals She Has Schizoaffective Disorder On Dr. Oz [Video]

Published: Thursday 20th Feb 2020 by David

Actress Lark Voorhies has made headlines in earnest over the years, but is now taking charge of her story by sharing her truth with the general public.

For, she revealed she has  Schizoaffective Disorder on the latest episode of Dr. Oz.

Her story below…

The star stepped forward to share her story with hopes it will inspire others after rumours about her mental health circulated in the media.

Sitting down with Dr. Oz, she explained that she has been living with the disorder and is working with her mother and a trusted specialist to help her through it.

Her time with the doctor also saw her reveal that she was hurt by the fact that she was not invited to join the ‘Saved by the Bell’ reboot which is to premiere on NBC later this year.

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  1. Ronna V February 20, 2020

    Wishing her the best

  2. Kevin February 20, 2020

    This is truly sad! See we as black people need to be up front and open about mental health; thank God it’s changing!

  3. Jeans February 20, 2020

    I used to love me some Lark. I wish her much love and health! I miss seeing her on tv! One of the most beautiful women on tv in the 80s and 90s and 00s!

  4. Jay February 20, 2020

    She is still not stable, and it’s evident. I believe her mother is the root of her problems.

  5. Reeldwn2erth February 21, 2020

    This is a serious disease but I’m so happy that her mom is by her side helping her. I wish her a speedy and full recovery as she has to take prescription drugs for the rest of her young life. And lastly, I don’t understand why the cast of Saved by The Bell would eliminate her in the reboot because she was a one of the original characters. RACIST SNOBS!!!!!

    • Ronna February 22, 2020

      If she was a white wan they would let her be on the show and call her brave fro overcoming her illness. But she’s black so they have no tolerance for anything other than perfect

  6. Navy Gravy February 21, 2020

    Schizoaffective disorder is extremely scary but with the right dr’s I’ve seen it 360 a person. It’s never gone and it doesnt heal, It’s a lifelong disease that she willl have to struggle with but with proper medication she can be at ease and lead the most normal life she possibly can. I wonder if her doctor is doing her best and giving her the best medications or if she’s exploiting her and giving her barely enough medication to make her think she needs to improve something about herself and do extra unneccessary work. When Dr Oz said “keep working on this”, I was puzzled. It’s not like flu virus that goes away after a few weeks or like getting over a breakup. It’s permanent damage to the brain that cant be repaired. She CAN DEFINITELY be great and work in hollywood again but the way he said it was like “go home, fix up, and come back normal”. That’s not how it works. When off medication, a person with schizoaffective disorder has this thing abut their eyes, it’s like several dfferent souls are peering through them but not the one that you know, but when theyre balanced you can see the person that you know and love has reemerged. It’s scary and weird. It’s hard I deal with this with my brother, he’s a year older than me.

    • MsMay February 21, 2020

      Shady ass white cast- I ain’t watching that wack s*** without Lisa Turtle in it. Periodt.

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