Minneapolis Mayor: Arrest and Charge the Officer Who Killed George Floyd!

Published: Wednesday 27th May 2020 by Rashad

As of time reported, no arrests have been made in the case of the death of George Floyd – an unarmed Black man in Minneapolis who died after a local police officer handcuffed him then pinned his knee onto the man’s neck (restricting his ability to breath).

Although officers were quickly terminated from the precinct (as we reported here), protests erupted in the ‘Twin City’ as the County Attorney Mike Freeman has not officially announced intent to arrest or charge them.

That very fact led the city’s mayor, Jacob Frey, to hold a press conference and pressure Freeman to detain the four.

“If you had done it, or if I had done it, we would be behind bars right now,” Frey said. “We watched for five whole excruciating minutes as a white officer firmly pressed his knee into the neck of an unarmed, handcuffed black man. I saw no threat. I saw nothing that would signal that this kind of force was necessary. By the way, that particular technique that was used is not authorized by the MPD. … And it should not be used, period.”

Frey continued by stating:

“We are not talking about a split-second decision that was made incorrectly. There’s somewhere around 300 seconds in those five minutes, every one of which the officer could have turned back, every second of which he could have removed his knee from George Floyd’s neck, every one of which he could have listened to the community around him, clearly saying he needed to stop, every one of which you heard George Floyd himself articulating the pain he was feeling, an inability to breathe,” Frey said.

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  1. Only Facts May 27, 2020

    Mayor Frey, keep putting the pressure on them! They deserve to be on prison! Let every officer know we will not stand for this treatment! Humans are humans, no matter what color…so stop treating people differently because of their color! It’s 2020 and not caring is not cute! Why hasn’t our president said something!

    And completely unrelated, keep moisturizing because you can get it zaddy

    • Mike C. May 27, 2020

      I applaud the mayor of Minneapolis for taking a stand for justice. As for the idiot in the Whitehouse , We already knows how he feel about people who don’t look like him, don’t support him and his treatment of women. 20/20 Boot Trump out of office.

  2. A&R May 27, 2020

    The fact there’s discussion on whether this is first or second degree murder baffles me. I’m so glad they released video on how it all
    Started. The guy never posed any threat. Many people love to use resist synonymously with threat. Those can work together but are to not be viewed as the same. The man refused to get out the car. They pulled him from his car. They then had a long stretch of time where they conversed with him while he was already handcuffed. There was absolutely no reason to place a knee on that mans neck. We’ve become so used to the brutality that many of us aren’t able to call it for what it is..

    My heart is so heavy.

  3. “GG” May 27, 2020

    the Time for peaceful protest is over. You have other options. Where are the Black Panthers ? And I’m not talking marvel

    • Oliver May 27, 2020

      Exactly where are the real gangsta where are they. The thought thug ? Tomorrow another black men will be victim again and again . Fck all that we need to fight back

  4. “GG” May 27, 2020

    The problem isn’t them getting arrested! The problem is them getting these 10 year sentences and out 3-5 with good behavior!

    • Bogus May 27, 2020

      Wtf are you talking about

      • Tori May 28, 2020

        🤦🏾‍♂️ they’re saying that people who have committed these race/hate murders and actually get arrested usally don’t get the same time as a black, a Mexican man or any other race that can’t pass for white/European. They’re either found not guilty or get a few years in jail. Its common knowledge that in most states, you dont even serve your full sentence though. You serve about 60-80%, that’s all thats required. Also, the judge can lap the time you spent in jail as part of your sentence or shorten your time due to good behavior. Either way, you still don’t serve your full time. So even if the officers are arrested, its not like they’re going to serve a full term for the murder. They’ll only be sentenced to save face.

      • &URPOiNT? May 28, 2020

        Lol are you dumb?

  5. #TheTruth May 28, 2020

    Good move but he shouldn’t even have to say it, that « cop » should be in jail already.
    What kind of « country » is that ? Disgusting.

  6. NextB May 28, 2020

    Chromatica just leaked

  7. Yolanda May 28, 2020

    As long as black men keep posting dyck pics and taking white/latino people’s daughters, sisters, cousins, mothers, etc., they will continue to kill them. Aint no way every white/latino person in the family accepts interracial dating (even from a wealthy black man like Kobe and Michael Jordan). The ones that don’t like it, they kill them. Periodt!

  8. Dear Black People May 28, 2020

    Jacob Frey shouldn’t get involved, the black community will only throw it back in his face and they don’t need help from the white community.
    Let the black community deal with it.

  9. Ariana Grande May 29, 2020

    Jacob Frey would get it. DAMN.

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