Days After Robert Fuller’s Hanging Death Ruled A Suicide, His Brother Has Been Killed By Police

Published: Thursday 18th Jun 2020 by Rashad

As calls for justice in the case of Robert Fuller increase nationwide, his half-brother has reportedly been the victim of death by cop.

Details inside:


“The half brother of Robert Fuller, a black man found hanging from a tree last week in Southern California, was shot and killed during an interaction with Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies, according to a statement from a lawyer for the Fuller family.

The sheriff’s department did not identify the man shot Wednesday in Kern County, but the family’s attorney, Jamon Hicks, said it was Terron Jammal Boone.

The shooting took place around 4:30 p.m. local time Wednesday in Rosamond, the sheriff’s office said in a statement. According to officials, it began as a search for “a kidnap domestic assault suspect” by the department’s Major Crimes Bureau.”

The law officials claim Boone opened fire during a routine traffic stop.

“Detectives followed the vehicle and attempted a traffic stop,” the sheriff added. “The suspect opened the front passenger door of the vehicle and engaged the Deputies by firing multiple rounds at them with a handgun.”

A police report of the incident details Boone was struck several times in the upper torso and was pronounced dead at the scene. Its of particular concern to many, however, that “none of the detectives nor their vehicles were equipped with cameras.”  However, investigators are trying to recover footage from Ring cameras and other home video systems in the area.

Boone’s death occurred just days after Fuller’s body was found hanging from a tree on June 10 near the City Hall building of Palmdale, Calif.  Originally rules a suicide due to ‘lack of evidence of a homicide,’ California officials recanted the statement and are investigating further after public pressure.

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  1. Only Facts June 18, 2020

    This is unbelievable. Praying for this family and praying justice is served for both of these men. I’m also praying for all of us because we aren’t safe, clearly. So sad

  2. Cody+s June 18, 2020

    Black people out here doing stupid stuff on purpose and other blacks are excusing it

    • Fancy BISH June 18, 2020


      • Fancy BISH June 19, 2020

        @Broke HOEE, I would never agree to what Cody+SHIIT said with your single white female ass! 🤣 The movie is classic but you’re a HOT MESS 😂

    • SMH June 18, 2020

      Amen. What the f*** you think they’re gonna do? Turn their cars around and be like ‘oh never mind, he’s shooting as us. Let’s go home.’

      Hell no.

      • Tito June 18, 2020

        Where’s the body cam girl they could be LYING 🤥 🙄 because clearly cops are notorious for telling the truth. If it was your love one hung up in a tree or shot to death I hope you keep this same ignorant energy so it can stay where it belong @YOUR HOUSE or whatever hole you crawled out of

    • IgnoranceKillah June 18, 2020

      Make sure you say “SOME” NOT all black people out there doing stupid s***, I’m a black man I don’t hang out especially at night, I mind my business, I work from home, I don’t commit any crimes, I don’t f*** wit nobody and I don’t engage in the fuckery! MY life matters! black on black crimes STILL exist and until that change “black lives matter” don’t mean nothing. I gotta watch my back from ALL races, there’s ignorance in every race that’s why I stay with that hotsauce in my bag!

      • ? June 18, 2020

        By you stating I’m ignorant in my opinion that someone who SHOOTS at cops should expect gunfire back…shows YOUR ignorance and acceptance of this type of behavior. That’s exACTLY what keeps that negative energy and stereotype alive. BOTH sides need to learn from this. Not just one. Is it awful and despicable that someone died from a cop who had no weapon on them, was taunted, Suffocated to death etc?? YES. That’s NOT OK. And neither is showing VIOLENCE to a cop, let anyone ANYBODY. And if you open gunfire on a f****** squad of cops, just what the f*** do you THINK is going to happen? We can’t keep playing the woe is me card, knowing DAMN WELL someone acted a fool or broke the god damned law, is why NOBODY takes us seriously. Acting a damn fool and wreck less, that’s what gave the stereotype in the first place. You can’t just hold one side to a standard and not the other. Sorry, that’s now this works.

      • ? June 18, 2020

        And I’m not replying to you ignorancekillah I’m replying to Tito.

  3. J June 19, 2020

    People are really on this post arguing about dead men. F****** ridiculous

  4. Introspection June 22, 2020

    ummm the guy was f****** shooting! sorry he deserved what he got, you pull a weapon on someone, you deserve what you get.

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