NYC Grocery Store Issues Apology After Video of Owner Choking Black Man Goes Viral

Published: Tuesday 9th Jun 2020 by Rashad

Met Foodmarkets, a grocery store located in Brooklyn, New York, is under fire after a video of its reported owner placing a Black shopper in a chokehold has gone viral.

Details inside:

As other shoppers in the store cried in distress and vocalized objection to the takedown, the man – later identified as one of the store’s owners –  wrestled the shopper to the ground and at points could be heard saying he has “zero tolerance for shoplifters.”  The filmed incident was shared to social media by Crown Heights Tenant Union who also issued the statement:

“The police immediately handcuffed our neighbor without questions. We believe our neighbor was arrested and is currently being held at the 77th Precinct on Utica and Bergen. We call for an immediate mobilization to the 77th Precinct on Utica and Bergen to find our neighbor, and will deliberate next steps there,” the Crown Heights Tenant Union said on Facebook.

In response to the hoop-la, the grocery store took to its official Instagram handle to issue a statement and asserted the pinned man was a frequent shoplifter.

Statement from Met FoodMarket of Brooklyn


The suspected shoplifter, who reportedly suffered a shoulder injury due to the takedown, was eventually released.

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  1. Nicky June 9, 2020

    Can these people tell the entire story!!!!!!!!

    The MF shoplifted And assaulted workers. He needs his ass beaten and thrown in jail for tainting the message

    • Clarks0o0ñ June 9, 2020

      Cant believe I’m going to agree with a RAT.

      These store owners are hard working people with families, BIG families to cater for.

      Many of you have never owned a small business before that’s why u will never understand the pain these small business owners are feeling right now.

      What have BLM got to do with shoplifting from a grocery store?

  2. Clarks0o0ñ June 9, 2020

    Black people. SMH.
    U see what I was saying

    Why are u robbing a grocery store?
    For what?
    A loaf of bread? A carton of milk? Cereal?
    How much is a loaf of bread? Smh

    Black people want a society where they can commit crimes and get away with it .

    U see why they see black people as animals.
    U see why cops are always policing black neighbourhoods.

    We have refused to admit the black race has a problem and that’s why we would never advance.

    • Phyllis June 10, 2020

      Stop saying black people because it is not all black people so stop . I have 5 sons and they would have been helping the store owner because that’s how I raised them. They were raised with police , Detectives and judges., and lawyers. And I am sure everyone has something hidden in their closets. And My family do not stand for anyone no matter what color breaking the law so stop saying black people because we are all not the same. Please. Where I lived we looked out for everyone.

    • Bmc June 20, 2020

      You sound mentally ill. How is the whole black race responsible for one shoplifter. Is every white person responsible for Darryl Roof? Are all white people child m********? He is one person. As a black person I am responsible for my children, not the entire black race. Stop with your nonsense you sound like a fool!

      • Chooseme June 22, 2020

        No she sounds like a racist who looks for these incidents to justify abuse! How is he stealing and haven’t left the store? Get his ass on camera and put out a warrant, have the police meet him, or if he’s so frequent ban his a** from coming there! Keep y’all hands off folks necks!? There is a whole criminal law set up for shoplifting…use it!

  3. Clarks0o0ñ June 9, 2020

    In African countries do u know what happens when they catch u stealing?
    They beat u up, pour gasoline on u and set u ablaze.
    If u are lucky ,they cut ur hands, that way u dont steal again

    Go to YouTube and watch videos.

  4. Ropeburn June 9, 2020

    I don’t see the problem here. At no point was he choked at all. Looks like he decided to steal from the wrong mfers. They just restrained him until the cops arrived and he’s lucky that’s all they did.

  5. Peter Piper June 9, 2020

    If he did take something, why not just call the cops? Why pin him to the ground? The owner is significantly bigger than the man in question and could’ve easily hurt him. They treat us like animals. This man still shouldn’t have stolen, and should be reprimanded accordingly, but this wasn’t the way to do it

  6. Carlos June 10, 2020

    Wait…. Did he say triggered?

  7. Dear Black People June 10, 2020

    Good serves him right, damn black theif.

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