Exclusive: Angela Yee on 3rd Annual ‘Angela Yee Day,’ New Business Ventures, & More

Published: Friday 3rd Sep 2021 by That Grape Juice

The community congregated en masse this past weekend at the third annual Angela Yee Day, hosted in Brooklyn, New York.

Many artists took to the stage and local vendors were present as Brooklyn attended in person, after last year’s virtual event due to the global health crisis.

And giving back was the goal of the day.

Yee, who – along with her co-stars on ‘The Breakfast Club’ – serves as a cornerstone of the culture, cultivated a day that resonated in earnest.

For, the event celebrates her Caribbean and Brooklyn roots while supporting local businesses by way of providing information and access to financial literacy, education, and more. All while entertaining.

The outdoor extravaganza (which was presented by iHeartMedia) fused music, food, and live performances from the likes of Adrian Marcel, Noah Powa, HoodCelebrityy, Romain Virgo,  Erick the Architect, and Alison Hinds.

Head below for clips, as well our exclusive chat with Yee, as well as Marcel and Powa…


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That Grape Juice (Chet Kincaid): Angela, how does it feel to be back, have a crowd after your last year’s virtual event?

Angela Yee: It’s great. I was a little unsure if I should do something in person, but I was watching what was happening in other places. I felt like a lot more people are vaccinated in New York than in other cities. And it’s outdoors. So, I was like, Okay, I felt comfortable with it. So, I’m happy to be here, though. It’s nice.

That Grape Juice: And how important is it for you to get back to the community?

Angela Yee: That’s like one of the most important things. I’ve always said that from the beginning of my career. As I become more successful, I just want to make sure that a percentage of everything that I do goes back into my community. That’s why it’s really important for me to be an entrepreneur to open businesses, to business schools, even to do Angela Yee Day where everything is free for everybody. Nobody has to pay for anything that day to come out, see other businesses, see other opportunities. These artists come out and donate their time to perform for free. And I definitely appreciate it.

That Grape Juice: Absolutely. So, all these amazing artists out there, so many faves of mine. How much of your selection goes into choosing the artists?

Angela Yee: For me, it’s a Brooklyn theme and it’s a Caribbean theme. When I got my own day, it was right before the West Indian American Day Parade. And that culture is so big in Brooklyn. And I feel like Caribbean artists don’t get highlighted the way that they should, Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Calypso, all of that doesn’t get highlighted (enough). So, I want to make sure that I highlight my culture. And that’s one of the most important things is to me. And so, it’s being from Brooklyn, and it’s being Caribbean. That’s really what this is about.

That Grape Juice: Amazing. Congratulations on your many endeavors. I hear you opened up a coffee shop…

Angela Yee: Yes, I did a little shop opening recently. The coffee shop will be open to the public in like three weeks. I found it interesting because a lot of coffee beans come from black and brown countries, but they don’t see the benefits the way that they should. And so I want to make sure that we’re more involved in the coffee industry and the benefits that it brings to our communities. Or it can potentially bring. And I think sometimes people will feel like coffee is not for black people. But truthfully, it was started in Ethiopia. And so, we should be aware of that, proud of that. And we should also benefit from that.

That Grape Juice: I think the title is so smart, CUP (Coffee Uplifts People). How long did that take to come up with?

Angela Yee: Man, that was a couple of sessions. But it actually took that long, because at first, it was Coffee Unites People, and then it was the Coffee Uplifts People. We love the acronym.

That Grape Juice: So, on that note, we just want to thank you for your time. We wish you continued success and thank you for everything.

Angela Yee: Thank you. I appreciate you.


Performers Reflect on Angela Yee Day

Adrian Marcel

On Angela Yee Day: It’s a special occasion. I mean, Angela Yee is a good friend. She was the first person to kick off a campaign for me on the east side like this. We’re on the East Coast. I feel like this is monumental to have everybody out here after a pandemic, the way we went through, out here feeling it, the artists, multiple artists feeling good, and being able to showcase their talents for the people. This is beautiful.

On New Music: I feel like after a pandemic people need to see you. And I want them to get to know me past just the facade of what Adrian Marcel seems to be. I want you to feel that I am open. And in my music, it’s 100%. I am just keeping it bow wow with everybody now. I’m holding back nothing. I’m not afraid to talk my lingo, to talk my sh*t. And to get people the real, the 100%.


Noah Powa

On Angela Yee Day: I mean, these are nice vibes giving back to the community and stuff like that. So, thankful for Angela Yee Power 105 for all this. It’s an annual thing. And because of the COVID and stuff like that, we haven’t come like outdoor last year and now it’s back!

On Being Featured On ‘Reggae Gold’: Well, this is my third time I am being on the ‘Reggae Gold.’ So, each time when they hit you up and say, Oh, they need this song and that song for Reggae Gold, it’s always a good look. It’s a great feeling to be a part of that.


Kudos to Angela Yee for consistently using her platform to propagate good.

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