Lady Gaga Reacts to Kyle Rittenhouse’s NOT GUILTY Verdict: “Systematic Oppression Is Evil”

Published: Saturday 20th Nov 2021 by Sam

Lady Gaga is sounding off in the wake of the not guilty verdict handed down in the controversial case of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Yesterday (November 20), the 18-year-old was acquitted on all charges (including murder) after fatally shooting two men and wounding another during three confrontations on August 25 2020.

Aged 17 at the time of the incident, Rittenhouse armed himself with a semi-automatic rifle – which he used in the killings

His attorneys argued a self-defense case and claimed that the teen headed into Kenosha to protect a car dealership from being vandalized and to lend medical assistance amidst race protests in the area; protests that were born out of civil unrest surrounding the shooting of an unarmed Black man by officials two days before.

Rittenhouse’s victims, who were caucasian, were notably part of those protesting racial injustice.

The case and its ultimate outcome have sparked a nationwide outcry.

Now, Gaga has lent her voice to the discourse.

See what she had to say below…

Taking to Twitter, the superstar singer tweeted:

“Systemic oppression is evil and destroys the world #Rittenhouse”

What are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Naïme November 20, 2021

    Gaga stfu…

    You are the devil working with children molestors and rapists !

    • Megan the Goatherder November 20, 2021

      I hope you go a date with Kyle Rittenhouse and I hope it ends badly.

      • Kidd_Gallahad December 6, 2021

        The kid was innocent, he killed two scumbags with lengthy rap sheets and wounded a guy aiming a gun at him with intent to kill. What would you do? Sounds like a bad date with no callbacks is something you’re familiar with.

  2. Lilith November 20, 2021

    Gaga you live in a make believe world just like all of the Hollywood actors do and the politicians. You expect ppl to allow others to burn and destroy, you are the problem not him. All of you to include the news ppl are out of touch with us. You and others like you should shut up and do your jobs which is entertaining.

    • Megan the Goatherder November 20, 2021

      You should shut up and FIND a job. He murdered two people and latter photographed in a bar throwing white power signs.

      • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣)👊🏻💎💋 November 20, 2021

        Lies show me a link to that picture

      • Gag November 21, 2021

        God I hate racist people and sympathizers how tf don’t you see him murdering people as an issue. If it were your mom or sibling would you be defending him?

      • Mike November 21, 2021

        Self defense is not murder, BS, he tried to run away from these people. They chased him to beat TF out of him. Watch some BLM footage of the summer, such as the guy with the sword defending a restaurant from the mob, he got the sh..t beat out of him. They were going to kill that kid. Furthermo=re they were all felons , some were child rapists, this is what this demonic Hollywood culture is supporting. Kyle Rittenhouse was out there putting out fires that these a hole were starting. HE’s a MF hero!

      • Wilma Flyer November 26, 2021

        Hardly. My God, find some new info sources.

      • Dale E Smith November 27, 2021

        He was showing white power signs?? where is the video?

      • kelly December 1, 2021

        Would you like to know the truth about everything that happened? Or do you want to believe the msnbc narrative? msnbc is know for one thing only and it’s called lying. they are an evil traitorous, vile network full of liars. They could tell the truth just as easily as everybody else does but they prefer the swamp they live in. so msnbc = lying scumbags and then cnn has a different outlook on what’s happening in the world. cnn is known for one thing also and that is they are just stupid. so msnbc=vile, disgusting liars and cnn=just plane stupid.


      • Francis December 13, 2021

        Well said, He went there to kill. The reason he was running away is because like most ignorant racist thugs, he is a coward.

    • Angela December 1, 2021


      • rosalie December 6, 2021

        You need to study up on articles before you comment. Get the facts. You can sing but you have no common sense.

  3. Detruth November 20, 2021

    Tbh I probably would be upset if I hadn’t watched the full video of what happened that night. If u haven’t I encourage u to watch a video on YouTube its titled something like full video of Kyle rittenhouse events with over 2 million views. He should not have been there but the first victim grabbed his gun, second victim hit him with a skateboard, third victim pulled a gun on him. I feel bad for the victims families however I understand why he was found not guilty take the fact out that it was a racial justice protest and he would easily be seen as not guilty. I’m black by the way and I call out wyte racist stuff all the time. He was looking for trouble but the events that happened was not all his fault.

    • Mike November 21, 2021

      Not victims. Losers in trying to do violence to a minor. Im also Black btw. These dudes were all felons out there that night to burn that boy;s city, he worked there as a lifeguard and his father lives there. He lived with his mom 20 miles away. Went there to deter people from doing the 50 million $ of damages I am sure is going to be a burden on taxpayers there for some time/ These arsonists and looters were the evil, Jacob Blake was another scumbag r***** that came at cops with a knife and got shot for his efforts. I am embarrassed as a black person so many of us are so dumb and illogical not to see the truth of the evil, scumbag people we seem to be constantly protesting for, people that overwhelmingly made bad choices repeatedly not only on the day they have problems with the law but through their lives, with most having felonious records with police or repeated behavior issues in school. Start making better choices black people and get a skill and do something with your life instead of seeing racism in everything. Damn!

      • Wendy Mclanahan November 28, 2021

        Tku, well said and I totally agree with you. I also stand with your logic! Your logic came from a tually seeing , watching & listening to to the truth. I also agree that scumbags & scum bags habitual repeating – comes in ‘many colors’, since the attention seems to mainly hone in on black or white, we’ll go with those two.
        Your black and I’m white – and guess what, we think alike, and we both have some scum bags! 👍🏻

        (I always ‘giggle’ – seems sometimes the ‘browns’ as they call themselves, seem to claim being black, yet other times they’re just brown. What’s up with that? Lol)
        Nice to hear from a fellow – that just calls it like it is, and doesn’t really believe in the Color Chart either, but about the circumstances & real issues! Tku

    • kelly December 1, 2021

      Do you ever call out the black racists? I see way more black racism in this country than I see white racism. Lately I have seen white racism on a website. Made me want to puke. very hateful. but on the black racism I hope you are on top of that too.


    • Major Kong December 6, 2021

      Feel sorry for the victims family, why? First off they weren’t victims they were perpetrators out to do harm to Rittenhouse and 2nd they were killed by their own stupidity….As for feeling sorry for the families, no way….

  4. Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣)👊🏻💎💋 November 20, 2021

    He was proven NOT GUILTY so you can cry them black tears all you want it won’t change a thing. ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

    • Lanafan1 November 21, 2021

      Please shut up. You’re so stupid

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 November 21, 2021

        You’re stupid because not guilty means not guilty. Which part of that don’t you get? Y’all want all whites condemned for nothing and everything.

      • Gag November 21, 2021

        Shayla you and the other idiots on this site go to Hell! All the bad y’all wish on people the making fun of BLM and laughing at racism will but you in the ass. Hope very soon

  5. #TheTruth November 21, 2021

    Welcome to the American Dream… 🤢

  6. Mike November 21, 2021

    She’s an idiot when it comes to politics but Damn, I loved that Jazz special she did so I’m going to pretend I didn’t read this ignorant a** tweet she just wrote, I am hoping she’ll come around to the heroism of this kid that tried to protect his community from scumbag felons trying to burn it down and abuse the people there while the police were either cowering or standing down.

  7. Shea Wiggins November 21, 2021

    I’m sick and tired of n****** and that’s all I have to say .

  8. Reggie05 November 22, 2021

    Hey Gaga, you should really keep your political beliefs to yourself. You’re losing fans and people are not going to see your movie. So STFU.

  9. Ana Milligan November 22, 2021

    A clear case of self defense,. I am so happy he was aquited.

    Thank you God 🙏❤️🙏💙🙏

  10. Shawn November 22, 2021

    Rittenhouse acted in self defense if you’ve seen the videos that’s all you could conclude.

  11. Joanne November 24, 2021

    What does “Lady Gaga”, and I use Lady loosely, know about this situation? Was she there? I’m sure she only heard what the news people told her. That is so wrong. We shouldn’t be judging anyone. That is not up to us. She should know better than that. How many of her fans will she influence with her opinion? Disgraceful!!

  12. Rap Scallion November 24, 2021

    Thank You Lady Gaga…..your wisdom is beyond belief. Comments like that would enhance a liberal politician career. Given the fact that he was acquitted and exonerated by the court system of WI! I always tend however, to not really much care for celeb, guidance or selection of quips to always get the last word, since most don’t know your elbow from your *$$, and really have little or no contact with the rest of the human race!! I leave you with this food for thought…..Vote for Joe, Joe knows best, and hes got your back!

  13. Barry L November 24, 2021

    This article, like so many others, is dishonest and untruthful. Rittenhouse is made out to be a bad guy, a killer in fact. Here’s how everything started, according to the article. “protests that were born out of civil unrest surrounding the shooting of an unarmed Black man by officials two days before.’

    A lie! the shooting of Blake was justified as he held a knife in his hand while police tried to take him into custody. Blake himself admitted to this on TV, so the idea he was unarmed is a lie. And thus the protests were based on a lie. The burning of private businesses in a small town was a lie.

    All Rittenhouse and his friends tried to do was to stop the burning of the town his father and grandfather lived in.

    The three people who were shot were felons. The first, Rosenbaum, was convicted of r*** against males, five of which were a*** r*** of 9-11 year olds. He was always violent and threatened to kill Rittenhouse twice on the evening he died.

    The other two had criminal records as well. Huber, amongst his many, was tried for strangulating his girl friend. The third guy was a felon who used a gun in a crime and had other charges against him as well. He was not legally allowed to carry a gun but he did.

    All three started the violence with Rittenhouse. He indeed acted in self defense. It’s really bothersome to see articles like this one that have factual errors and have no idea of what happened. I do given I’ve spent about 25 hours studying the case from every angle from the night it happened. People, you are being lied to everyday and this is absolutely one of those times.

  14. Joanne November 24, 2021

    Thank you to all the fantastic black people who commented in Kyle’s defense. It makes me feel so terrible to see so many black people killed by cops. We are ALL God’s children. Why can’t we get along? I have many black friends that I love. They are wonderful people. Remember the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. We should all live that way.

  15. SickAndTired November 24, 2021

    “Lady” Gaga, you just lost all of my respect. Enough of these celebs, who live in a different reality, bashing the common man without researching the FACTS. B*** out Hollyweird. We don’t care what you think.

  16. Sorangel Margulies November 25, 2021

    Why EVER would any responsible mother drive her underage son, who was carrying an assault rifle when in fact he was too young to buy a gun? That alone seems SICK! Sounds more like a vigilante! My parents believed that everything we do & say has a response in the universe! Let’s see what happens?

    • John R December 1, 2021

      Because none of what you said actually happened

    • paulina lemon December 6, 2021

      Fyi, she did NOT drive him there, he drove himself the day before as he was working as a lifeguard, and had asked car yard owner if he needed help which he gave and only had rifle as he saw others with firearms as well and only took it to protect himself and did not intend to use it unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY which became the case when he was violently attacked by Rosenbaum

    • Al Anon December 13, 2021

      Face it, you’re demplorable, and you’re on the side of a rioting, vandalizing, arsoninst male convicted of multiple counts of forcible homosexual r*** of multiple pre-t*** boys, and is shot because he is chasing after another male, this time a t***, to assault him with great bodily harm, to say the least.

  17. Janice Dunbar November 25, 2021

    The Rittenhouse verdict had nothing to do with systematic racism. The verdict was about the right to self defense. Therefore, Lady Gaga comment was not about the Rittenhouse verdict. I agree with Lady Gaga that systemic racism is evil. Since critical race theory is by definition systemic racism, why are liberals supporting it?

  18. Angie November 26, 2021

    Sad day. He should be responsible on some level. Free is not good. Maybe he was out to protect a car dealer but murder is murder. He should have something to pay for. Probation??
    If I were him, I’d kinda watch my back in the next phase of my life. Just sayin’

    • Chuck November 29, 2021

      Um, are you saying he murdered those guys? Do you even know what you are talking about? You obviously watch too much cnn or msnbc….you need a reality check.

    • John R December 1, 2021

      It wasn’t murder. It was self defense. There, fixed it for you.

  19. Wilma Flyer November 26, 2021

    She’s just trying to stay relevant and keep getting invited to Hollywood parties, as if we are supposed to take someone named “Lady Gaga” seriously about anything. The “shut up and sing” rule applies.

    • Chuck November 29, 2021

      How about just the “ shut up “ part instead. Don’t give this looney tunes Gaga person anything.

  20. Wilma Flyer November 26, 2021

    My reply above was for Megan the goat hump, er herder.

  21. Ronaldo November 27, 2021

    How can someone who had committed a sin for having feelings and outwardly flirting with her co-star during a concert judge Kyle Rittenhouse. Only God can judge. She should take a good long look at herself. Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Time is quickly running out for our corrupted,vile and evil world.J

  22. Ronaldo Kiy November 27, 2021

    How can someone who had committed a sin for having feelings and outwardly flirting with her co-star during a concert judge Kyle Rittenhouse. Only God can judge. She should take a good long look at herself. Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Time is quickly running out for our corrupted,vile and evil world.J

  23. Donna November 27, 2021

    Gaga is what babies say… is it any wonder then why she cannot think or form a coherent thought?

  24. Terry R Kreuser November 27, 2021

    It doesn’t matter how or why that little delinquent shot. Two people are dead and another permanently maimed and he should not have gotten off without consequences. He should never be allowed to own a gun again. People with much less crimes are branded as felons and cannot own a gun. As far as his claim of self defense; NOBODY charges a person with a gun for no reason. He instigated and provoked the confrontation and the first person shot had a right to try to stop him from pointing that gun at others, the second person had a right to stop him from shooting and take his gun from him and the third person should have pulled the trigger and shot him. Trump & those ignorant proud boys are going to drag that kid right to hell with them. He should be repenting his sins and NOT BE CALLED A HERO. Marjorie Taylor Green, Gates, Gohmert, etc…climb back up Trumps posterior and smell the hell you’ll all be sentenced to by GOD!

    • John R December 1, 2021

      Thank goodness we have LAWS and not just YOUR feelings. Do everyone a favor and crawl under whatever bridge you crawled out from under. He was acquitted of ALL charges because he was not guilty!

    • CindyLou2u December 15, 2021

      Did you watch any of the trial? The kid didn’t just kill those d***** bags to kill them. The 1 surviving d***** bag testified that he put a gun to Rittenhouse’s head WAIT FOR IT….. BEFORE the kid shot him . One of the d***** bags was kicking him the other was beating him with a skateboard while he was down on the ground. So they weren’t innocent victims they were 3 d***** bag criminals. Actually there were 4 of them . One didn’t testify go figure. I would’ve shot their asses too. As far as it being about race Wait for it again ALL 3 OF THEM WERE WHITE. Lady Duh duh here is a moron. Cause you can bet if that were her or anyone else they would be DEFENDING themselves too. She surely has an armed bogy guard to protect her so how would she know what self defense is. OH BTW Not Guilty is Not Guilty. You don’t like it tough s*** suck it cupcake this is what happens when the justice system actually gets it right.

  25. Terry R Kreuser November 27, 2021

    Those jerks that brought that delinquent up to Kenosha with them knew he was under age and past his curfew. They knew he wasn’t allowed to carry that gun and they knew he was instigating a confrontation. They should ALL be charged with contributing to his delinquency. That jerk that bought that gun for him should be charged for illegally purchasing it for him. Why didn’t those adults with him keep him out of trouble. Why does a person with a gun have more rights than someone without a gun. They car de3alership they claim to come to protect was ALREADY burnt BEFORE they came! Just because he was a minor the jury was not allowed to see his true character as an assaulter of a t*** girl and a self-proclaimed white supremacist and a trigger happy jerk that WISHED he could kill people he thought were shop lifting. He was tried as an adult and his actions were so serious that they jury should have been made aware of just what kind of reprobate he was. Now he’s a hero…for what…for those that are idol worshipers of guns. Their guns mean more to them than a human life. Their confederate flags mean more to them than human life. Their confederate statues mean more to them than a human life. Do they realize what if would be like to live under a manabe dictator like Trump? There are no enemies in Kenosha. Go down to Mexico and fight the cartels…go to Ukraine and help them fight the Russian criminal invaders. They would soil their pants if they had to face a real enemy. GOD hates a proud heart…God hates liars. He lied on that stand at least three times…that rehearsed panic attack was a lie…not one tear for those he killed. Not one tear for the families that now have to live with the anger and injustice they are suffering and will have to for years to come while this little creep gets rich for murder. He should have taken his lumps for his big mouth like a man instead of hiding behind that gun like the coward he and his ‘proud boys’ are…BURN IN HELL…ALL OF YOU…!!!

    • John R December 1, 2021

      NONE of what you commented matches facts and evidence presented at the trial. You did nothing but prove your own ignorance and hatred. It is better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and removal all doubt

      • paulina lemon December 6, 2021


    • Creators Creation December 1, 2021

      ??? Did you just claim your god, and then say burn in hell?? LOL 🙂 Had you known to Whom stands before you in HOLY Spiritual Form, you’d fall on your face and plead for forgiveness, amen! 🙂 But, since you do NOT know to Whom is staring at you right now, you can go and be forgiven in your own little brain, and be wrong while doing it, WOW! If you knew your book by your CULT, you’d know your book-god is useless and created BY MAN ALONE: FACT! Get educated in the very book you Condemn & Divide and Separate from, amen! 🙂

    • CindyLou2u December 15, 2021

      Soooo you didn’t watch any of the trial….. if you had you would have heard the judge say it was NOT illegal for him to have that gun because of the length of it . Legally he is allowed to carry it it’s not a hand gun, not an automatic and clearly in that state his age wasn’t a factor either. Not that it matters they attacked him…If you had watched any of it you would know that. Stop following CNN they clearly report what they want you to hear.

    • steve smith December 16, 2021

      terry–just think—GOD loves an idiot like you –

  26. william Rogers November 27, 2021

    There is something terribly amiss here………so rittenhouse is going to be preened for congress?


    • steve smith December 16, 2021

      not really –look at congress –criminals like pelosi schiff-nadler schumer-ilhan-aoc-and many more-

  27. Ace November 27, 2021


  28. Virginia DelGallo November 27, 2021

    Lady GaGa and all other entertainers should keep their mouths shut. I watched the trial and he was innocent. Those people were not good people who were expressing their opinions about Black Lives mater. Some of our police men and women have been killed by lost souls (black or white). We are in ungodly world. and those will exist until the world turns to God. Let’s face it, these lost souls are brought up by highly dysfunctional families. Many fathers leave their children and wives because they also are lost souls. Most of these mothers who are alone raising their children are strong emotionally. I also believe our schools fail these lost souls when they enter into the school system. Schools do not put the taxes in the foundation of our schools. Kindergarten – second grade are over crowed. The foundation of schools should have no more than 18 students. more teachers and teacher assistance are needed also, But some these school put money into a technology building, swimming pool etc. So Ms Gaga, shut. You entertainers are not so respected. You guys are the same boat as the Democratic Party who believes in killing babies. The black people have many role models today. They are on the news, actors and actresses, sports, commercials, singers, host on shows etc. Look at Oprah. lt was the black and white that made her famous. Jackie Robinson was a great role model. Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave. These people had character, morals, God, and faith. The people dividing our country are people like Lady GaGa, Whoppi Goldberg etc along with the Democratic Party. Well, my party is Hope and Faith in God. I am a child of God and a miracle of Lift. So all you complainers get a life and you need a little Humility in your lives. Forgive them God, they do not know what they are doing.

  29. Murphy- Bohmer Cherie November 27, 2021

    He did it without a slap on the wrist. Next time I go shopping where there’s people, I’ll take a weapon for self defence, maybe even knock off a few.I’ll be lucky if the judicial system is as lunatic as #Rittenhouse.m

    • Ernest Brennecke November 28, 2021

      You apparently have never experienced PTS or you would recognize it as MUCH worse than a slap on the wrist. Pretty sure Kyle will regret the mistakes – typical of most t***-agers. Despite he is smarter & more grounded than most his age, he is permanently scarred with the memories he now has to live with. Stupid … not guilty.

    • John R December 1, 2021

      Clearly you didn’t actually watch any if the trial or actual evidence presented. You are just mouthing off your own racial hatred. Get informed by something other than celebrities and liberal lapdog talking heads and transform your mind

    • Creators Creation December 1, 2021


  30. Flom Baden November 27, 2021

    Lady Gaga, I love your music, your story, your involvement with Tony Bennett, your “look” but stay out of politics. The three WHITE guys that were shot by ANOTHER WHITE guy were NOT in Kenosha to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake (which was ruled a justified shooting), They all had violent criminal backgrounds and were there to cause trouble and loot. And Rosenbaum was even using the “N-Word”-AT A BLM RALLY! The only “systemic” aspect of this whole thing is the stupidity of the people that are trying to use this as an example of “racism.” But, its OK, I still love your music.

  31. Backgammon November 28, 2021

    Makes her look uninformed. No doubt she did not watch the trial.

    Another useless opinion from Hollyweird.

  32. Michael Daniels November 28, 2021

    I think people in general are sick of super stars spewing out their leftist views. Stick to acting.

  33. Sheena November 28, 2021

    It’s really pathetic that people like her instead of informing themselves, do damage by shooting off their mouth about things they know nothing about.

  34. Jim Burgett November 28, 2021

    I think that GAGA is in no position to make a judgment.

  35. Jim Burgett November 28, 2021

    I don’t think GaGA has the right to judge it Judge.

  36. Jim Burgett November 28, 2021

    I don’t think GaGA has the right to judge.

  37. Eric November 28, 2021

    “Systematic oppression is evil . . .” What exactly is that supposed to mean. What’s that to do with Rittenhouse? And, by the way, this is an old saying. Got anything original, or even applicable to the topic?

  38. Remo William II November 29, 2021

    When you demand outcomes based on agenda or feelings then you carry the historic flag of the “Lynch Mob”.

  39. Mary Brenkman November 29, 2021

    Talk is cheap. Maybe she should talk to the jury

  40. Mary Rumsey November 29, 2021

    Are you serious? I am glad I never bought any of your material. You need a supreme amount of confidence to do what you do and say what you say and act like you act. Could you please confine this to YOURSELF instead of maligning others?

  41. Chuck November 29, 2021

    Black guy was armed with a knife, admitted it. Known fact….Rittenhouse was part of a group of guys that all had firearms for protection, while looking out for property, putting out fires, and rendering first aid. Known fact. Kyle Rittenhouse publicly stated he supported BLM. Known fact. I wish the idiot “ journalists” would report the truth instead of their opinions.

  42. John November 30, 2021

    Just because entertainers have lots of money and followers, it doesn’t mean they can’t be stupid!

  43. M A Greenwood November 30, 2021

    Lady Gaga should keep her big mouth shut. 12 jurors decided his fate. He told the truth. Was the b**** there? Another celeb trying to tell us how we should think & live.

  44. Barbara November 30, 2021

    I think if people can’t bother to watch the trial to ascertain the facts, or even watch the telling video that clearly shows Rittenhouse acted in self defense, or even listen to the witness that stated clearly that Rittenhouse did not shoot him until he raised his gun and advanced on Rittenhouse who was already down on the ground, then they should just keep their mouths shut. They are fueling a racial divide for their own purposes and showing how very biased they are. If Rittenhouse were black you’d all be applauding the verdict. The very fact that your opinions change based on the color of the defendant shows how very, very broken your moral compass is.

    • San December 1, 2021

      If Rittenhouse were black, he would have been found guilty. That’s how the US Justice system works. White privilege…..

  45. Cynthia December 1, 2021

    Your bizarre statement is exactly that bizarre!
    It is the right of every American to protect themselves! Iam sure if it was a family member of yours you would not be so out of touch with reality!

  46. John R December 1, 2021

    More proof of celebrity ignorance of the law.

  47. Troy Roncaglione December 1, 2021

    Good thing no one cares about her opinion.

  48. tat2deb December 1, 2021

    Profiling is the practice of attempting to understand a person or group based on general characteristics or on past behaviors. An example of profiling is a situation where a person is pulled aside for extra screening at an airport because of their race.
    the use of personal characteristics or behavior patterns to make generalizations about a person, as in gender profiling.

    The use of these characteristics to determine whether a person may be engaged in illegal activity, as in racial profiling.

  49. Bernice White December 1, 2021

    A blind man can see that that boy should have been found guilty of MURDER. Why did he go with a gun if he didn’t intend to use it? He made me sick with that fake a** crying he pit on. But what go around comes around you must be careful KARMA is very bad.

    • San December 1, 2021


    • Frank W Brown December 3, 2021

      Wow, Another total IDIOT SPEWING UNTRUTHS, I DID watch the trial, and YES, it was SELF_DEFENSE, pure and simple as a jury of his peers agreed unanimously! Go get your eyes checked fool!

    • moey63379 December 6, 2021

      You’re right. Karma was a b*tch for the three WHITE guys who were trying to kill him. How does it feel to believe you know everything while knowing nothing at all. So, so sad I suppose.

    • steve smith December 16, 2021

      bernice–yes of course to an idiot –watching a child- being chased by a mob –
      caught and put on the ground and being pummeled –
      hit by a weapon-(large wooden skate board-did you every lift one-you could kill a cow
      with one of these-
      of course you did not look at the video –or you would have seen a very heroic youth
      protecting himself from criminals –one armed with a loaded gun-and pointed in the face of the youth-bernice go back in your grannies basement-you are a terrible person-

  50. MadAsHell December 1, 2021

    Who cares what these holly-weird s**** think!

  51. Kolorado December 1, 2021

    Lesson learned: be careful when trying to take a loaded rifle from someone.

  52. Angela December 1, 2021


  53. JIM December 1, 2021

    Other than lacking some common sense, Rittenhouse shot to “Defend his own self from the ATTACKERS that were hitting him with a skateboard and other things. I suggest that more people need to view the total situation from that fact. He shot NOONE that did not attack hem first. As far as taking a weapon across the state line, it did not happen! That weapon was already in Wisconsin. He was declared innocent by 12 people that were honestly picked, and who acted in favor of Righteous Law! I personally applaud them for the BRAVERY that they showed in listening to the evidence, and ALL voted ACQUITTAL! That is our system, has worked since USA became USA, and I hope it never changes!

  54. Ecurb Skram December 1, 2021

    It has been rumored that Mr. Rittenhouse will be nominated for a daytime Emmy Award for his crying scene in the daytime soap “Revenge of the Teenage Vigilante.” He will be heavily supported by white supremacists and Neo-Nazis along with the fine people on the far Right.

    • Frank W Brown December 3, 2021

      How did you become such an IDIOT, inquiring minds don’t really give a s_it!
      Just go SPEW your idiocy far and wide! DERP!

    • DOC HOLIDAY December 5, 2021


    • steve smith December 16, 2021

      ecurb– maybe–but he will be backed by the constitution of the united states of america which allows for self defense against criminal attacks -and in this case these creeps were certainly criminals and they were attacking him-

  55. bob December 2, 2021

    @When will these “Performers” realize that hey are there to entertain us? They are to dance like monkeys, sing, and try to show as much enthusiasm as possible, we care nothing about their leftist views.

  56. Rosario Gambino December 2, 2021

    This is directed to Lady GaGa:
    You are a very talented singer and movie star. However I really feel you should stick to what you know how to do best and continue with your career and stay out of politics.
    Really your opinion does not mean anything. I would just like you to ask yourself if you watched the trial from the beginning to the end? I do not think you did. Tell the truth!
    You probably just listened to the bias news. The reason I ask this question is, I can not believe you watched this trial that had not a thing to do with racism and came to this conclusion. The trial was about self defense and your right to defend yourself. Do you know anything about the three men that were shot by Rittenhouse? Rosenbaum was a convicted child m******* and had spent most of his adult hood in prison. (He was shot while attempting to pull gun away from Rittenhouse, (Clearly shown on video of that night) Huber was also a convict and spent time in prison for strangling his brother. (He hit Rittenhouse over the head with a skateboard, (Also clearly seen on the video that night) then we have Grosskreutz. He chased down Rittenhouse and admitted in court that he pointed his handgun at Rittenhouse. That’s when Rittenhouse shot him in the arm in self defense. (Also clearly shown on the video)
    This was clearly SELF DEFENSE !!!!! NOT RACIST IN ANYWAY!!! Lady GaGa I ask you if you would not have done the same thing if you were put in the same situation. Who would not? They were clearly not model Citizens to begin with. Please just know your facts before you speak!!!!

  57. Janusz December 3, 2021

    Gaga, please open your mouth only when you sing.

  58. Frank W Brown December 3, 2021

    Gaga just GAGGED me with her IDIOTIC read on American life, full of misconceptions and total lack of intelligence regarding this case. She watched NONE of it and has ZERO knowledge about it, but just has to SPEW leftist talking points which have ZERO to do with the TRUTH! Gag me no more idiot!

  59. Pat Kittle December 4, 2021

    The bimbo’s making a perfectly safe career move while pretending she’s taking the high moral ground.

    (BTW, some women are naturally s***, unlike these glossy glamour-pusses who try way too hard.)

    • Pat Kittle December 4, 2021

      This is ridiculous — the censored word is s – e – x – y.

      • Moey63379 December 6, 2021

        Yes! I believe the 1st amendment gives you the right to say the word s***.

      • moey63379 December 6, 2021

        I stand corrected. It appears we’re actually living in Communist China. Mea culpa. I neglected to spell out the naughty word like this: s -e – x – y. I hope I’m promoted to the 2nd grade after my major faux pas.

  60. CMW December 4, 2021

    If you don’t see this as self defense then you did not watch the videos proving it was self defense. That young man was defending his community and those scum bags came after him.The news keeps lying to you yet you still watch. The 2 men he killed were criminal, one a 4 time child r*****. The other just beat his girlfriend senseless.

    The criminal that was shot in the hand, under oath, said Rittenhouse pointed his gun at him ONLY AFTER he pointed his gun at his head.

    Stop getting your news from the those who lie and have an agenda.

  61. KL Ward December 4, 2021

    Lady Gaga needs to stick to entertaining since she has absolutely no clue how the Legal system works.

  62. Lee Svoboda December 4, 2021

    Its typical when those who think that what they say matters. They don’t think, they just express what they think will benefit themselves the most. they never educate themselves on the actual facts. What they express is there opinions based on hearsay without knowing the facts.

  63. Nick December 4, 2021

    The right to defend oneself is bestowed on each of us by our maker.
    Opinions don’t really enter into it even if you think you are just that special

  64. DOC HOLIDAY December 5, 2021


  65. Ernst December 5, 2021

    Lady Gaga epitomizes the ignorance so often shown by entertainers who know virtually nothing of the real world. They hear the narrative of their leftist handlers and regurgitate the drivel without considered thought or connection to history of the world at large. Pitiful foolish clowns!

  66. BETTY MORRIS December 5, 2021


  67. Cynthia G. December 6, 2021

    What does oppression from decades ago have anything to do with a man or woman defending themselves against others beating them and pointing a gun in their face? There were no people of color involved in this incident.

  68. Moey63379 December 6, 2021

    What a b*tch! Without seeing or hearing all, if not any, of the facts presented in his trial, another elite Leftist feels entitled to pass judgement simply because she doesn’t like the verdict that was handed down by a jury of his peers. Once Kyle Rittenhouse has finished collecting the millions he’s due for the damage done to his reputation by big mouthed know-it-alls who turns out, knew nothing at all, he might be “good enough” to run in the same circles as Lady Gargoyle but my guess is he’d never lower his standards to win the approval of fakes like her. I wish to hell that Hollywood, sports figures, musicians and politicians would simply STFU when they know for a fact that their heads are inexorably stuck up their asses. We all know for a fact: their narcissism makes that impossible.

  69. Patti December 7, 2021

    I wonder if her dog walker feels the same way? What if her dog walker had shot the guy that shot him? Hollywood sings from the same playbook.

  70. frank krogstad December 7, 2021

    lady gaga is a idiot. why put her crap on internet? He was protecting friends car sales.Was attacked by crazy mob of looters trying to kill him. He protected himself . Was found not guilty by jury. CASE CLOSED

  71. Debbie Boudreaux December 8, 2021

    He got away with murder!

    • Tommyboy December 9, 2021

      No, He got away with his life.

  72. Tommyboy December 9, 2021

    GaGa who ?

  73. Rick December 9, 2021

    Lady gaga is part of the many ignorant progressives that did not have it their socialist way. Rittenhouse was protected by the US Constitution and state laws. Progressives do not like law and order. I wonder how many armed guards the progressives have and they want to disarm the people and deprive us of our Constitutional rights that protect all!

  74. Deborah Taylor-Carney December 9, 2021

    Ritthouse was guilty and everyone knows that he will never have good Luck…..judge….jurors

  75. Donald Decker December 14, 2021

    The statement is correct, but not how this evil meant it. It is the systematic oppression that is evil. It is the systematic oppression of Kyle and others that is evil. It is wrong and is to be condemned by the ideal.
    From all corners of the world where truth truly lies will this hatred be condemned and eliminated.
    In time this evil will be destroyed by goodness and truth that will rise again.
    I loved her singing but will never spend another dime on anything that she is involved with, ever.
    I will never support evil or its minions.

  76. steve smith December 16, 2021

    this article presents a fallacy -it states that police shot an unarmed man in setting off the rioting-it was found and stated at the time of the shooting that the man did
    indeed have a knife – and would not put it down-
    also rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges –upholding his claim of self defense-in a case that never should have been-
    and several idiots including president biden (by way of theft) made statements that may have been illegal if not just inflammatory against rittenhouse–

  77. steve smith December 16, 2021

    lady gaga–truly a telling statement–
    you are as ugly outside as you are inside-
    did you spew venom when the jury found -O J -not guilty

  78. Bohica Bob December 17, 2021

    Seriously… who pays any attention whatsoever to someone with a (I’m assuming chosen) name that only brings gibberish baby talk to mind? Most Hollywood types are overinflated egomaniacs anyway (see Alec Baldwin if you don’t believe me). She’s definitely proving how dense she is by making such an ignorant-of-the-facts statement. The jury got it right because (unlike the knee-jerk leftist sheep commenting here) they heard the “actual” facts and came to the only logical conclusion they could. Kyle had no choice but to defend himself, or possibly die. It has nothing whatsoever to do with racism and only to do with self-defense. And any dolts who think the “ok” hand gesture is racist make me laugh out loud. You are SO easily fooled by your media masters. WAKE UP!!! You’re embarrassing the rest of us wide awake humans who have the critical thinking skills to logically discriminate between truth and lies.

  79. boat Boaty December 19, 2021

    gaga is doing anything he can to get some recognition these days. Shes on the downhill slope now with popularity and still craves the spotlight.
    If she had more brain than ego , she would comment the outcome of the trial and condem those that put him on trial in the first place.
    I like the message it sent to antifa and the radical faction of blm , that they could be killed while doing what they do and the person that got them , most likely go free.
    gaga , go back to seclusion and retire with grace ” PLEASE “

  80. Billy Wilson December 22, 2021

    She needs to shut it. Who cares what she thinks no better than a homeless person only wealthy.

  81. James Stein December 24, 2021

    Lady gaga is just another dumbass celeb lemming…find your brain and use it stupid

  82. RCB December 27, 2021

    So the ugly h** don’t believe in the justice system. She wanted a conviction because she is a legal pundit, and understands the legal system…..HMMMMM

  83. kelly Stratton December 30, 2021

    stick to singing. All of you stage acts suck when it comes to the common person. I do not know why I’m surprised that all you Hollywooders are so closed-minded and stupid. Stick to singing, even your acting sucks.

  84. Jarosław Carter September 2, 2023

    This is a great source of information, I come back here often.

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