Watch: ‘Born To Dance’ (Season 1 / Episode 1)

Published: Thursday 4th Aug 2011 by TGJ

In addition to serving up our original content, we’re  happy to announce that each week you can now watch BET‘s newest reality series ‘Born To Dance’ right here on That Grape Juice TV!

Hosted by Laurieann ‘Boomkack’ Gibson, the show seeks out and give the 20 aspiring young dancers the tools they need to take their careers to the next level; allowing them to battle it out for the number one spot and the ultimate prize of $50,000!

From week to week, they dance their way through a variety of creative challenges including: a music video competition, a commercial, and ultimately the chance to perform live with Lady Gaga in front of a packed arena in The Monster Ball Tour.

Hit ‘PLAY’ and get into episode 1 below!

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  1. antertain August 4, 2011


    Kept seeing adverts for this on BET UK so was really forward to watching.
    TGJ TV brought it to meeeee


  2. Skin. August 4, 2011

    I love this serial !! :X

  3. Kyle August 4, 2011

    That girl is DEDICATED

  4. Laquanda August 4, 2011

    Thanks soooo much for posting!!

  5. blv August 5, 2011

    That girl Bethanny is gagas back up Dancer!!

  6. nice_gurl August 5, 2011

    Some of those girls are amazing and dedicated. It would be so hard to choose the ones that make it through.

  7. ULISES August 5, 2011

    Awesome!! I’m really looking forward to watching the next episode. Great watch! =P

  8. Kayla August 8, 2011

    one of the girls is my dance teacher. she didnt make it though but her friend did

  9. Nani Cavalli August 17, 2011

    OMG… I’ve seen episode 2 and 3… why isnt this one playing for me. I sooo wanna see how the girls started their journey… Love this show!!! Lorianna ROCKS!!! She’s so emotional and heartfelt…which makes her an overall genuine person. what I love about her is even when she cuts them she always builds them up and encourages them at the same time. She builds their confidence at the same time and leaves them with advice to progress. More than anything Lorianne is a blessing to these aspiring dancers…

    A true fan and believer that fighting for your dreams brings success

  10. Jeilla September 4, 2011

    Is not working….

  11. Cori October 10, 2011

    Why is it not working…

  12. Moe December 10, 2011

    mannnnn thiss website keep ” gettinnnn froozed BLOWINGGG me ! Lawdieee

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