Retro Rewind: Tyra Banks Confronts Naomi Campbell

Published: Wednesday 2nd May 2012 by TGJ

For all the pamper and posing, modelling is no easy feat. Especially when Black. Just ask Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.

Beyond being two of the most renown ethnic entities in the industry, the ladies have become synonymous with the word “supermodel” itself.

However, while often celebrated collectively, their own personal relationship was fraught with tension. Intensified by the media and mutual “friends”, bad blood boiled to feverish temperatures during their heyday only cooling when Banks invited her British-bred rival onto her talk-show in 2006.

Watch as the divas debate their differences above and below…

Am I the only one slightly jarred by Tyra’s passive-aggressive and all-round dramatics?  Of course, I have ample love and respect for both ladies, yet it seemed Ms. Banks -the then-talk show host-did whole lot of talking and not much listening. Add to this the fact that she, herself, ‘fessed up to being the quintessential stuck-up model stereotype at one point, and an altogether different picture emerges.

In any case, this certainly made for TV gold. From the subtle , yet detectable shade, to the faux-reconciliation at the end. Bitchy at its best.

Your thoughts?


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  1. kingphoenix May 2, 2012

    Naomi and Beyonce look so much a like too me. Tyra is always doing too much though.

  2. HILLZ May 2, 2012

    Naomi DID NOT care… she was giving me “who are you”

  3. 12345 May 2, 2012

    lol naomi was really not giving a f***.

    but tyra is sensitive so, i understand. she was 17

  4. loumorgan May 3, 2012

    and Naomi was 20 a the time… there were not much of an age difference…

    Naomi was really mean back in the day with colour models..
    tyra isn’t the first one to have experiment that..

    The thing is.. she wanted to be the only one
    to rule the industry as a black supermodel
    and tyra wanted to rub that on her face like “look where i am now”
    and you’re still hiting runways at 40 girl pleaseeeeee…

    and she’s right about that… But this is soooo phony !!!! for naomi to fake the aknowledgement of the act.. and for tyra to rub it in her face on TV… pffffffffff
    that’s just business

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