Rihanna’s ‘Battleship’ Tanks At The Box Office

Published: Saturday 19th May 2012 by TGJ

With a cast which includes ‘True Blood’ star Alexander Skarsgard and Pop sensation Rihanna, you’d be forgiven for assuming ‘Battleship’ had no choice but to do well commercially.

However, in what will only make landing major roles for the singer even harder, the movie has tanked in the US– bringing a shameful $9 million at the Box Office.

This, despite the momentum it garnered when it debuted internationally in April and its budget of $209 million. Coming at #2 behind ‘The Avengers‘, the flick’s failure follows a series of mixed reviews- receiving a score of 36% from Rotten Tomatoes.

It also marks the latest project by the ‘We Found Lovesinger to miss out on the #1 spot.

In 2011, her latest studio album ‘Talk That Talk’ became the sixth LP to miss out on the top spot, making her the first female artist to have 11 #1 singles without a US #1 album to her name, despite enjoying successes in the UK and Europe respectively.

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  1. mr.m May 19, 2012


    Sluthanna game is over
    but she really used every second in her 15 mins of fame to gain $$
    good for you, n****! 🙂

  2. Romania May 19, 2012

    It’s only friday sales. At least wait until the weekend is over before saying the movie flopped. Another thing, she is not the main character so why are you saying Rihanna battleship sank.

  3. Disenfranchised May 19, 2012

    I am in no way a Rihanna stan, although I do enjoy some of her music. Your constant shade-throwing at her is really making me think twice about frequenting this site as often as I do though. It seems that every couple of days you’re constantly posting snidey stories/remarks about her. For people that are clearly not fans of her, you certainly post enough about her. If this continues, I think you’ll have one less visitor to your site.

  4. Siberian Prince May 19, 2012

    Lol maybe she shuld use her coochy to pronote the movie like she does her albums lololol

  5. Siberian Prince May 19, 2012

    @Disenfranchised …. he shades everybody. Not jus Rihana. Theres barely ever a positive post from this blog.

  6. shell517nj May 19, 2012

    not my kinda movie. but love her music. walkin the red carpet. attending those gala balls and fund raisers. Her net worth $72 million. That Rihanna reign just won’t let up!

  7. Jess May 19, 2012

    If don’t like her (which is pretty evident) why do you spend your time writing about her. Also she is just one of the actors it is not just her movie you a holes.

  8. classic May 19, 2012

    thats onle friday sales TGJ and by the way the reviews on rihanna acting is good and she shines in the movie

  9. classic May 19, 2012

    and one more thing saturday is expected to jump that number to 30 million TGJ should held of on this story until sunday or monday #shaking my head

  10. kimberly rulz May 19, 2012

    The navy always want to play victim. Lets go back to all the talk about rihanna and her major role and hoq she would make moneh. Well the fact is she was used to promote the movie and poor tink tink used her best dresses but still did not push people to buy these tickets. I am starting to believe the number 1 just dont. Like her.

  11. jill May 19, 2012

    The movie was a flop!!!!! How the hell can the movie cost over $200 million but bring in $9 million? Just because it’s one day don’t mind anything. Avengers made over 200 in one day. So did Avatar. Heck even other movies brought in more than 9 million LOL. That’s very funny. World Wide the Avengers= 1.2 billion…. Men in Black 3 comes out Friday. Battleship will drop out of the top five next week. Oh and Rihanna doesn’t have a major role in the movie. She has a few lines THAT’S IT!!!!!

    All of that promotion, time slots on tv and it still flopped? In the movie world that’s not good AT ALL, the studios won’t even break even.

    Memorial Day is coming, watch Avengers Top Avatar……

    Battleship would of been good if it wasn’t the typical Hollyweird movie, no plot, development of characters NOTHING….

    Top Movies of 2012 will be Avengers, Batman and Spiderman

  12. sleek May 19, 2012

    @kimberly Rulz twitter is lighting up all day people who saw the the movie and said it was good. 9 million is a one day number lets see how the weekend goes before celebrating.

  13. Michael May 19, 2012

    Battleship is only expected to gross to $30 million over this weekend. For movie executives, studios its deemed a Flop in their eyes. Next weekend you stiil have avengers and Men in Black. battleship will NOT surpass Avengers. Lets be realistic here. I don’t know what you’re talking about but I heard very bad reviews so try again……

  14. sleek May 19, 2012

    @jiLL please rihanna did her thing get mad all you want rihanna here to stay

  15. julissa May 19, 2012

    Well, it is a Bad movie, terrible.


    It’s only expected to gross $30 million as @Michael stated. That isn’t GOOD at all. This isn’t like albums @sleek. Box office tally’s are completely different. Please understand that…

  16. jill May 19, 2012


    Mad at what? Don’t be delusional i’m just stating facts.. Of course you’re a stan that knows nothing. She only has bits and pieces in the movie. The movie is a failure.. It is what it is…

    I don’t give a damn about rihanna or any celebrity. I don’t get paid to kiss ass or hate. I can comment on any damn post I please.

  17. Aliy May 19, 2012

    Um, I saw the movie and all I can say is…it had no plot. really couldn’t tell who was the bad guy because the humans were shooting everything instead of trying to figure out why the aliens were here. Skyline was better than this. Rhianna’s acting wasn’t bad (I’m not a fan of hers)
    I would tell people to wait till it comes out on video.

  18. Sleazy May 20, 2012

    Razzie award for riri lmao I can’t at her acting “Boom” lmao

  19. Romania May 20, 2012

    Universal is going to lose big with this movie. 229 million overseas, and 25 million in the US. With 209 million budget, and almost 100 mill in promo, I don’t think this movie will even break even.

  20. R****** Navy Fails Again!! May 21, 2012

    Bwhahahahahahahahahaha!! I knew BattleSHIT was gonna be a massive flop! Why is anyone suprised that a movie starring pon de forehead, a model posing as a singer could pull off a acting role?! This big budget shitfest was bound to FLOP! The movie execs thought it was a good job to cast Rihaha because she is a trashy s*** who sells her body for success so they thought if used her slutty ass in the promo as much as possible people would show up to see it….. but NOPE! Bwhahahahahahaha! People didn’t give no f**** about seeing R****** try to act! I guess since she didn’t take her clothes off in the movie no one cared! They can just go to Vevo to see her prance around naked if they wanted to see her! Bwhahahahahahahahaha!

    I actually feel kinda bad for R****** since this was her first big film and it FLOPPED worst than her last 2 singles from ‘Talk That S***’! LMFAO! Not only was the movie PANNED by critics but they clowned her performance! She was sooo bad it will be damn near impossible for her to get another acting role…. unless its in a p*** film! She would be good as a p*** star! It wouldn’t be much a stretch for her! She would have to do on camera what she does behind closed doors when she needs a hit song! Bwhahahhahahaha!

    I don’t feel sorry for the annoying ass R****** Navy stans! You dumb b****** talked so much s*** on twitter & the blogs that this is the KARMA you b****** deserve! You shady b****** should feel just as dumb ass pon de forehead looks hyping this EPIC FAIL of a movie up! That should teach you dirty h*** not to talk so much s***! Clearly you don’t back it up!!! Bwhahahahahahaha!

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