That Grape Juice TV Interviews Kym Whitley

TGJ:  4) What’s been your favorite role so far?

Kym:  My favorite role to this day was on the ‘Wayans Bros‘. We did an episode called ‘Misery’. I got the chance to play a woman who kidnapped Marlon [Wayans]. I got to be so silly and ignorant!  So, I think that’s definitely it!

TGJ:  5) After years of film and television under your belt, what’s left for you to do? What’s your dream role?

Kym:  Probably more behind the camera. I’d love to do more production and directing.  My dream role would be to play a civil rights leader or something historic. No matter the time period, I am fascinated by African American history.

TGJ:  Wow! That was really unexpected!  So, bringing this all home, give us one reason why we should watch Raising Whitley?

Kym:  Two L’s – to laugh and learn!  Also, to be inspired!

‘Raising Whitley’ airs Saturdays, 10/9c only on OWN TV!

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