Marlon Wayans Teases ‘White Chicks’ Sequel

Published: Wednesday 9th Apr 2014 by Sam

Ten years may have passed since comedy ‘White Chicks’ blazed the big screen, yet fans of the box office hit have waited diligently for news on its expected sequel.

Concrete confirmation has yet to manifest, however actor Marlon Wayans (who starred in the original with brother Shawn) shed interesting details on the  during a promo visit to The Breakfast Club today to promote new film ‘Haunted House 2’.

What did the funny-man have to say about the sequel millions are waiting for? The answer awaits below…

‘White Chicks’ tea poured at the 7.24 mark…

Between the original’s box-office returns and decade long fan interest, there’s definitely a market for another instalment. Here’s hoping it manifests!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly April 9, 2014

    I always wanted to have a 3 some with both brothers until i found out they’re gay.

    • stadeffrxcxcb April 9, 2014

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    • FAF April 9, 2014

      LMFAO @molly ^ they clocked ur thirst with the spam
      u can have shawn i’ll take marlon kiii

      • FutureCIARA April 9, 2014



  2. Barb B**** April 9, 2014

    The original still has me dying with laughter to this day!

    • Molly April 9, 2014

      It was really an hilarious movies almost as hilarious as Nickis boob pooping out on GMA.

      • Barb B**** April 9, 2014

        Not quite as hilarious as Ciaras last 4 album sales though.

      • Molly April 9, 2014

        Yet icki 2nd album with a re release is still struggling for platinum kiiiiii hahaha Nicki won’t even see a 4th album once pink print flops nicki will be over kiii

      • Barb B**** April 9, 2014

        Really? Ciara fan talking about over? Nicki haa broken records as a female MC and achieved a lot she will go down in history as the most successful female MC. What records has cierror broken besides the most flop albums in a row? And the Re Up is still outselling Ciara so BYE FELICIA!

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 9, 2014

        Why are you dragging each other? Both if your faves are tragic, disastrous, struggling ass borderline FLOPS. You faves careers put together is still an epic struggle compared to my fave. #dismissed \_

      • Barb B**** April 9, 2014

        Shouldn’t you be worrying about You’re mine freefalling out of the charts. This debate doesn’t concern you.


    white Chicks slayed!


    Shouldn’t you be worrying about Nick flopping on her second album? Your fave will never be as successful as Queen Mariah. #StayMad

    I was trying to break up this dumb fight with two flop Stans.

    • Barb B**** April 9, 2014

      No one needs you to break up s***. Go break a leg purchasing several copies of You’re mine instead ok?


    Nicki’s albums stay sitting on shelves while Mariah is one if the biggest selling artists ever. That’s why TF they mad!

  6. Barb B**** April 9, 2014

    Yeah because Memoirs of a Perfect Flop, E= MCflop and Art of Flopping (whatever it will be called IF it comes out) were/will be flying off shelves.


    But all of Mariah’s prime albums flew off shelves. Mariah is 24 years into her career. And don’t come for E=MC2 cause it still sold more than Roman Floploaded. Don’t try it Hun.

    What kind of queen flops on a second album? I can’t. And still no #1 album? Smh

    • Barb B**** April 9, 2014

      But she still has albums collecting dust on the shelves. THE END.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 9, 2014

        And she’s still the second best selling female artist with 6 #1 albums and 18 #1 singles. Nicki hasn’t achieved one #1 single in like what 5 years now? You’d think after all these damn features Hun. Not her clinging to everyone’s song and still flopping. The struggle for these Bxtches though. I can’t. #MariahIsQueen #IckiIsaLessser

      • Barb B**** April 9, 2014

        Girl I didn’t read any of it. Go and purchase You’re faves CURRENT single that stripped naked for at the age of 50. Im sure she’d rather you concerntrated on that then stalking my comments.

      • Barb B**** April 9, 2014

        You’re mine aka your faves CURRENT single*

      • King B Agent (Blue Ivy Brother) April 10, 2014

        Y’all need to shut the f*** up especially Molly and That slow as Mariah Carey fan. If you was smart and your fave was the best you would not have the time to hate because your fave is big but you show how real pressed you are. And Molly you need to stop hating and grow a f****** brain. None of you h*** can’t hate on Beyonce and Nicki.

  8. Mimi Carey April 9, 2014

    Poor BarbBitch getting dragged for her life.

    • Barb B**** April 9, 2014

      And you are?

  9. FutureCIARA April 9, 2014

    Im here for a sequel!!!

    As long as they both show their ass chicks in this film as well!

    • FutureCIARA April 9, 2014


  10. Navy Commander(AUBRIH) April 9, 2014

    No shade,but pink friday was a #1 album sis

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 9, 2014

      I know. I meant to say #1 single (which she has failed to achieve after 5 years). Struggle ass n****

  11. Barb B**** April 9, 2014

    And you are?

  12. K April 9, 2014


  13. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) April 9, 2014

    Beyoncé girl?

  14. yeah April 9, 2014

    white chicks this blog is talking about whitechicks comment on white chick urgh the fu*kery.

  15. Darren April 10, 2014

    really…….….? you UK folk eat up everything we throw away. This movie was trash and every one in the US thought so as soon as it came out. This was no box office hit…

  16. madbrax April 10, 2014

    how about a movie called Black Chicks with two white guys doing blackface?

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