NeNe Leakes Visits ‘Arsenio’ / Talks ‘RHOA’ Reunion, Leaving Show, Pay, & More

Published: Thursday 24th Apr 2014 by Sam

As the masses have come to learn and love, NeNe Leakes does not her tongue.

The reality diva, who is the only original cast member remaining on Bravo hit ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’, has seen her quick wit and no-nonsense persona carry her star to soaring new heights.

Currently, Leakes is starring on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars – which she stopped by ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ to promote last night.

Naturally, conversation turned to ”Housewives’, its headline-grabbing reunion, NeNe’s future with the show and much more.

Peep the hilarious interview after the jump…

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  1. Dev April 24, 2014

    NeNe is filled with self importance and negativity. Let her continue running her mouth and she will be gone! I hear Andy Cohen is leaving the network she is on, and i believe that he is actually saving her a***

  2. QueenCeline April 24, 2014

    Wow! This was very interesting. Nene is hilarious when she’s away from the other girls in my opinion. She’s so fun and enjoyable here but a complete diva when she’s with them. Anyway, I’m happy she clarified what I always knew, the Housewives was doing FANTASTICALLY before Kenya came on and Kenya knows that she HAS to start drama if she wants to stay on. Pathetic.

    • Sarah April 24, 2014

      Well said! i agree..she gets me super angry when she is around the girls..but when she is like this,,she is extremely likeable

  3. pon_De April 24, 2014

    le sigh… Nene talks like she has emmys and golden globes weighing down her mahogany wood mantle….when b**** can’t even get a razzie to glue on that vittsjo shelf unit from IKEA! it really pains me when people speak beyond their status. you never, ever, ever devalue the show or network that put you on the map. outside of RHOA you have done a combined 5 pages of dialogue between a one CANCELLED and a soon to be CANCELLED show. I’m surprised she can smell yourself so strongly when that nasal septum has been remodeled more times than a Nate Berkus project. sit down and shut the hell up!

    • FAF April 24, 2014


  4. RoyalKev April 24, 2014

    Nene is such a pompous jerk sometimes. If she’s so much betters than RHOA why don’t she just leave and don’t turn back. I’m glad she’s standing up for Porsha, but I’m sure that she’s only doing so because she feels threatened by Kenya.

  5. NiKki April 24, 2014

    Ne-Ne is my favorite on RHOA, I don’t agree with everything she does but she is by far my favorite. She keeps it 100 and I agree the ladies on RHOA were doing much better without Kenya, clearly she was brought on to be a Messy-Boot. I too feel that if Porsha is fired because of the altercation with Kenya then Kenya should be fired as well for creating drama and being a bully. Also, besides being a Messy-Boot, Kenya serves NO purpose on RHOA because she is NOT a wife, nor a mother and nor has she ever been.

    • Gia April 24, 2014

      excuse me, Porsha is not a wife, nor a mother either. and they both won’t be fired cos they BOTH did some great job – see ratings. it’s all about the show and drama.

      • FAF April 24, 2014

        Porsha was a wife though

  6. pon_De April 24, 2014

    When has Kenya bullied Porsha?? *receipts please* Their first big blow up was last season in Anguilla when Porsha made her ignorant comments about Kenya’s Ms. USA title being 55 years ago and she yet again butted into a conversation…that Kenya was having with Nene and Phaedra. She walked her ass across the pool to start mouthing off and when Kenya checked her the first words out of Porsha’s mouth were “touch me and I will sue you!” Porsha is not fooling anybody with a dime bag of sense. Don’t let your hate for Kenya make you fall for PhaeNedrasha’s planned b*******

    • BITCHPLEASEEEEE April 24, 2014

      PON…. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FAF April 24, 2014

      Not true she said it was 55 yrs ago AFTER Kenya called her a tramp and got In her face

  7. Kaylee Rose April 24, 2014

    Nene is so phony lol. It’s funny how she’s all of a sudden #TeamPorsha when she was the one who originally wanted her off the show. Nene never liked Kenya because she was a threat. Nene hasn’t really brought any juice or drama to RHOA especially last season when she moved to LA and got a big head lol.

  8. BITCHPLEASEEEEE April 24, 2014

    KAY… THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  9. Casual April 24, 2014

    Yes! The real Nene, the one we first fell in love with on season 1.

    Very interesting interview. As viewers, we probably forget how awkward and negative many of their interactions are. In the real world, some of these women would never interact except for on the most casual of bases.

    And, I agree with Nene 100% about Porsha and Kenya.

  10. shauwndapooh April 24, 2014

    Can we all agree she looks whorerrible

    • BITCHPLEASEEEEE April 24, 2014

      CO-SIGN!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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