‘The Breakfast Club’ Roasts Mimi Faust Over Sex Tape Scandal

Published: Tuesday 15th Apr 2014 by David


That, according to Power 105.1‘s ‘The Breakfast Club‘, is the most fitting way to describe Reality TV star Mimi Faust, after having a third party film a ‘sex tape’ starring she and partner Nikko Smith.

Now, after selling the professionally shot flick to Steven Hirsch‘s ‘Vivid Entertainment‘, the 41 year old mother now finds herself on the receiving end of ridicule launched at her by the show’s fans and social media at large.

So, as the world points and laughs at the fame-thirsty pair and supposed attempts to use the tape to boost their public profiles, the ‘Club‘s Charlamagne Tha God weighs in on the matter, billing Faust his ‘Donkey of the Day.’

Listen below…

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  1. Slayara Harris April 15, 2014

    What’s the difference her and Beyonce?

    • IStanForYourFav April 15, 2014

      Beyoncé is rich

    • fatusankoh April 15, 2014

      Hatemongers live bey out if nasty mouth

    • metzo April 16, 2014

      Beyonce doesn’t have n*** photos of her leaked on the internet, nor does she have the reputation of being a how like Rihanna. The public knows her for being with only 1 man and she actually got pregnant after marriage, not before, unlike Ciara. Sheesh

  2. Rihyeezy April 15, 2014

    She is a dumb ass donkey

  3. IsTierra April 15, 2014

    Yeah, Charlemagne is right she basically let this dude play her out. And as slimy as Stevie is he wouldn’t have done this to her even as broke as he was at some points in his life.When you thought she couldn’t find some one worse well leave it to Mimi. Niko is a thirsty opportunistic fame w**** who will do anything for a quick buck.K Michelle and Ariane tried to warn her but after all these years of being done in by Stevie,she still hasn’t learned a thing.Some woman will except anything just to say they have a man or to feel that they being loved by a man.SMH

    • Brian310 April 15, 2014

      Didn’t stevie release the s** tape with him and eve?

      • Nope April 16, 2014

        That wasn’t Stevie J. though…

  4. xedos April 15, 2014

    These black women think they’re going to be famous like Kim. Kim is white she will get a pass.

  5. IStanForYourFav April 15, 2014

    I just want to know what is she going to do when they start teasing her daughter. Kids are too smart. Most probably have already seen her Mother stuffing a d**k in her mouth on their TL. Just imagine the school’s judgement on her as a parent and what kind of damaging consequences that can cause the child. I don’t feel anything for her, but I do feel for their daughter.

    P.S. I know I’m not the only one who thinks Mimi was not fully sober when she filmed that.

  6. DopeSpeak April 15, 2014

    I do agree that if she came out with her own line of shower curtain rods she would Be on the come up.

  7. no gawd April 15, 2014

    Mimi you tried it gurlllllllll

  8. Mark111 April 15, 2014

    I’m a male that hate double standards. I thought it was two people in this tape. For example:

    Chris Brown has been with a lot of chics, is called the man.

    Rihanna been with a few dudes, is called a w****.

    And what makes it even more sad is that most WOMEN will be the main ones calling others a h**.

    I don’t give a phuck about Mimi nor watch the show, but get money b****!

    • IStanForYourFav April 15, 2014

      Double standard has been around for centuries. As a Mother to a son and as a wife, I now witness first hand what my Mother and other women went through. Women claim to be independent and etc, yet they sideways have a man pushing them and are usually half naked. The worst thing about it is exactly what you said, it’s other women doing it other women. Sad, but what can anyone do? Just sit back and let society be society.

    • LeGarcon April 15, 2014

      You sound stupid and gay. F*** LAHH this b**** just made a LIFE decision and she failed misserably. Aint no double standard in this. The n**** nikko or chico or whoever he is is irrelevant. He broke n thirsty for fame. She f***** up dont try to justify her actions by making her a victim she is only a victim of her own ignorance

  9. TheHive April 15, 2014

    Lmao at these comments

  10. Antonio April 15, 2014

    First off, Mimi is not a h**. She made a porno with her boyfriend that will be nationally distributed by a major p*** studio. Second, Joseline is the h**. She was messing around with Stevie while him and Mimi were in a real relationship, got pregnant and had an abortion because of Stevie. Third, a s** tape of Stevie and Eve was leaked onto the internet back in like 2005. Fourth, K. Michelle is just another bitter black b****. She was insinuating that Nikko was gay, not that he was an opportunist and when it backfired, she got petty and hit Mimi with a flowers. Notice, K. Michelle never threw a punch, she always picked up something and threw it first. Fifth, Joseline had a s** tape that leaked as well and finally, isn’t Mimi and Nikko willing participants in the video, so how did he set her up. In the trailer, the man from Vivid even said… “If we release the video, you both will make a lot of money”. There ain’t nothing wrong with what Mimi did. Y’all b****** and f*** just mad because she and her mad about to be getting paid to f*** on camera while y’all still f****** H** infected n***** from Jack’d and the liquor store

  11. credits April 15, 2014

    knick knack, nike, neckline, netflix, niccotine, nokia, lmao, Charlamagne called him anything but nikko, the funniest part of this eulogy.

  12. metzo April 16, 2014

    Wait didn’t Rihanna and Chris Brown have a s** tape out though? Yall remember the leaked selfie nudes of Rihanna touching her pussyy? Haa

  13. NANCY SLAY’S April 16, 2014

    this is the attention she was looking for!!!
    duhhh…all this before the show premiers!!!
    joseline would never!!!

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