Watch: Porsha Williams Reveals Kordell “Abused” Her / Breaks Down In Tears Over Kenya Fight

Published: Tuesday 29th Apr 2014 by Sam

After maintaining a silence of sorts, Porsha Williams is speaking up and out about her fight with Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast-mate Kenya Moore.

The stunning reality star sat down with Access Hollywood today to explain her side of the much-publicised brawl, which saw her drag Moore across the floor…literally.

A poised and articulate Williams came across exceptionally well as she detailed the lead-up to the collision (the catalyst of which she says was Kenya’s consistent bullying), as well as the aftermath. Most surprisingly, though, the 31-year-old revealed that ex-husband Kordell Stewart had allegedly been abusive towards her during their marriage.

The must-see interview awaits after the jump…

Porsha On Kordell Allegedly Abusing Her:

Porsha On Kenya Moore Brawl:

Say what you want about Ms. Williams, but she “did” that. She held her own, answered the tough questions with warmth and sincerity, and contrary to popular belief translated as very intelligent. Here’s hoping she makes a return to the show, as we feel she certainly has ample to offer.

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  1. pon_de April 29, 2014

    this new strategy of basically saying “I was stressed out from my divorce and Kenya pushed my buttons” WILL NOT WORK! it’s obvious her attorneys have advised her to use this publicity to get sympathy for her flat singing career amd they will simply plead out the battery charges because she has NO case in a court of law.

    • HighWayUnicorn April 29, 2014

      Kinda will. Everyone agrees that Kenya has been bullying her and the court of public opinion will never turn its back on battered women, ESPECIALLY when she can prove that Kordell did indeed beat her.

    • cxacephj43436 April 29, 2014

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  2. Stephy April 29, 2014

    Sam, you need to expose Blue for using my name. You see that our Ip & Email adresses are different Thank You…

  3. BITCHPLEASEEEEE April 29, 2014


    • ScandalousGladiator April 29, 2014

      Abuse victims lie to hide the abuse until they decide to tell the truth. If you asked Tina if Ike was abusing her when he was doing it she would have told you no. Would she have been lying?

  4. I.D. April 29, 2014

    I have to be real here.

    Yes, Kenya provoked her, and yes, Kenya deserved it. If you go looking for a fight, and the battle is more than you anticipated and bargained for, don’t then turn around and play victim.

    But having said that, Kenya is using the aftermath of the brawl talk about everything and the kitchen sink. She had a whole season to say, point blank, whether Kordell was abusing her or not. But she kept on making insinuations. If the fight between her and Kenya didn’t take place, would she have had the opportunity to talk about this?

    She is milking this dry like a well-fed cow – and it ain’t a good look either.


  5. CHATEAU SHEREE April 29, 2014

    Porsha shouldn’t be fired. Yes, physical violence is never the answer but still, she was practically bullied for 2 years… everyone has a breaking point.

  6. BarbBey April 29, 2014

    Kordell was caught sucking d*** in the back of a car by a police officer in Miami. The officer never arrested him for public indecency but he did tell people and that’s how the story came out. Stories like that do NOT come out of thin air.

    • RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

      Wrong it was Pittsburg boo

  7. HipHopMaryJ April 29, 2014

    Kenya is jealous of Porsha and that’s pretty obvious. They’re both beautiful BUT Porsha had everything Kenya wanted when they first met and it bothered her. That’s why she makes a point to embarrass her whenever she can, because she needs to belittle her to feel better herself.

    • HausMuthaAdele April 29, 2014

      100% accurate. Kenya knows she’s a beauty but it must p*** her off that she and Porsha have a similar look BUT that Porsha is younger, a little stupid and had the picture perfect like Kenya keeps trying to find for herself.

  8. Greg April 29, 2014

    I’m glad she mentioned Cynthia not coming to her defense or trying to stop the situation before it got that far. I forgot how Kandi behaved with the fan and I think Porsha was reaching out to Cynthia to say the same things Kandi said but got no assistance. Not blaming Cynthia at all but she could’ve done more for the situation since she WAS a barrier between the two.

  9. phillydoinit April 29, 2014

    Queen Kenya is still sitting pretty though.

  10. ChiTown April 29, 2014

    Sorry but Kordell should have spank Porsha ass for being sooooooo STUPID.

  11. Bravo!! May 5, 2014

    Again,!! Kenya made Porsha relevant. She gave the storyline for Nene, Porsha, Apollo, and Phaedra for this season. No one was interviewing Porsha about the Cordell divorce, now after the Kenya brawl between her Kenya she getting book for interview. I have to get through to Andy show this week, but everytime I call the line busy. Kenya gave everybody a storyline because she was their storyline eventhough she was being messing. People watch because of the drama and drama what she brought for this season.

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