NeNe Leakes Fuels Speculation That She’s Leaving ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’?

Published: Wednesday 14th May 2014 by David


Hailed as the backbone behind the hit Reality show, NeNe Leakes currently stands as the only original cast member on Bravo‘s ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

Unfortunately, that may be set to change this year, after the ‘Glee’ actress fuelled speculation she was to cut ties with the series, seven years after she first led it to ratings glory.

Details below…

After reports claim that she demanded a pay increase from the series’ producers, Leakes tweeted the following message to fans, prompting talk that she had bid the show adieu:

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 22.19.39

Reportedly the highest paid ‘Housewife’ on the ‘Atlanta’ cast, Leakes’ tweet came after the show allegedly caught up ex-‘Wife’ Sheree Whitfield to plot her reported return to the series in its seventh cycle, three removed from her exit at the end of Season 4.

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  1. Grump May 14, 2014

    Lol begone b****. Go back to being irrelevant cause your Hollywood gigs are DONE!

    • JanetXone May 14, 2014

      I don’t know why you’re laughing. You don’t think she’ll have another role by the time the show airs again?

      • Grump May 14, 2014

        She won’t and even if she does it will probably get cancelled like her last one. Hollywood isn’t checking for D list reality celebs like a Nene. To make it worse she a black lady over 40 with an attitude.

    • mekaela May 15, 2014

      And no one will watch housewives of Atlanta
      Kenya can’t carry that show and kandi
      Is really boring at this point of nene
      Leaves Atlanta has run its course

  2. BeyLikeMe May 14, 2014

    The show won’t be able to go on without her. Yeah it’s an ensemble cast but she IS the real housewives of atlanta.

    • FutureCIARA May 14, 2014

      The show will do ok without her! Her time is simply up.. The franchise itself is suffering besides the Atlanta chapter

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) May 14, 2014

        Once Nene’s gone, this show should go to. It’ll turn into what the bad girls club has if they let her and other main characters go. Everyone trying to out do the last season etc. Stupid bullish*t. Atlanta is the highest rated series in the franchise, how is it suffering?

  3. FutureCIARA May 14, 2014

    I honestly dont care to see Sheree back either, with her boring family storyline….

    She was on Iyanla Fix My Life, though.. maybe Iyanla fixed it, But I doubt it! Im not here for Sheree or Nene… I say chop them both!

  4. Kng May 14, 2014

    Actually she was fired…they sent out letters on Friday to all those who they wanted back. They relegated Porsha to “friend” status of other cast mates meanwhile NeNe was fired.

    • VisionofMimi May 14, 2014

      You are foolish if you believe that.

    • BeacHouseBritney May 14, 2014

      Lol, so they “fired” Nene but kept Porsha? Lol.
      They just had their highest rated season so the producers would be IDIOTS to mess up the formula they have. If she’s gone it’s because she left.

      • Grump May 14, 2014

        Um if she’s going it’s because she was FIRED. Or left cause they don’t see her worthy for a pay raise. Andy is fed up with the b****. Did you see how rude she was to him in the reunion?

  5. metzo May 14, 2014

    Good for her. Nobody cares. She’s the most egotistical bitchh in the group and you have to kiss her ass and be beneath her in order to stay her friend.
    We still go Miss USA. We don’t need Moose. #TeamTwirl

    • FutureCIARA May 14, 2014

      Team Porsha Bittch!

      • metzo May 14, 2014

        Damn, why do you always have to stan for non factors? 🙁 🙁

      • FutureCIARA May 14, 2014

        Because you always stan for the fake, smile in your faces bittches! When their lives are phony and full of shambles and drama behind the scenes!

      • metzo May 14, 2014

        That’s not my point tho.. Bey’s personal life and her personality have nothing to do with her Amazingness.. I Don buy her albums or go to her concerts because she’s”real” or “not phony” or whatever you’re talking about.. lml

  6. CiciFinnaBeIndependent May 14, 2014

    Lol at y’all thinking the show could function without Nene. I don’t like everything she does but there is a reason they pay her the most. Firing her would be like them firing Teresa from Jersey or Lisa from Beverly Hills. She’s integral to the show.

    • Grump May 14, 2014

      Um the ratings were way down before Kenya and Poraha came on. I don’t think the ratings are highest they’ve ever been because of non factor Nae Nae but okay.

    • mekaela May 15, 2014

      I agree that show will die without her
      And say what u will about nene she carries
      That show who wants to watch kenya
      Gets pregnant with her diaper ass she
      Has no real story the rest of women are

  7. HighwayUnicorn May 14, 2014

    Miss USA is only relevant when she’s starting trouble so she can sit down.

  8. Truth May 14, 2014

    No-No is ugly from the inside out.Hideous. She thinks she runs shiittt and she don’t. She’s just the loudest and over talks everyone. That’s why she ran from an argument with Sheree and Marlo. She’s all talk. Bye bye Moose !

  9. Molly May 14, 2014

    And if that’s true season 7 will be the last season Nene & her blonde wig are iconic on this show don’t see how it will survive without her.

  10. FutureCIARA May 14, 2014



    • Molly May 14, 2014

      Shade… lol what you say about them

      • FutureCIARA May 14, 2014

        I got here first and commented about Nene…. I said No one is checking for her cancelled show career, and Not that she got voted off of “Dancing With The Flops”

        TGJ is tired!

  11. Navy Commander May 14, 2014


    • mekaela May 15, 2014

      Stfu the show will tank the other women
      Can’t carry this show bravo needs to pay
      Her and get on with it u people are haters

      • RihIcon May 15, 2014

        Girl bye nene added absolutely nothing to this season. It was all about kenya and Phaedra

  12. RoyalKev May 14, 2014

    Nene’s head was getting way too big! From what I understand she wanted a pay raise (which is fair) and control over who she shoots scenes with (which is ridiculous). No one voted Nene president! It’s unfortunate that she’s cut from the show, but that’s what happens when someone’s ego gets in the way. RHOA is Nene’s bread and butter, but she seems to think she’s above it all now (and the rest of the cast as well). I guess she hasn’t figured out that this show was her biggest platform. Smh. This year seems to be a humbling year for so many egomaniacs!

  13. Stephy Tha Lambily May 14, 2014

    The show will not survive without her tbh…

  14. Back rolls May 14, 2014

    Bye Felisha, Bye! Dust Donald Trump.

    • mekaela May 15, 2014

      You need to eat dust b**** obviously
      You not a fan of Atlanta

  15. Jay Jay May 14, 2014

    NeNe leave while the show is still on Top. The show will eventually tank and it will not be good to be on the show when it starts to tank

  16. MISHKA May 15, 2014

    Bye Moose.

  17. Gregg May 15, 2014

    I’ve said it before and i will say it again. Nene is the ONLY reason i watch that show, if she left the show i would not be watching. Her personality is bigger than life and i love it. The rest of these chicks are basic. Kenya is bringing the ratings for being messy and creating drama. She does it and does it well but its transparent and people will begin to turn away from something they can clearly see is fake.

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