Adrienne Bailon Claps Back At Kim Kardashian And Co With Class

Published: Thursday 31st Jul 2014 by Sam

Adrienne Bailon hit headlines this week when she opened up to Latina magazine about her ill-fated relationship with reality star Rob Kardashian and how the latter’s surname and show impacted her career negatively.

The story then took on a life of its own when Kim Kardashian and her siblings sprung to the defence of their brother. Indeed, each laid into ‘The Real’ host – overtly implying that she’s only newsworthy because of her association with them. Rob would go on to retweet each comment.

Naturally, given that that there has yet to emerge a Kardashian will any actual talent, many rose to Bailon’s aid – taking the infamous clan to task on social media.

It’s Bailon, though, who defended herself best. Via Instagram, she clapped back with class.

Her words below…

Via Adrienne Bailon:


And there you have it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tasha July 31, 2014

    Flawless read!

    • Nope July 31, 2014

      I hate the term “clap back”. So stupid.

      • ceer0624 July 31, 2014

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  2. christinastherealtalent July 31, 2014

    Damn. Kardashians have been served!

  3. Truth tea July 31, 2014

    Wouldnt be surprised if it was all just a publicity stunt to promote ‘The Real’ and Kardashians.

  4. JustCoastWitHa July 31, 2014

    Yes, read those b!tches !

  5. 7 July 31, 2014

    Yasss at that Beyonce typa read. Classy clapback.

    • Iconic Cici July 31, 2014

      Beyonce can’t read she can’t even spell.

      • Teacher July 31, 2014

        Lol okaay!? Beyonce is a weak illiterate biitch!!

      • Mark111 July 31, 2014

        Iconic Cici you shady b****! lol

    • LOL July 31, 2014


    • Phour20ty August 1, 2014

      Beyoncé actually wouldn’t have said s***. She just would have let her have her 15 mins of fame. B is making money…not worrying about what people have to say about her. Now that’s class…no matter if she can read or not (Yawl comments are the guts though lol) a real classy woman doesn’t waste her time entertaining trash or what they think.

      • Mark111 August 1, 2014

        We know Beyoncé doesn’t say anything, we watched a 5 minute video of her husband and sister fighting while she stoodtheir and did nnothing. Some call it class, I call it being a coward.

  6. Kasha July 31, 2014

    Yes Adrienne you better read. Hello. Baby you can sing, act, and much more. Don’t let those girls do you. LOL

    • Phour20ty August 1, 2014

      She can do all that but still has to bring them up to get headlines? sounds fishy to me. A classy woman wouldn’t have to bring up anyone by shading them to get attention. That’s not class…that’s thirst for attention.

      • KAsha August 1, 2014

        Firstly the magazine asked her the question. The read was the truth so there was nothing classless about it. Adrienne has way more earned success than the Kardashians. Kardashians use people to amplify their fame then those people are damaged goods. You know the names. Lets not talk about using people to get attention because thats the kardashians all day long.

  7. Navy Nick July 31, 2014

    Honey, she served FISH FOR THE GODS!!!!

  8. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) July 31, 2014

    Um, who even knew she dated Rob until a couple months ago? And who even knew Rob until Rita opened her moldy trap to him?? I guess I just don’t keep up with the hollywood bullish*t or care to…

  9. tits mcgee July 31, 2014

    Nice! Great response.

  10. Beysus July 31, 2014

    Woo!!!!! Go Girl!!!!

  11. Tisha July 31, 2014

    Long story short:

    1. Don’t talk to me about family when you’d kill your mother for a magazine cover.
    2. You’re a ho who’s main career is marrying men for screen time.
    3. I never in my life have to sink to your level for the measly crumbs your family has.

    Snap. Snap.

    Go girl. Kim must think we all forgot that her best role was being Ray J’s p*** bucket.

  12. Rosie July 31, 2014

    Great, classy response. K** should take notes instead of replying with another tacky, lame ass tweet.

    • Warriornika July 31, 2014

      When the f*** is Ultraflop getting certified though

      • Rosie July 31, 2014

        When will Onika stop bandwagoning and being an attention w**** for a few seconds of relevancy?

    • Iconic Cici July 31, 2014


      • Rosie August 1, 2014

        Absolute DEATH at a Future side b**** stan calling anything a flop whatsoever when it STILL hasn’t passed 250K worldwide yet. Didn’t he go get another h** pregnant? Worry about that.

    • Baddie Barb July 31, 2014

      But when is Ultraviolence gonna outsell Roman Reloaded & Artpop tho? Weren’t you calling those album flops

      • Rosie July 31, 2014

        Death at you comparing an album that’s been out for over two years to one that’s been out for a month. The self drag. If you really want to go that far why hasn’t the Re-Fund sold 100K yet?

    • LB July 31, 2014

      And you should be collecting sales receipts so Ultraviolence can finally get a certification.

      • Rosie July 31, 2014

        You should do the same for the other 500 b****** you bandwagon.

    • LB July 31, 2014

      November 19, 2013 at 5:04 pm
      Rosie says:

      @RedBloodedWoman too bad F*** won’t have any long ticket whatsoever unlike the new queen of Interscope, Lana.
      Lana outsold Chartflop by nearly 2x first week in the UK and other countries. Chartflop will NOT do 5 million worldwide like Lana. Chartflop won’t even outsell Born to Die in the US at the rate it’s plummeting down iTunes/Amazon.

      Artpop – 200K+
      Ultrairrelevance – 100K+

      • Britney Stan July 31, 2014

        Death!!!!! Clock this b****.

        Im crying at Rosie thinking Lana is the Queen of anything.

      • Rosie August 1, 2014

        Why are you bringing up posts from November 2013? What an obsessed, low life, self-hating f*****. I would ask you how is S******/JHo/Bieber doing but knowing you you probably hate them now since you change faves every week.

    • Britney Stan July 31, 2014

      No one likes you LMAO

      • Rosie August 1, 2014

        Can S****** breathe without permission yet?

  13. Airwreka July 31, 2014

    Who is that chick again??? She just needs attention… she’s a nobody!

  14. Phour20ty July 31, 2014

    can she make headlines talking about something else besides a Kardashian? whether good or bad talk? obviously not bcuz this is the only time anyone hears about her. i am nit team kardashian but i am for damn sure not team Adrienne either. Everything else about you is obviously boring cuz once again….u only make headlines when u bring up the so called “dreaded kardashians”! you were mean to the dark skinned girl in that girl group u were in 3LW…(which is a known fact bcuz the girl quit bcuz of your mean girl antics) and now u open your mouth talking s*** about people that dont even mention u. u started the s*** talk so b big enough to deal with backlash from the accusers. it wasnt classy of u to start this s*** but now all of a sudden u are so called classy with how u handled their response???….girl boo bye Felicia. your so fake…I can smell it from miles away.

    • Carinne July 31, 2014

      Lmao the fact that you think she NEEDS to make headlines is pathetic. The Kardatrashians make headlines because of their relationship, they have no talent and that is the only way to keep themselves relevant… but some people like to live a quiet life outside the media.
      Let me remind why Kim got famous because of Ray J. Let me remind you why she got a vogue cover.. because of Kanye. hmmm…

      • Phour20ty August 1, 2014

        the fact that she has to keep bringing up the kardashian to make headlines is pathetic. The broad is wack. That’s it that’s all. I can’t stand the Kardashians but whatever the case may be….Kim still got more money and fame than Adrienne by not mentioning her name once. that’s the point…that’s it. She brings them up because she knows she’ll get some type of attention. talk about other s*** and lets see if TGJ posts it. I think not. and Who cares how kim got famous…there are plenty of celebs that have done the same if not worse to get noticed. Playboy (which everyone knows they have s** for fame) And quiet my ass…read them post of how Adrienne use to treat her group members….shes a snake and no one cares about her. She started he s*** so take the backlash. She is a non mutha F’n factor.

  15. #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY “2 On” NOW) July 31, 2014

    BOOM! That’s right.

    I remember when she came out with short lived but good 3LW! I’m still waiting for Naturi to pull a Letoya on us in music!

    • Phour20ty August 1, 2014

      Oooooh yeah…When she was a b**** to her group mates and that’s y they broke up…because of Adrienne. Yeah…I remember that. But she still moved on. lol Oh man…gotta love the Adrienne lovers. for they know not of what they do. FYI…I ain’t team Kardashian either….but they get their bread by any means necessary. Sounds like congress to me. No matter who they f*** in the end…they are getting paid. But without even mentioning Adrienne. I was starting to like her until this low class move. she just should have did her interview without throwing shade at nobody like you are somebody when you are actually a non mutha f’n factor. But u brought up good memories of 3LW…singn—>No mooooore…baby Imma do right. lol

  16. truth July 31, 2014

    K** KarTRASHian !

  17. Iconic Cici July 31, 2014

    F*** this weak ass b**** Khloe should beat her ass.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) July 31, 2014

      ……….well d*mn

    • Carinne July 31, 2014

      Lmao Adrienne’s a Latina get outta here!!!

      • Phour20ty August 1, 2014

        Which means nothing. I’ve seen plenty of Latina get that ass beat. Hell….I’ve beat down several and have yet to find one that can change that. But truly…I think yawl bumping c******* or something…cuz you defend her on everyones post like she pays your bills or. too funny. Now that’s a LMAO….
        Lets see what comes next.

  18. LB July 31, 2014

    But who is she? Is this what your blog has resorted to Samantha?

  19. Baddie Barb July 31, 2014

    Who is this?

  20. Mimi Carey July 31, 2014

    Death at everyone clocking Rosie.

    Oh & both those b****** can sit on a d***.

  21. LOL July 31, 2014


  22. SMH July 31, 2014

    And that, ladies and gents, is how you read a biitch.

  23. Kendall Jenner stan July 31, 2014

    Who? I don’t know her.

    • OMG Logic!!! July 31, 2014

      More importantly, what’s a Kendal Jenner, and why does it have stans?

  24. Mark111 July 31, 2014

    Class dismissed.

  25. Rosie July 31, 2014

    And who are these obsessed bitter f*** attacking me? My impact on this site is so insane, I just. And absolute death at Fagbird bookmarking posts from 2013. What a delusional, no life f**. Kii at it calling UV a flop when it already outsold every b**** it bandwagoned (including J Ho, S******, Usher, etc) for the past 2 years.

    • Phour20ty August 1, 2014

      git em Rosie. lol

  26. Indie August 1, 2014

    the The “what makes you famous” paragraph is pure gold!!! As we all know what made Kim famous was getting f***** by Ray J in a porno “thats isnt always what you want to be labelled as or known for, if anyone should understand that, it should be you” LMAO that is pure Mariah shade done with class!

    Kim over stepped her mark by trying to shade someone who is famous purely because she is a brilliant singer, actress and all round entertainer!

  27. Indie August 1, 2014

    The more i read it, the more i noticed she shades her in every paragraph LOL perfection!

    1, Fame and A Career are 2 different things, obviously a dig cos Kim is famous for nothing and Adriana has talent and his been working since her teens, and ‘I didn’t want to be known as someone’s girlfriend, another dig as thats all Kim has ever been known for especially with Kanye and Ray J.

    2 The “what makes you famous” paragraph is pure gold!!! As we all know what made Kim famous was getting f***** by Ray J in a porno “thats isnt always what you want to be labelled as or known for, if anyone should understand that, it should be you” LMAO that is pure Mariah shade done with class!

    3. ‘We all learn from our first loves” looooool perfect shade again, another dig at the Ray J video, as a reminder that this is the ONLY reason that you are famous girl, as Ray J was Kims first love”
    Kim over stepped her mark by trying to shade someone who is famous purely because she is a brilliant singer, actress and all round entertainer!

    • Mark111 August 1, 2014

      You know you ruined the shade and read by explaining it, right? You’re spot on, but you let the clever readers know and the dumb one ask “who?”. This goes in the classic book along when Pam read that French rapper and Rihanna’s “Goodluck booking that stage.” Lol

  28. Phour20ty August 1, 2014

    A classy response is first off…not starting the s*** talk because that wasn’t classy at all. And by not responding to any backlash because if you were so important and famous…you would have better s*** to talk about. Not classy at all. Lets talk about your solo platinum single…oh wait…you don’t have one…well lets talk about you clothing stores…oh wait…you don’t have any….lets talk about your ….s***…the b**** ain’t got s*** to talk about except the Cheetah girls and the kardashians…that’s for lil girls. I’m a grown ass woman so she has no interesting topics for me. Not even the b******* Kardashians. It’s very Juvenile.

  29. Jessica August 1, 2014

    Outside of the career situation she didn’t read anybody. If she has a real career then she shouldn’t be famous for dating Rob K. (see Bey, Xtina, Janet etc.) She’s labeled Rob’s ex because she keeps talking about it and reminding us. If these people are hurting her career as she says then she shouldn’t have responded because she associated herself with them once again but let’s be honest she only gets this attention when she talks about them. No, no, no shade *in Nicki voice*

  30. #teamkardashian August 1, 2014

    What has this squeaky voice b**** done since cheetah girls?

    • CATFISH CAREY August 1, 2014


  31. Kashaa August 1, 2014

    LOL. A lot of you on here say you don’t dislike Adrienne but your coming for her. The truth is the truth. She has more talent than the Kardashians. It doesn’t matter if she’s a platinum selling artist or not. The point is she has a career since 15 and she makes money. Her money doesn’t have to be as long as the Kardashians. She was asked a question by the magazine and thats that. Everyone knows the Kardashians uses others to keep them in the headlines so why are we forgetting that? It is what it is. Adrienne will be on The Real in the fall with Tamar and the girls so get ready. LOL The way You all are going back and forth I can tell you dislike her enough to watch.

  32. Lily August 1, 2014

    I will say it again. I don’t like the Kardashian but some of y’all do the worst. Yes she did that s** tape and we know she do back it up that why the Kardashian is a Household name mention it ppl will know who you’re talking about unlike this 30yr old Adrienne Bailon Rob ex. And some of y’all need to STFU cus ur p**** are like highways we don’t know how many vehicles has passes thru it. Adrienne need to Let it Go.

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