Transgender Model Sparks ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Discrimination Drama


It may have made stars out of ‘Atlanta’s Erica Dixon and ‘New York’s Erica Mena, but it seems Mona Scott-Young‘s ‘Love & Hip Hop’ empire wasn’t as keen to welcome Urban model Sidney Starr, famed for her supposed relationship with rapper Chingy.

Why the transgender TV hopeful says she wasn’t cast in any of ‘Hip Hop’s spinoffs?

Her claims below…

After revealing that she hoped to join any one of the show’s spinoffs, Sidney Starr took her efforts to video sharing site YouTube by uploading a ‘Love & Hip Hop Chicago’ audition tape to her personal page, calling on Young and ‘VH1‘ to consider her for the yet to be announced series.

Alas, her shot at Reality TV fame came to no avail, seemingly ignored by ‘Love’s production company, ‘Monami Entertainment.’

Now, as the show’s ‘Atlanta‘ arm continues to pull in enviable viewing figures, Starr has suggested that her status as a male to female transgender person is to blame for the show’s decision not to cast to her.

How she did it? During a conversation with ‘Vlad TV’ on gay rappers breaking into mainstream culture.

She explained:

There was a time in my life when I really really wanted to get on a particular show, and let’s just say I was very close to making this particular show and I believe that my situation is what stopped me. That’s why I hope that this gay rapper- or whoever he gon’ be- does happen so we can show people in the world that anything is possible.

What do you make of Starr’s allegations?

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  1. Molly July 25, 2014

    Trannys are not the T.

    • Kanye KArdashian July 25, 2014

      Bytch say that to joseline hernandez face. Shes transgender also.

      • FAF July 25, 2014

        But she said it was a lie why would they cast her?

    • Realest July 25, 2014

      Honey how you going to say “they’re not the T” when literally that is the t*****/feminine gay c*** slang that they birthed. Stop it, please just stop it.

  2. DeruloDreamer July 25, 2014

    She probably didn’t get cast because she’s so messy.

  3. NickiBeenBad July 25, 2014

    Sidney has been trying for years but let’s be real, all the DL men she’s been with must be scared she’ll expose them if she gets on TV.

  4. TamartianNavi July 25, 2014

    Girls like her give trannys a bad name. Everyone knows that most trannys trying to get into entertainment have a long list of down low men they’ve been with, so why would she think Hip Hop would accept her ass when her big mouth would only spill the tea they don’t want us to know.

  5. CiciFinnaBeABride July 25, 2014

    Why do Trannys and some gays think they have the right to be messy, promiscuous and salacious. If a real girl came on here talking about how many men she has at one time we would deadass be dragging but she gets a pass.

    • Realest July 25, 2014

      Love and HIP HOP as a whole, is messy, Triflin, slutty (on the mans part more so) and all of the above. No new adjectives spotted.

  6. Kayla C July 25, 2014

    Trannies are so gross and disgusting

    • BeyBeyKing July 25, 2014

      And what about the men who sleep with them behind closed doors? Are they gross and disgusting too?

      • Kayla C July 25, 2014

        Yes they are too, if you going to be gay I rather you be gay and sleep with a manly man not no damn t*****

  7. pat July 25, 2014

    but she’s currenty taping show with Tyra banks for vh1…be quiet girl

    • DanitySlain July 25, 2014

      And so what? She stays booking those “Is it a man or a woman” specials because nobody wants her on any other shows.

      • pat July 25, 2014

        Y u mad tho

  8. maledragabitch July 25, 2014

    Girl bye your not getting casted cause your a liar one day you slept with all these rappers the next you didnt no one wants to deal with that especially Vh1 all the defamation of character law suits they could face Sydney your not worth the trouble

  9. Jessica July 25, 2014

    Didn’t she admit later that she lies about the Chingy situation? I might be wrong but if I’m not,that’s probably the reason why she won’t get ion the show. She ruined that can’t career for 15 minutes if fame. Just sayin

    • maledragabitch July 25, 2014

      Not only Chingy at one point she said she was lying about being a t***** and was a real women doing whatever to become famouse she is a mess

      • Jessica July 25, 2014

        Wow! I didn’t know all that. Yeah she’s a mess. She knows better. I can’t believe she tried to imply discrimination when she’s a known liar. She needs to have several

      • FAF July 25, 2014

        No she’s a TRANS lol but she was lying about Chingy

  10. RoyalNavi July 25, 2014

    She sleeps with rapper, exposes them and denies it when she’s scared. She DID bang Chingy.

    • TRUTH SERUM July 25, 2014

      Receipts???? She took a picture with him. She’s not a good person, ratchetndss personified …

  11. TRUTH SERUM July 25, 2014

    Bye Felicia!!! She ruined my baby daddy’s career with the lie she told. I still love you Chingy. Lmao

    • Jessica July 25, 2014

      Chingy was hot! When he fell off I didn’t know what happened. She’s lucky he was nice about it. Poor guy

  12. MisdamenorFan July 25, 2014

    What’s with all the neck snapping and eye rolling?

  13. XoMoDe July 25, 2014


  14. VH1access Blog July 25, 2014

    She is going to be on VH1’s new reality show about transgender. Carmen Carrera is going to be it too.

  15. Not a Fan July 26, 2014

    What in the world??????? You are not a woman or a classy b@tch. What in the hell….is the world coming to an end? Women do not act like that….over the frickin top.

  16. tera July 26, 2014

    what the hell!!!!!!!!!! goin on @not a fan the world is already at its end point**** wake up

  17. bigface$ July 28, 2014

    Its triffling she just wanna expose d.L men in hiphop.maybe they shld be exsposed.I dnt believe chingy messed with that transverse lol.but anyhoo what’s next

  18. Peuterey Sito Ufficiale December 16, 2014

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