Joan Rivers Placed On Life Support

Published: Saturday 30th Aug 2014 by David


‘Fashion Police‘ front woman Joan Rivers has been placed on life support it has emerged today, now depending on machines to keep her alive.

Rushed to hospital after she stopped breathing during throat surgery on Thursday, Rivers is now completely reliant on life support machines, prompting TMZ to report:

According to our sources, the family will have to decide in the next couple of days whether to keep the 81-year-old on life support. We’re told the family remains hopeful that if they do decide to turn off the machines, she will make a turn for the better and fight through it. 



Keep it locked on TGJ for updates on the comedienne.

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  1. CATFISH CAREY August 30, 2014


    • uriejaraxc August 30, 2014

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  2. Pff August 30, 2014

    Poor thing, Joan was the type of person to read you for filth and then tell a joke to make you feel better about her shading the s*** out of you.May she find peace and may her family remain strong during this hard time!

  3. Huh August 30, 2014

    Her old ass is done! BYE B****!

    • DIGGER BEY August 30, 2014

      Karma is mutha and someone is gonna be saying the same thing about u soon.

  4. Mike August 30, 2014

    I always thought she’s quite funny. Some jokes I don’t like, but same thing with other comedians, really.

    I saw her documentary following her life and she actually seems to be quite a kind person. The ruthless & shocking persona is just for show and comedy purposes

    Hopefully she’ll fight the fight and survive. Unbelievable the energy she has had in her 80s, some people are fifty and already start to slow down!

  5. PeaceMaker August 30, 2014

    So sad… She might not make it, she’s too old to keep going “under the knife”.

    • maurice August 30, 2014

      hey sah-lut bucket, she went under the knife for medical reasons, not because she wanted a new nose.

  6. Valerie August 30, 2014

    Oh no. Shes hilarious. Saw some of her throwback tweets. She has read or shaded everyones fave!

  7. ICONIC RI August 30, 2014

    This is so sad. I pray she makes it.

  8. K August 30, 2014

    sh!t is serious, hope she recovers.

  9. UGH August 30, 2014

    Die b**** die!!

  10. UGH August 30, 2014

    Die b****! Die!!!

  11. sorry… Who? August 30, 2014


    • sorry… Who? August 30, 2014

      tgj avatar fail. they don’t… so do I… 😀

      ohh?… no… 😆


    Ding Dong… you know the rest

    • DIGGER BEY August 30, 2014

      Poor child. Hun why do u want your mom……u know the rest.

    • maurice August 30, 2014

      Coming from a stan who’s fave got shaded to filth by Madge’s old a$$.

      • schEISSETHRONED(GRAPEJUICEKING) August 30, 2014

        Shade that no one was or will ever be here for.
        Madge is a old ass hag that couldn’t get media coverage after saying
        the N-Word. Lets be realistic here hunty

    • Tron August 30, 2014

      LOL Gaga flopped HARD and is now totally irrelevant. That phony freakshow down is DONE! Only gay losers whose dads are ashamed of them still stan for that walking flop.

  13. OMG Logic!!! August 30, 2014

    NO! The world isn’t ready to lose the mother of all female comedians!!!

  14. Tits McGee August 30, 2014

    Joan, I am praying that you pull through! We
    have very few truly funny people left. Joan and
    Paul Mooney are it for me now. If Johnny Carson
    co-sign’s you, you are special.

    Nothing but love. She talks as much s*** about
    herself as anyone!

    I wish her a full recovery!

  15. ChrisTUNA AguiHAHA August 31, 2014

    Bye mummy! may she rotten in hell

  16. yasssssssssss B**** August 31, 2014

    i hope she pulls through

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