‘Lifetime’ Announces New Marilyn Monroe Biopic

Published: Saturday 9th Aug 2014 by David


Marred by sexual abuse, rejection and substance abuse, Marilyn Monroe‘s tragic life is to receive is to retold by ‘Lifetime’ this year, produced by the company behind the ‘History’ miniseries ‘The Kennedys.

Full story below…

Based on J. Randy Taraborrelli‘s ‘The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe’, Lifetime’s ‘Marilyn’ will breathe new life into the actress’ story, detailing her rise from the brunette Norma Jean to the blonde bombshell that was Ms.Monroe, set to explore the highs and lows of a personal life and career previously handled by 1980’s ‘Marilyn: The Untold Story.’

Deadline adds:

At Lifetime, Marilyn joins last year’s The Anna Nicole Story and two other biopics of female entertainers who faced an untimely death that are in production, films about Aaliyah and Whitney Houston.

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  1. MISHKA August 9, 2014

    More like “DeathTime”…

    • omsomxcbxcb August 9, 2014

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  2. K August 9, 2014

    this most be how Marilyn Monroe felt.

  3. S****** Blonde August 9, 2014

    My girlfriend, she was the most beautiful woman to walked on earth, still to this day, the most imitated, most iconic image, 52 years since her death and people are still fascinated with her, she might have had a difficult life but she achieved in some way what humans have been searching for ages, immortality.

    • Stephy August 9, 2014

      Elizabeth Taylor >>>>

  4. ~The Arcade~ August 9, 2014

    You know, there was a time when Lifetime was original (particularly during the early 90s.) Now they have become a caricature of themselves, they are like the VH1 of movies now. How many times are you going to cast the wrong actresses to play Marilyn? and how many times are you going to depict her life? #BRINGBACKSOMEORIGINALITY

  5. VH1access Blog August 9, 2014

    It seems like ever since they aired the Anna Nicole Smith biopic, now they want to create any biopic for any dead celebrity. Aaliyah, whitney and now Marilyn

  6. Jem August 9, 2014

    Lifetime please STOP in the name of good television! You continue to embarrass yourselves with these biopics that you can’t get families and friends of these stars to cosign on. Go back to writing original movies and telling real life stories of women who were abused, family drama and solving crime shows! You all can’t even do proper casting for crying out loud. If these artistes are smart they sign off with their record companies on who gets the rights to do their biopics while they are alive.

  7. dydy972 August 9, 2014

    Lifetime looks more thirsty than creative to me. Doing all those Biopics at the same time does not look refreshing, it’s like a hurry situation considering TV is the new business.

  8. Brian310 August 9, 2014

    What is the point of doing all these movies when you can’t get the families approval, that shuts down so many things that one would need to accurately tell someone’s story.

  9. Lala August 10, 2014

    Why Lifetime? Scraping the barrel for ideas so hard now. How many more times can Marilyn Monroe’s story be told. Its been buried along with her at this point.

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