Megan Good Latest Victim Of iPhone Nude Scandal / Posts Statement

Published: Sunday 21st Sep 2014 by Sam

And there’s another one.

Megan Good is the newest name to join the growing list of actresses who have fallen victim to the nude scandal that has been rocking Hollywood of late.

Today saw topless snaps from the married star’s iPhone “leak” onto the net – much to her horror. The unfortunate episode follows a similar chain of events for her ‘Think Like A Man’ co-star Gabrielle Union, who also saw naked pics surface.

Good’s response…

Via Megan Good:


Your thoughts?

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  1. bleako September 21, 2014

    Meagans leaks are ok, the only celeb that should be embarrassed is hope solo. i really want to unsee her’s.

    • ansragaae September 21, 2014

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  2. LB September 21, 2014

    Say what now?

    Well I’m sorry Megan but Imma have to look up your pics, you are so fine I want to do extra nasty things to you. Sorry (not sorry).

    • Grandma Bey September 21, 2014

      Here all this time, i thought you was a power bottom. 🙂

      • LB September 21, 2014

        Do I look like a Beyonce fan to you?

        I thought we’ve already been through this, I’m bi.

      • CATFISH CAREY September 22, 2014


  3. nancy grace slays September 21, 2014

    Chiild, iphone needs to up their security!
    This s*** is crazy!!

  4. King_Lonnie_19 on twitter September 21, 2014

    She was flawless tho

  5. Dem Lessors September 21, 2014

    So many dumb b****** in Hollywood saving their s*** on iCloud, I can’t.

    • Knowles Carter September 21, 2014

      I don’t think the average person knows their stuff is being saved to iCloud even when you delete it. I know I didn’t.

      • Dem Lessors September 21, 2014

        You aren’t a celebrity who has a public image to maintain, they on the other hand do. Why would you take them nudes and keep them on your phone? At least delete after!

      • Knowles Carter September 22, 2014

        They did delete the photos dumb ass that was the point

      • Dem Lessors September 22, 2014

        Kid are you 12 or something? Your tone is telling me your balls haven’t dropped yet. If it was deleted, how did they recover it. So you delete your stuff and they magically reappear…and I’m a “dumbass”?! Ok, Loool!

  6. Skyfall September 21, 2014

    When are they gonna start leaking the Mens photos, f*** these b******.

    • LB September 21, 2014

      I know right, I’m so pissed about that too.

    • Dem Lessors September 21, 2014

      Damn you’ve got the idea in my head now. I wanna see Zayn Malik, Pharrell, Chris Evans, The Wayan Bros and Morgan Freeman.

      • Skyfall September 21, 2014

        Yassss Zayn is everything !!!!!! He’s the reason I Stan 1D

      • Mother September 22, 2014

        Morgan freeman tho, sis? LOL

      • Dem Lessors September 22, 2014

        That boy is too pretty, how Harry Styles is consider the cute one I don’t know? Plus you know Morgan has a big d***!

  7. bibi93 September 21, 2014

    Great show

  8. yeah baby September 21, 2014

    Baby seeing your nudes was blessing. Next time give us a lil more

  9. SMH September 21, 2014

    She does have some great tits.

    • LB September 21, 2014

      She has the best tits out of all the nudes I’ve seen.

  10. KD September 21, 2014

    Why is everyone taking nude pics now? What a perverse world we’ve become.

  11. Valerie September 22, 2014

    Its clearly a man/group of men responsible for this (as usual). All women are victims. And hasn’t Rihannas been leaked? Except its not really a shock, shes naked all the time anyway.

    • Rihanna #1 fan t September 23, 2014

      Exactly.. therefore she ain’t apart of it.. Her and Kim K don’t count

  12. let’s be real September 22, 2014

    sam, i know y’all seen that pic of Rihanna naked riding some dude on a boat and theres another naked man on the side.child..THE SCANDAL lol

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