Watch: ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood – (Season 1 – Episode 1)’

Published: Sunday 14th Sep 2014 by David


After watching ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s third season enjoy a healthy run ratings run earlier this year, VH1 welcomes the arrival of its East Coast based sister ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘!

This week, as to introduce its potential viewers to its characters, the network has released an ‘Advanced Screening’ of the series, now available to enjoy below!

Got 41 minutes to spare?

Hit ‘Hollywood’ after the jump…

Be sure to catch ‘Hip Hop’s televised season premiere September 15th, on VH1.

Your thoughts?

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    • luaoscakc September 14, 2014

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  2. AngieStoneLuvah1989 September 14, 2014

    Teiarra needs to be ashamed of herself. If there are Youtube singers who can put out music and get deals there is no excuse for her not having put out an album since she was dropped nearly ten years ago. Doesn’t she see that she won’t have a successful career playing this ratchet woman scorned character? She can’t be any older than 27 but looks 40 because she’s always so angry and I’m sad for her because she had so much potential but would rather spend her time looking pretty instead of looking for directions to the studio.

    • BritneyArmy September 14, 2014

      Is she any worse than Tamar Braxton?

      • AngieStoneLuvah1989 September 14, 2014

        Nobody takes Tamar seriously and Tamar is more known for being a reality TV star than she is a singer even though most people won’t admit it. Nobody cared about her until she used Toni to get those shows and then she used them to jumpstart her career.

        Mari was known as a singer before anything else and has basically been hopping around doing nothing for the last ten years and then comes back with this s*** thinking ANYBODY is gonna go up for if she puts out an album.

  3. ConfessionsofaGoodKisser September 14, 2014

    Omarion please, why are you acting like your solo career slayed your B2K career. You had one hit with Ice Box and that was it, everyone will always know you as Omarion from B2K so just deal with it.

    • BaddieBey September 14, 2014

      They wanna leave it in the past because of the trauma of it all. You know what I’m talking about.

      • credits September 14, 2014


  4. Lana Del Bae September 14, 2014

    The only way to watch this is if you accept that it’s fiction 2bh.

  5. KelisIsHere September 14, 2014

    Why is O’s mom trying to be Momma Dee.

  6. Shaniah Mari September 14, 2014

    Ms Teairra looks good and I am rooting for her!

    • FentySoSnatched September 14, 2014

      Did you route for her when she forgot she was a singer?

      • Shaniah Mari September 14, 2014

        The word is ROOT not ROUTE.
        For example. ROOT.
        “I am rooting for the home team”
        “Rihanna asked me for the nearest route to the S** clinic.”

        See the difference?

      • FentySoSnatched September 14, 2014

        You want to talk about S**’s when your fave’s p**** funk was just exposed all around the world? Let’s not.

      • Shaniah Mari September 14, 2014

        Look here b****. The only reason T isn’t on Rihanna’s level is because of SOS and you and I both know it, DJ were gonna drop the both of them until she got SOS and so they kept her. Don’t fool yourself into thinking Rihanna is where she is because of talent because she is not, she’s there because she got lucky with a song somebody else wrote for her. DJ didn’t even wanna put any money into her which is why she had to pay for the first video herself and ONLY WHEN it picked up did they give her money to shoot the video we all know.
        So remember that the next time you wanna fix your duck lips to throw shade boo boo.

  7. PrettyWings88 September 14, 2014

    Moniece is clearly a bad mom.

    • FantasiaSlayrino September 14, 2014

      Yes girl, and it’s so great to see Fizz being a great dad.

    • Nat King Keyshia Cole September 14, 2014

      Homegirl has some cheek to be talking about respect as a mother when she can’t even find time to look after her own child. My mom worked two jobs and STILL had time to look after my sisters and I so she needs to be grateful that she’s got a baby daddy who is responsible enough to a full time pops.

  8. Ashley September 14, 2014

    Deadass wanted to see Razberry in this. He’s still the bae.

    • Charli S.E.X September 14, 2014

      Thought I was the only one thinking this. #DemLips #DatSmile

    • SoGone4Monica September 14, 2014

      He’s not on it?

      • Pills N Lotion September 14, 2014

        Girl you ain’t see the trailer? he ain’t on it. Unless he finna be a surprise guest or suttin.

  9. BeySting September 14, 2014

    1. Omarion can’t act.
    2. His mother needs to find a new storyline because this Momma Dee impression isn’t working out.
    3. Fizz is slaying me with his Father of the Year realness.
    4. That blonde chick is too old to be pursuing a career in rap music.

    • BigBootyLopez September 14, 2014

      A Beyonce fan talking about acting skills? My head hurts.

  10. Amaria Alsina September 14, 2014

    No shade but why does Omarion think he’s bigger than B2K when he’s only ever had one hot song that did well on the charts.

    • Keyshia Del Rey September 14, 2014

      Because someone gassed him and told him he was. B2K were iconic but he wanted to be Usher but didn’t know that nobody is here for two of the same artist at the same time. He needs to just own the fact that he slayed as part of a group and should be respected for that.

  11. OVOElijah September 14, 2014

    I wonder if my King will make an appearance.

    • Memoirs Of Maxwell Carey September 14, 2014

      From what i’ve seen Elijah isn’t ratchet, so no.

  12. Molly September 14, 2014

    Its ok but it has nothing on love and hip hop ATL. Teairras a mess she’s over here cooning out over ray j lol she’s #trash

  13. Greg September 14, 2014

    I loved Teairra Mari’s album back in 2005, but this makes me sad. I just feel like her and Ray J are the Mini and Stevie J (season 1) version of Love & Hiphop:Hollywood.

  14. lol September 14, 2014

    Teaira mari should be using the platform to relaunch her music career like Kmichelle/tamar have done, instead of playing a hood rat scorned over community d***. So embarrassing. girl you were the former princess of rocafella

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