Beyonce Designer Blasts Racism Claims In New Statement

Published: Monday 20th Oct 2014 by David


Designer for the stars Michael Costello has hit out at claims he is a racist bigot this week, after fans of his client Beyonce urged her to cut ties with him when the image below began to circulate around social media.


Now, as pressure mounted on the Grammy winner to put an end to her working relationship with him, the designer has released a statement claiming the image above is more fiction than is fact, photo shopped by a disgruntled employee determined to take him down.

In a statement released recently, Costello claims:

It recently came to my attention that a falsified image was created depicting a comment from my account with the use of a racist and derogatory slur.  The edited screenshot was shared via Instagram by a rogue account that has a history of attacking myself, loved ones and brands.  

The hurtful screenshot circulating is fake and does not represent my views on society, nor do I condone the use of such a terrible term.  It deeply saddens me that an individual would go to such lengths at an attempt to demean and misrepresent my character.  My designs are centered on accentuating the inherent and natural beauty found in EVERY woman.  My career would not be where it is today without the support of individuals from all walks of life.

We are currently looking into this urgent matter to identify the culprit.  At this time, we have reason to believe the fake image was edited and circulated by a disgruntled intern who is no longer employed at Michael Costello. Once the individual is fully identified, we intend to pursue legal action.

Thank you,

Michael Costello

The racially charged drama comes just 10 months after the ‘Killing Time’ singer wore on of Michael’s designs to the 56th annual Grammy Awards, and after  a number critics accused the well-loved designer of biting ideas from up and coming creatives to impress the likes of Carter and her fellow A-Listers.

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  1. Nicki Is Queen October 20, 2014


    • MisdamenorFan October 20, 2014

      Icki = Yawn

    • casowzert October 20, 2014

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  2. BaddieBey October 20, 2014

    I call b*******.

  3. BeyBeyKing October 20, 2014

    Lool, are we expected to believe this? He better hope the person he sent that too doesn’t provide some more receipts.

  4. Lil Wayne stan October 20, 2014

    It’s not him, the media outlets would have been all over it if it was. I would like to know though, who did he p*** off so bad that they went out of their way to create a replica account and post those hateful words, to try and sabatoge his career ?

  5. I Am…Romeo Fierce October 20, 2014

    Do they think we’re stupid?

  6. Beysus October 20, 2014

    False comments like that on social media are created all the time… I don’t think he really said that…

  7. FutureCIARA October 20, 2014

    He’s a Fat H.IV Infected Pigg!
    Who gives a F**!

    • Mary J Slay October 20, 2014

      Just like ciara career infected

  8. SMH October 20, 2014

    So another racist gets caught with its ass out, and he claims its fake. Yeah, ok. And the shiit he designed for her is ugly, but that’s to be expected, since she has no fashion sense anyway.

  9. Mingxxx October 20, 2014

    Visual copyright Thief beyonce and Visual designer thief why are we not surprised . word of the day….FRAUD….be good out there boys n girls

  10. Mingxxx October 20, 2014

    Visual thief beyonce and designer thief costel. why are we not surprised … word of the day is ….FRAUD…. ok boys n girls

  11. Twitter: @OnikaBoss October 21, 2014

    The ignorance…..

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