BET Axe ‘106 & Park’ From The Air After 14 Years

Published: Friday 14th Nov 2014 by Sam
106 & Park, January 15, 2013. (photo: John Ricard / BET)

As the age old adage goes, all good things must come to an end.

Moments ago BET announced the end of their flagship countdown show ‘106 & Park’ — as a TV format.

Details below..

Per the shock press release, the show – which has been hosted by AJ & Free, Terrence J & Rocsi, and now Bow Wow & Keisha Chante – will cease airing in its traditional form from December 19th.

Thereafter, it’ll be a digital/online franchise only…although exact plans have not yet been confirmed.

Stephen Hill, BET’s President of Music Programming and Specials, had this to say:

We all have our favorite moments from the show that has put youth culture on television daily since the first year of this century. We have pride in being involved with the show that has welcomed almost every movie star, music superstar, and fresh faced talent you can name (you can even throw in a First Lady). We’ve all laughed with and been entertained by the young men and women hosts that have charmed us at 6pm (and more recently 5pm) each weekday.

All of us have been touched by 106 & Park.

Now it’s time for 106 & Park, as a daily TV entity, to take a bow and exit.

It’s been a great 14 year run as America’s top music/variety show on cable. And now that very valuable brand is going to take its talents to the digital realm.  It’ll be very exciting to connect with the millions of people that are already engaged with 106 & Park and other BET digital and social media entities and bring content that will further evolve the 106 & Park brand…and enhance the overall BET Networks brand.

I’m not trying to minimize it; this is a very big change. We thank all the people who have worked on the show over the years; the talented hosts, the hard-working staff, production crews, and all the incredible guests we’ve had. Most of all, we’d like to humbly thank the “livest audience”, both in studio and at home, who fueled this landmark TV show from the very beginning. Meet you in the digital domain.

While some will use the announcement as a means to fire shots, we’ll use it to tip our hats to the network, producers, and all involved with delivering an awesome show that has moments now etched in Pop culture history.

It’s fair to say that in recent years the series never quite could recapture the magic of the AJ & Free or Terrence J & Rocsi years, as such this moment has been nigh for a while.

In any case, we’re eager to see what the network plan create to replace it. For, with every ending comes great opportunity embedded in new beginnings.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Pat November 14, 2014

    Wow, times are changing… 🙁

    • You tried November 14, 2014

      These Beyonce fake stand need to cut it out and most important any human Being hating a child and their African roots need to hang their self LITERLY! B**** u must be one miserable Fat/broke\weak/Nothing a** B**** to put ur lips on child!! Shut the F*** up !

      Blue is one HELL OF A RICH 2yr old ! One of the richest! And she is not F+*ked up about yo weak ass comments


  2. NiCKI WILL SLAY November 14, 2014

    Well that is good b/c Bow was horrible and Keisha has no personality. He should stick to acting so I am glad he has a new gig on CSI.

    Anyway, they should maybe just do what VH1 does. THey have like a WHO’S NEXT concert every year to highlight new artists.

    I hope the people that disrespected Beyonce & Blue are all fired.

  3. 7 November 14, 2014

    That blue Ivy curse. Lol

  4. Blue Ivy stan(Old King B) November 14, 2014

    who run the world? Blue!

    • Pat November 14, 2014

      Yall need to stop. That little nappy headed baby didn’t have anything to do with this show’s financial crisis. People love trying to make everything about Beyonce as if she’s Jesus Christ himself.

      • Kyle November 14, 2014

        And you people get mad over nothing. Have a seat and stop coming for a baby pathetic soul.

      • RCi November 14, 2014

        and u make fun of children… who’s really the bad one here.

  5. Beysus November 14, 2014

    LOL Beyonce shut that s*** DOOOWN!!!! No one makes fun of Blue and gets away with it…

    • realtalk November 14, 2014

      I knew it would only be a few more days before the show would be cancel. You just don’t go or make fun of children let alone a high profile celebrity child of Beyoncé/Jay z. That should have always been off limits. I’m glad because the show fell short after Terrence J and Rosci.

      • Beysus November 14, 2014

        I know!!! I mean it’s a child’s hair for Gods sake!!! Leave it alone!!!

  6. How Many Drinks November 14, 2014

    Lol Blue Ivys impact. Nah Im joking, in all seriousness its about time. The show died a death after Rocsi and Terrance. Some things just should not be dragged out.

  7. Beysus November 14, 2014

    Is Karrueche Tran getting deported yet??? *sips tea*

    • Umm November 14, 2014

      Have u got ya ticket so you can actually visit the country you obsessively stan for or nah, still at home in your kilt and bagpipes get up???

      • Skyfall November 14, 2014


      • CATFISH CAREY November 14, 2014


  8. November 14, 2014

    well this explains everything, that chick diss nicki to get press and then that girl made fun of Blue Ivy. now that was the straw that broke the camels back.they new there time was coming to an end so they went ofter high profile people to get press drama.

  9. Realest November 14, 2014

    Has nothing do with beyonce, retards…. It’s been on air almost 20 years and just needs to be done (should been over tbh). It’s a far cry from the days of Aj and Free and better to bow out, somewhat, gracefully than to keep going. Same happened to TRL. I swear some girls can’t even get BET where they live and commenting like the know what’s tea.. Smh

    • Pat November 14, 2014

      Lmao, Ikr. I promise most of the people who comment don’t have lives, lobs, or cable. They make the s*** so obvious!

  10. November 14, 2014

    106&park was around for sometime, Nicki went there got love and others, but this chick came from now were dissing her for kim, she didn’t have to do have fan of kim cool but you are on your job be professional,don’t be dissing a former guess and i guess who have to potential of coming back on the show.i guess the big wigs didn’t like that, and that girl who attack blue ivy come on now. even if Beyonce wanted to go and take Bule with her, ofter what that chick did i doubt she would go on there.

    • Realest November 14, 2014

      The reach and delusion. It was on for almost 20 years and like every tv show just wasn’t as it used to be so they bowed out. Like TRL and just about every show that is on for that long. Has nothing to do with queen bey or fake b***

      • Blue Ivy stan(Old King B) November 14, 2014

        do your work for EBT? shut ur a*** up and bow down it not our fault that our fave has so much impact why hate?

      • Realest November 14, 2014

        You’re an idiot, Beyonce is one of my favorite artist ever. My comment still remains the same and stop shading EBT when my tax dollars afford you that $189 stipend you get every month- PUTA!

      • Blue Ivy stan(Old King B) November 14, 2014

        ahahaha t’ marrante salope Im not american I’m from belgium we moved to DC because of my Dad job next fall Im going to Yale I don’t even know what a tipsend or whatever is I only know that poor black people like you are on EBT and they like to watch EBT while talking s*** about BEYONCE because she has money they will never see now Check onthat now who you talkin to don’t get us confused

      • Realest November 14, 2014

        You’re going to Yale but you don’t even know what the word stipend means? hahahahaahahaha, baby girl google dictionary is your friend. You know, kinda like google translate was your friend when you used it to try and pretend you were bilingual(know what that means)??? You tried it though

      • Pat November 14, 2014

        @Realest, lmfao!!!

      • Myles November 16, 2014


    • Blue Ivy stan(Old King B) November 14, 2014

      the f*** i’m from Belgium we speak dutch and french there I was born and raised in Brussels wich is mostly french speaking we vbeen livin’ in the US for 1and half year Im not pretending anything. and I got nothing to prove you the admission office at Yale thouhgh that I was good enough so your opinion is irrelevant now go on and continue to hate in a baby

  11. Tyler November 14, 2014

    Awwwwww bye 106&Park. It was cool while it lasted):

  12. Beysus November 14, 2014

    November 14, 2014 at 4:08 pm
    Umm says:
    “Have u got ya ticket so you can actually visit the country you obsessively stan for or nah, still at home in your kilt and bagpipes get up???”

    LOL!!!! Look at this b****… They’re still here bragging about how great my country is… NOW who’s the obsessive one???… *sips tea*

    • Umm November 14, 2014

      And yet you’re worried about our shows, our acts, our culture using our terminology (sips tea) and who’s being deported from our country. Honey the try Hards and wannabes are in this beyooootch but the fact still remain miss thing

  13. Skyfall November 14, 2014

    As much as 106 @ park has become trash I doont think they should axe it, they need better host to gain viewership and need to come on later like at 5 and push The Real back to 6. This is the nit show a lot of black artist have and without it 15-20k first week sales will be seen more often. Then again it could force labels to engage in real promotion for their urban artist to see a profit.

  14. #TeamTinashe Stan “Aquarius” Now In Stores November 14, 2014

    So foolish. Reality shows are taking over TV. I don’t think this is a good idea I mean the show has such a profound legacy and it’s BET’s flagship program. All they had to do is get rid of Bow Wow and Keshia Chanté because although they weren’t that bad, they both have different priorities. Bow Wow is acting and Keshia is trying to break in the U.S music scene so they were both part timers.
    Stephen Hill is the worst……. that’s all.

    • Blue Ivy stan(Old King B) November 14, 2014

      is flopquarius plastic yet?

      • Pat November 14, 2014

        @Blue, what does that have to do with this bloggers article though. What is wrong with you people? Get a got damn life heifer!

  15. Beysus November 14, 2014

    November 14, 2014 at 4:16 pm
    Umm says:
    “And yet you’re worried about our shows, our acts, our culture using our terminology (sips tea) and who’s being deported from our country. Honey the try Hards and wannabes are in this beyooootch but the fact still remain miss thing”

    The “You can’t sit with us” line was told to ANOTHER American, NOT the girl from Africa… *sips tea*

    • Umm November 14, 2014

      Comprehension is key. You can’t sit with us means you want to join in our crowd and be on our bandwagon but in reality you can’t and in your case should stick to stanning for that of which is obtainable and realistic to you and yours.. WERK THOSE PIPES B****!

  16. Kyle November 14, 2014

    It’s been SHITTT for ages! It’s about time. They don’t get good guests anymore and it’s just dry. Kids are not into these music shows like they were 10 years ago. Sad but true. Some networks cling on to these shows in vain because of the past.

  17. TheElusiveLamb November 14, 2014

    What will Shad Moss do now???? 🙁

    • Sherry November 14, 2014

      He’s a decent actor. He should pursue that more.

  18. Beysus November 14, 2014

    November 14, 2014 at 4:28 pm
    Umm says:
    Comprehension is key. You can’t sit with us means you want to join in our crowd and be on our bandwagon but in reality you can’t and in your case should stick to stanning for that of which is obtainable and realistic to you and yours.. WERK THOSE PIPES b****!

    Wow… You took your time to fan girl over my country’s music… *sips tea* PREACH!!! All the more promo for me… No one gives a f*** bout where you’re from, h**…

      • Kelly November 14, 2014


      • Mark111 November 14, 2014

        Hahahahaha! Umm, that was mean… and funny.

  19. Beysus November 14, 2014

    If we could only support the people in our country, then no one would have worldwide success… So who does this b**** think they are??? *sips tea*

    • Umm November 14, 2014

      There is most definitely wrong with supporting world wide artists who you like. But theres a big difference between that and using that artist to shade and disrespect other artists/cultures/thing from that country when 1.) it’s not your country 2.) you’ve never been there and 3.) you don’t stan for anything from your own country and 4.) just look (down) at your country.

  20. Sherry November 14, 2014

    Tbh 106 and Park died around 08. Who needs to watch a music video countdown when we have YouTube? I remember being in the audience back in 06 when Ciara premiered the Promise video. The good days: 😆

  21. Beysus November 14, 2014

    Hands up if you wanna see this “Umm” character fan girl over Scotland some more??? *raises hand*

    • Umm November 14, 2014

      Hands up if you’d like beysus to experience american culture before she stans for it like its her highschool alma mater

  22. Beysus November 14, 2014

    Explain this… In the United States, it entered the Billboard 200 at number five with first-week sales of 35,000 copies, marking Harris’s first top ten album on the chart, as well as his best sales week in the US.[20] It also became his second album to top the Billboard ’​s Dance/Electronic Albums chart, following 18 Months (2012)

    • Umm November 14, 2014

      The only time Calvin is brought up by you is when conversations about you serial america stanning is brought up. honey you don’t for that man so stop pretending and lets not act like his generic EDM is anything native to scotland. he, like you stans for us too, hence hime getting half a piece of popular and ran here!!

  23. Pat November 14, 2014

    It’s so sad how a post about a show being taken off air is turned into the devils playground. This site needs a good moderator, because the struggle for hits is real! Yes, I dissed Beyonce and Blue Ivy and I will do it again. You gays are pathetic, smh! Fav this, fav that…Snatch hair, wigs whatever, shut the f*** up please!!!

    • Lydia November 14, 2014

      The only one who made it a ‘devils playground’ is you since you dissed both babies and made homophobic remarks. Why are you getting mad because people talk about a baby in jest. Lmao… Get a life and scroll past. Its not that serious.

      • Pat November 14, 2014

        @Lydia, lol. You mad or nah?! I’m not homophobic at all! I’m specifically talking to the gays on this site with their messy asses! Oh and don’t bother responding heifer because I’ve just finished your ass off!

      • Lydia November 14, 2014

        No Im not mad at all, just pointing out the contradiction. Clearly YOU are because all this is just because Blue Ivy was bought up (lol). Listen PATricia, what was the point in highlighting the word ‘gay’? How do you know if they are all gay anyway? I am a straight female who visits this site. You are ‘supposedly’ not gay. And more to the point, what does being GAY have to do with the topic at hand? If a white person at a rally turned round and said ‘you black people are pathetic’ and started talking about typically black terminology, they would be called racist. So yes it was homophobic. So lets not. You used the term ‘gay’ to give yourself some kind if psuedo superiorty on the matter, when you’re probably one yourself. So don’t try it with me. You won’t finish anyone but yourself.

  24. Beysus November 14, 2014

    B**** doesn’t even make sense…

  25. Beysus November 14, 2014

    Hands up if you’d like Umm to experience Scottish culture since they’re clearly obsessed with it….

  26. November 14, 2014

    on the real though i’ll be missing it, i have alot of fun memories of the show. and it was a platform for new artist and vets to be introduce to younger and new audience. this show was really good for the game, mybe they where trying to make it work/save it but it was in vain so they had no choice but to cut it. like i said the show will be miss.

  27. Beysus November 14, 2014

    To think an Australian rapper can get a US #1 before Nicki… If you can support other countries, why can’t we support you??? Delusional b****…

    • Umm November 14, 2014

      That Australian came to our country and used our culture and got lucky. Those who stan for her are stanning for rap, southern swagger and hip hop culture.. Nothing about her or her music is australian, it’s southern american… Now if she was making kangaroo jams etc ok, but she’s not- she’s making american music.

      • Kelly November 14, 2014

        Not Kangaroo jams! I can’t breathe!!!!
        #I need oxygen

      • Mark111 November 14, 2014

        kangaroo jams ! lol

  28. Lydia November 14, 2014

    Oh well. It hasn’t really been relevant in years.

  29. AmbeRussell November 14, 2014

    The show did pass its prime. Music videos on tv died yrs ago, as why mtv ONLYkays them at odd morning hrs. But both channels do need to find some way to break new artist, and to promote musicians. Maybe a music talk show or something that plays new music videos and the artist discuss their music etc. none the less, black (rap and rnb) artist will be hurt the most as MTV hits doesn’t play what 106 n park was playing, so they will get no shine

  30. Beysus November 14, 2014

    Yet you still support that h**…

  31. ~The Arcade~ November 14, 2014

    The show’s ending because there are no real good guests on there anymore and like someone said, who needs a countdown when there are different online outlets to find music and talent? They had a great run, but where are the new ‘urban’ acts going to promote and perform, now that this is axed?… lets be real

    • BeyRihLiyah November 14, 2014

      these artist can still do promo on all of the day tim and night time talk shows and hell artist don’t even promote anymore from the urban artist to the cross over mainstream artist

  32. Suicide Blonde November 14, 2014

    Well, it was a just a black version of TRL.

  33. BeyRihLiyah November 14, 2014

    WELP SO LONG trl was better any way because it had all of the cross over artist 106 just had the hood artist

    • Sherry November 14, 2014

      BUT 106 and park outlasted TRL so they were doing something right.

      • BeyRihLiyah November 14, 2014

        and? trl was still better I mean don’t get me wrong 106 did have some unforgettable moments

  34. Avi November 14, 2014

    Who the hell cares? This bratty and obnoxious show was always insufferable anyway. Bring back Video Soul. That was a real countdown video show.

  35. Calvin November 14, 2014

    Finally this show was tired.

  36. A gal November 14, 2014

    Good about time. Nobody was watching that mess

  37. taqueria arandas November 14, 2014

    In All Honesty 106 & Park should died when TRL did…. It never had any real acclaim after that

  38. Biting Truth November 14, 2014

    Good. 106&Park was the downfall of BET anyway. Prior to this obvious TRL knockoff, BET didn’t exclusively target 12 to 20 year olds and pander to everything annoying about that demo. It also had a multitude of music video shows on the air, whereas BET foolishly made this thier only music show. 106 & Park did nothing good.

  39. Eldela November 14, 2014

    If they are smart they will replace it with another music show and not try to use that tired “digital” excuse as a reason for neglecting videos. I can watch CSI on, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t air on TV.

  40. Taylor swift number 1 fan!! November 14, 2014

    WW sales: @taylorswift13, “1989” 573,000 (2,254,000 total).

  41. beautifuldisaster89 November 14, 2014

    Yea I think it’s ran it’s course I preferred AJ and Free though they had great chemistry I miss the old BET with teen summit cita’s world rap city hits from the street ….good times…

  42. Molly November 14, 2014

    Thank god!! This show should’ve been cancelled over 5 years ago.

    • Dem Lessors November 14, 2014

      But were will Clara promote her s*** now, she was on 106 everyday promoting her last album. Dread to think of the struggles she’ll be having next era.

      • BeyRihLiyah November 14, 2014

        lol I guess FLOPARA is done

  43. Mark111 November 14, 2014

    Who waits til 6 o’clock to watch cheap music video in the age of YouTube and smartphones? The show made a mark tho, so many stars had been on it, even Aaliyah’s last interview was on 106. It will go down as the soul train/ Apollo of our time. But everything must come to an end.

    Now how’s Bow Wow gonna eat? Lol

  44. Rosie November 14, 2014

    LOL. Where are the F-list Urban radio nobodies going to shade Beyoncé now?

  45. Nicki is queen!!! November 14, 2014

    #BeyNikaVoodoo 😉

  46. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) November 14, 2014

    FINALLY!!!!! Who the f*ck still watched that mess? Once Bow Wow became a host, I wanted BET taken off my cable…

  47. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) November 14, 2014

    AND FYI, ya’ll know Beyonce did this after they tried shading blu right?? LOL #BeyImpact

  48. jumpingthrgun November 14, 2014


  49. CzarM November 14, 2014

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. 106 & Park was always b******* music show, as was TRL — the show it so shamelessly impersonated. It’s annoying that both MTV and BET had *much* better music video shows before them, yet they somehow got considered ‘flagship’ shows, despite actually being what ultimately destroyed music videos at both networks.

  50. dydy972 November 15, 2014

    I’m so sad but let’s say things straight : since Bow wow arrived on the show, the flavour of 106 and park was forever gone.
    They were usually casting unknown people to give them a chance and we liked it.
    Anyways, my teenage years were all about watching 106 and park, i have great memories with that show and congratulations BET for 14 years.
    AJ and free plus Rocsi and terrence were my favorite, they made the glorious days of the show and i thank them a lot for that.
    I can’t wait to see the last special show.

  51. MsThing485 November 15, 2014

    I’m glad it’s finally over. That show was always like Sesame Street on Ice. If they create a new music show, I hope it’s one without a screaming studio audience. BET used to have music shows with just the host, the guest and videos playing in between interviews and performances. Like PLANET GROOVE; the music video show that was proceeded 106, hosted by the Caribbean woman. Let’s get back to that and leave the Romper Room silliness alone.

  52. Mudarris101 November 26, 2014

    The Blue Ivy joke was the kiss of death. Having Lil Kim on to diss Nicki was the nail in the coffin.

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