TGJ TV Preview: ‘Deion’s Family Playbook’ (Season 2)


Primetime Deion Sanders, despite his larger than life persona and occasional third person reference, is a strikingly candid, down to earth man – if our advanced screening of ‘Deion’s Family Playbook’ is anything to go by. He values his mother, girlfriend Tracy Edmonds, and most of all his “babies” as he affectionately refers to his 10 children (some adopted) he currently raises as a single father.

A black, solo parent who contradicts the readily available media representations chalk full of pathologies and
cliche’s of the hood. Though ironically cliched in itself, Sanders views this reality show as an “opportunity to demonstrate strong black fatherhood.” He says its’ a “tightrope” between giving them the silver spoon he didn’t have while still wanting his sons to be “dawgz”. That perhaps is what is most compelling component about ‘Deion’s Family Playbook’ in the sea of reality shows rehearsing tired stereotypes in an effort to ignite careers, sell records, and wig lines; it’s surprisingly honest.

If there is a product being sold, it would be that of family, football, and the old African adage that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Sanders says he keeps his kids grounded through example. Traits such as “picking up trash when no one is looking” are important to Sanders because he knows kids don’t take things for granted; they must be shown. It isn’t an entire Cosby episode however, there is plenty of conflict, drama, and laughs in this playbook. Moments of interest include a scandal with Deion’s TRUST Academy, his daughter’s adjustment to her parents divorce, and Shiloh’s musical possible collaboration with Snoop Dogg.

The second season of ‘Deion’s Family Playbook’ premiers on OWN November 1st 9:00 pm ET.

Preview By: Richard Pittman (That Grape Juice, New York)

We’ll be watching…will you?

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