Did You Miss It?: Yung Berg Fired From ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’ After Arrest

Published: Saturday 8th Nov 2014 by Rashad
Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event

Rapper Yung Berg may have been ousted from his last vehicle to relevancy as reports surface indicating the has been fired from the hit VH1 show ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’.

As fans of the show know, the “dark butts” detractor was arrested after assaulting his girlfriend Masika Tucker and reportedly “grabbing her by the neck, throwing her onto the ground, dragging her by her hair,  and punching her in the face.”  According to a number of sources, the altercation began after Berg’s credit card was declined during an outing.  The result of his actions now see his name removed from the show’s roster.

See VH1’s official statement about the ordeal below:


“Based on the severity of the allegations against Yung Berg, VH1 is terminating its relationship with him in connection with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, effective immediately,” the network posted on its website Friday (Nov. 7).

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  1. TheElusiveLamb November 8, 2014

    LOL! That creature said it best, “Karma is a b****.”

    • menthoert November 9, 2014

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  2. Chocolate_Chip November 8, 2014

    What I find so incredibly disturbing is the fact that they fired only him for being violent. I do not condone nor tolerate Domestic Violence, but its a bit sexist and discriminatory the fact that they fired him after his altercation with his girlfriend while he wasn’t filming, yet they keep all of the other extremely abusive individuals who literally fight every episode. Someone is constantly being attacked physically on that show (mainly women attacking other women) yet they are still on the shows. This is why I do not respect Mona Scott. This is sad. She is no role model for African Americans or women period. If she were she wouldn’t create this filth.

    • rose gold November 8, 2014

      Everybody don’t want to be a role model. most people in this world are screwed up in the first place anyway. He got arrested for beating a woman down. He deserves to be fired.

  3. JanetXone November 8, 2014

    Mona thinks she’s on the same level as Shonda when the only thing she knows how to produce is cheap and entertaining trash.

  4. Jazz November 8, 2014

    From the way he acts and talks about women on the show, he look like the type -alittle b**** boy- who would hit a woman. i dont put nothing pass him. Vh1 did the right thing.

  5. yasssssssssss B**** November 8, 2014

    so stupid,his only avenue of relevancy is now gone smh !

  6. Gregg November 8, 2014

    GOOD!! shouldnt have hired this piece of s*** anyway…..I lost all respect for him after he said ” he’s kind of racist against dark skinned women”…. just a @#%& idiot.

  7. Teacher November 8, 2014

    Rihanna HAS sold over 300k in a single wk b4!! She sold exactly 306,107 copies of Loud in ONE week in the UK alone! And this wasn’t the first week, but the 4th/5thweek!!! #EVENBETTER
    It’s irrelevant to this post but imma keep postin it til you bitter biitches come up w smthng else!
    Receipt: go google “Rihanna 306107″ and find all those who reported on it! This tired ass Beyonce fansite ddnt report on it tho! #PressedMuch

    • MamaWallace November 9, 2014

      So annoyed how people ALWAYS post stupid s*** that doesn’t relate to the article. Quit spamming because I see you copy and pasted from another article that has nothing to do with Rihanna. Go and post your s*** under RIHANNA. And this goes for everyone else who hops on the comment thread about X and start going off about Z. Dumbasses just stick to the topic for Chrissakes!

  8. Sugar&Spice November 9, 2014

    Even though I can’t stand that ugly midget. I think it’s funny how him,Benzino,and Althea were kicked off yet Joseline is still there.

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